Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving (The Critical Thinking Co.) {Review}

Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving (The Critical Thinking Co.) {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 👩🏻‍🏫

Critical Thinking Resources for Students

One of the first companies that I heard about when I started researching how to teach a Classical Christian Education is The Critical Thinking Co.™. Consistently there are a plethora of resources here in favor of enhancing better grades, higher test scores, and award-winning material. Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving (Grades 6-9) is the book we were given for this review. This is a perfect-bound paperback copy that is a supplement to further education and is not a complete subject matter, not a full curriculum. With this book, we have reproducible permission and this is how we are using this book to be able to use activities more than once and with further students in my homeschool.

Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving

Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving is a new book I believe, a 2019 copyright. This book is recommended for students in Grades 6-9, a good middle school/junior high material. We are using it with my entering sixth-grade student and found it to be challenging but appropriately so. I do agree that this material could be useful to a wide range of students. When I was in school, I remember a short time of working on puzzles and games with the random odd teacher that challenged me. These books remind me of that time. Through puzzles, brainteasers, and challenges, this book gives activities to stretch and exercise the logical part of the brain. It takes something generally complicated and creates a safe, fun, and confidence bound environment to learn, enjoy, and master problem-solving. This book is available both as paperback and ebook and example pages are able to be seen in The Critical Thinking Co. catalog.

This book has ten chapters in just under 130 pages of problems to solves followed by a full answer key. Primarily, I see this book a crutch for building confidence which is something that is so often necessary and hard to grasp. This book can be molded to use in a classroom, co-op group, or singularly at home in independent tutoring. We have used a large portion of our progress as an oral and discussion situation to talk through a problem but there are others where a sheet of paper is appropriate. This book and its activities even stretch my brain!

When I was a youth, math was fun and exciting to me. Later, as more and more problem solving came to me I found math difficult. The entire purpose of the mathematical student is to be able to problem-solve and I believe that books like this with critical thinking resources for students that challenge the mind and make logic and math problem-solving fun (and even mysterious) can be the difference between success or otherwise.


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