Magna Tile Number Cards

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There are so many fun ways to teach numbers to kids! One hands-on way is with Magna Tiles. Building numbers with these magnetic blocks help kids learn to recognize numbers and practice making the numbers.

Today I’m sharing 21 Magna Tile Number Cards that can be used at a math center for learning at home!

Magna Tile Number Cards for 0-20

This printable set includes pages for numbers 0-20. Each page shows the number, pictures that match the number, and the spelling of the word.

You can use the printable as a guide for building the number. Kinesthetic learners love these types of activities because they are using their hands to build!

Another idea for students who want more of a challenge is to see if they can make the number without the guide. You can give them the magnetic tiles they need to build the number and see if they can do it!

Each page shows pictures at the top that correspond with the number. Children can practice counting the pictures to work on one-to-one correspondence.

If you’d like to download this free printable, just click on the button below!

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