Montessori Kitchen Stool

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This Montessori Kitchen Stool is a safe and effective way to get your toddler or preschooler involved in the kitchen and is a great way to get them interested in baking and cooking at an early age. 

Are you looking for a safe and kid-friendly way for your child to be able to help out in the kitchen or be counter height? This Montessori Kitchen Stool is just what you need! 

I recently got this for my toddler and wish I had gotten it sooner. Not only does this kitchen stool have sides on all spaces but it’s sturdy and a great way to teach your child how to be safe and aware in the kitchen.

Instead of pulling up a small step that they could easily slip off of, this sturdy stool was made to give them support and confidence in their ability to balance and sit on their own. 

Our son used this stool to help out with baking and cooking and it was also a great way to have him sitting in a higher chair that was the same level as ours. He loved being a “big kid” and we could tell he was happy and confident that he was able to use and have his very own stool.

 Montessori Kitchen Stool

Montessori Kitchen Stool

The plus side is that he’s been very interested in learning how to bake lately and learning all about cups and measurements. A practical way to learn about math! 

If you’re looking for an addition to your kitchen area that will help your child with their coordination and grow with them as they grow, you’re going to love this Montessori Kitchen Stool.

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