Nike’s “stuff that’s not usually on sale” sale, AE’s Father’s Day Event, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Allen Edmonds: Up to 30% off Father’s Day Sale

Allen Edmonds Shoes

Last weekend for this, which makes sense because Father’s Day is on Sunday. There’s quite a bit to choose from, but it’s certainly not site wide. McAllisters for $276 though. Pretty good. That’s as low as they got during the massive Anniversary Sale. Also, the socks sale is nice. Because while getting socks usually stinks, it doesn’t if they’re the USA Made by Wigwam merino cool socks from Allen Edmonds. Those things are incredible.


Nike: Up to 40% off styles “that rarely go on sale.” 

Nike sneakers and menswear

I don’t know who at Nike HQ gets to push the button that says “put stuff on sale that rarely goes on sale!!!”, but, I sure hope that button looks and feels a lot like Chuck’s “guarantee” button on TNT.


Black Lapel: 15% “bonus” on tiered gift card purchases

Black Lapel suits

So, kinda a bummer you can’t input your own gift card amount, therefor maximizing a discount (say you wanted a suit for $499, well then you’d get a $424.15 gift card, and you’d be set. But sadly, that’s not possible.) BUT. Black Lapel doesn’t run sales or promos really of any kind that often, so it’s worth a look if you’re not against the online made-to-measure thing. Head here for a full review of Black Lapel. Also know that the fine print says “orders are not eligible for returns or refunds.” But I’m assuming their “perfect fit promise” still applies? I think that means you can’t return the gift card. Also… I’m not sure if you can use multiple gift cards on one purchase. So, you could save a few more bucks if you did some math (say, if you’re looking at a $499 suit, ordering two $200 gift cards and saving $60, instead of ordering one $300 and saving $45), but again. Not sure if you can stack up multiple gift cards.


Massimo Dutti: Up to 50% off select items

Massimo Dutti menswear

A rare sale from Zara’s big, better looking brother. Sizes are pretty scattered with this one. They opened it up early to their email subscribers, and it seems like some of what they’ve thrown in this sale took a good hit in terms of size selection.


Amazon: Prime Day is this upcoming Monday (and Tuesday)

Remember a few years back when Prime Day crashed Amazon’s website and it was nothing but “The Dogs of Amazon” error pages? Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time. We’ll cover it Monday. Hang on for picks and whatnot when it launches.


BONUS  Amazon: 20% off Flikr Personal Indoor Fireplace – $76 ($95)

Flikr Personal Indoor Fireplace

Speaking of Amazon, they’re running a few pre-prime-day-deals, and this is one of them. One of the hottest (literally) little bits of decor of the past year. It’s a little, tabletop, “personal” sized fireplace that burns Isopropyl Alcohol and doesn’t emit carbon monoxide. So you get the ambiance (and ability to roast marshmallows inside) of a flickering open flame, without, y’know, actually having a fireplace. Of course you could always light a bunch of candles. But, these look kinda cool just sitting there when not in use. To get the 20% off, just check the little “save 20% off at checkout’ box.” Please don’t burn your place down. Please.


BONUS II  Todd Snyder: New Cream dial exclusive Timex Q – $179

Cream dial exclusive Timex Q

No sale here (yet? maybe at some point?)… but Todd Snyder just released a new version of their own exclusive Timex Q reissue. And the cream dial looks all sorts of summer.


Also worth a mention: