Night Zookeeper – The Homeschool Writing Program Your Kids Will Love

I’m going to be raw and honest about homeschooling for a minute.

My oldest son is 11 years old and incredibly gifted. However, reading and writing have NOT been his strong suits. That tends to be an issue with gifted children as they can tire of things quickly and become easily bored. He was a full grade ahead at one point because of his excellent math computation, problem-solving skills, science knowledge, and ability to retain an insane amount of information. Then we got to that fun stage where he decided if it was too much work, it wasn’t worth the effort. (Oh man I HATE that “age”) so getting him to write anything at that point was like pulling teeth.

I feel like I tried a billion different things to try to convince him to write. We tried several different curriculums, unit studies, e-learning programs, nature journals, straight-up bribery, and more. Nothing worked. Getting him to write more than 2-3 sentences was a big fight. He could talk a blue streak, articulate big words, clearly executed sentences, huge vocabulary, but write something on paper?! Not a chance. Worse than pulling teeth.

I saw ads for Night Zookeeper on Facebook and asked my friend about it to see if she had heard anything about them. Since it seemed like it was relatively “new” I wanted to ask around and get other parents’ “reviews” on it before signing up. Thankfully, Night Zookeeper asked us to try out the program for ourselves and I couldn’t be happier!

What Is Night Zookeeper?

homeschool writing program

Night Zookeeper is an award-winning creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12+ year olds. The program aims to improve core writing skills while giving the child personal feedback from a dedicated team of tutors that personally check your child’s work (if you want them to).

Best of all? Night Zookeeper provides a comprehensive parent guide that covers all aspects of their platform so you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of your child’s Night Zookeeper experience!

Your child will love this fun, interactive program that will quietly improve their writing skills, reading comprehension, and more without them even realizing they’re doing “school”.

Night Zookeeper keeps kids engaged with interactive games, fun lessons, and exciting activities that foster the following skills:

  • writing
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • typing

One of the first things my son did in the program was writing about all his pets.

homeschool writing program

He did an okay job and I didn’t correct him because I wanted to see what the program would say after he submitted his work.

I was impressed that a tutor responded with the proper corrections to make and even made suggestions on how to make his piece sound more interesting too.

How Night Zookeeper is Different

What I love about Night Zookeeper is that the entire program is like a game. Your child can create characters and stories as they “play” their way through the game as they learn and hone skills. We’ve only been using the program for about a week but I have already seen huge improvements in my son’s writing skills and willingness to do work!

homeschool writing program
homeschool writing program

Three Days Later

After just three days of not being able to drag him away from this program, there was a notable, huge improvement in his writing, spelling, and grammar! Complete sentences, punctuation, correct spelling, and great use of adjectives too.

homeschool writing program

Another great feature about this program is that it offers publishing opportunities for your child that give them the chance to win real-life prizes! Your child can anonymously share their work with other Night Zookeeper members and ask for feedback as well as offer their own feedback and suggestions to others. Don’t worry, Night Zookeeper is private and all names are anonymous. You don’t need to fret about bullying either because all comments are moderated, no photos are allowed, and parents ultimately have control over everything within the program. I have never seen this level of customization, personalization, and attention to detail as I have seen in the Night Zookeeper program. I am honestly very impressed!

Great For Ages 5-12+

My 7-year-old who is special needs and only recently started reading was really excited to try Night Zookeeper. With his specific learning disabilities, he responds much better to e-learning and digital programs than paper school or workbooks. This program has proven to be a critical component in our routine to help him learn new skills easier and faster.

Night Zookeeper harbors creative thinking and independent learning while helping them acquire much-needed skills like reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and more.

homeschool writing program

When your child is having fun while learning, they can learn faster and better than their peers who are being spoon-fed basic academics.

Sarah-Jean Ballard

You Need To Try This!

homeschool writing program

If you are homeschooling your child aged 5-12+ then you need to try Night Zookeeper.

By signing up, your child will benefit by:

  • Improved core writing skills
  • Personalized feedback from a dedicated team of tutors 
  • Weekly Lessons that incorporate interactive video elements and games to teach your child key skills. 
  • Publishing opportunities and weekly competitions with real life prizes! 
  • FREE monthly educational printables you can print from home

Readers of The Fashionable Housewife can get 50% off annual subscriptions by signing up here.

The cost is $59.99 for 12 months for a single child subscription and $77.99 for 2-3 children. 

Sign up now and get a free 7-day trial PLUS 50% off on the yearly subscription!

Don’t hesitate! I’m no expert, but I can almost 100% guarantee that your child is going to LOVE this program. If my stubborn, picky 11 year old loves it, surely yours will too!

homeschool writing program
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