Master Microsoft Excel with these 10 training options on sale for as low as $2 per course

Microsoft Excel is beyond essential in the workplace. Don't be that person who quietly sits there while everyone talks about formulas that make their workflow easier. Learn how to master this simple, yet incredibly useful tool with one of these course options on sale. For a limited time, you can even take an extra 40% off at checkout when you enter the code VIP40 as part of the VIP sale.

The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel and Data Certification Bundle

Get 90 hours of basic to advanced content on Microsoft Excel with this bundle that includes more than 20 courses on Excel formulas, Power BI, Tableau, VBA, Python, and more. It's valued at $2,376, but for a limited time, you can get lifetime access for just $41.99 when you use the code VIP40.

The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle

In just eight courses, you can learn to navigate Excel like a pro with formulas so easy to master, you don't even have to be a math whiz. You'll get over 47 hours of content from the top-rated (4.4 out of 5 stars) instructors at Stream Skill. Take an extra 40% off at checkout with code VIP40 and get this bundle for just $23.99 (regularly $648).

The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle

This bundle includes so much more than just how to master Excel. Get an intro to Python, learn Power BI, dive into PivotTables, and more in just 29 hours. Virtually enroll in all five courses for just $17.99 (regularly $450) when you use the code VIP40 at checkout.

The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle

This Kickstarter-funded training features lessons on Excel, Python, VBA, Machine Learning, and much more in just 13 courses. Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to all 55 hours of content from top-rated instructor John Bura. Save an extra 40% with code VIP40 and get it for just $26.99 ($2,600 value).

The 2021 Excel to Alteryx Data Analyst Essentials Bundle

Learning how to perform and compile analytics is one of the most useful tools in business today. And it can be done with Excel using Power Pivot, PivotTables, and other tools. Learn how Excel's data tools work with this four-course bundle, on sale for just $17.99 (regularly $348) when you enter code VIP40 at checkout.

The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

Learn how to create advanced Excel dashboards and discover all the essential Excel formulas in this 10-course bundle that also covers Google Sheets and data science. It's valued at $2,000, but when you enter code VIP40 at checkout, you'll pay just $20.39.

The Essential Excel for Beginners Course

If you just need a no-frills course on Excel for beginners, this is the one for you. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, this 7.5-hour course is the easiest way to learn formulas, data analysis, and more. Save an extra 40% and get it for just $5.99 (regularly $100) when you enter code VIP40 at checkout. 

The Must-Have Microsoft Excel for Business Analysts Course

Don't pay an outside party to analyze your business growth and data projections for you. Learn how to do it yourself with this must-have Excel business analyst course. Use the code VIP40 and sign up for just $5.99 (normally $99).

The 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle

Master Excel in less than 48 hours with this bundle that teaches advanced formulas, financial modeling, productivity tools, PivotTables, and more. Save an extra 40% at checkout with code VIP40 and get it for just $26.99 ($2,400 value).

The Premium Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle

Every business uses Google Sheets now to share outlines and documents, so learn how to master the program with all the bells and whistles with this bundle that also includes a master Excel tutorial. Get both in this bundled deal for just $23.99 ($2,000 value) with the code VIP40 for a limited time.