Online or in-Person Learning: Why Not Both? Stride K12 To Support New Blended Learning Center for Students in Need


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Underserved youth in the St. Petersburg area will have access to a new education option this school year: Changing The Game Academy, a community center where families are invited to enroll in a blended learning experience combining dedicated in-person teaching with a high quality online curriculum for students in grades K-8.

A program of Tampa-based non-profit Changing the Game for a New Generation, Inc., the Academy will provide social support and services to local families and students. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in K12 Private Academy, accessing the online private school’s curriculum and instructional support while at Changing The Game Academy. Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN) will cover tuition for 100 students to attend K12 Private Academy for the 2021-22 academic year.

“Every child, no matter their background, deserves an empowering educational experience, especially during a time when the pandemic has made virtual learning a necessity,” said Leslie Smith, K12 Private Academy Head of School. “Changing the Game shares our goal to eliminate educational inequity and address gaps in education, and we look forward to supporting this learning community in the year ahead.”

Many low-income communities have had limited access to the benefits of online education during the pandemic due to multiple factors, such as lack of childcare and internet accessibility. A primary goal of the Changing The Game Academy is to provide the option of blended learning to those at-risk families who have become more greatly disadvantaged by COVID-19 school closures, job loss, and other hardships.

K12 Private Academy teachers receive specialized training to be effective in the online environment, and the school’s curriculum invites students to study the core subjects of math, science, English/language arts, history, and a host of electives.

“These are especially difficult times for minority families and communities, as the pandemic is further reducing their already limited resources,” said Dr. Sydel LeGrande, M.D., founder and program director of Changing the Game for a New Generation. “Changing The Game Academy allows us to continue our commitment to provide marginalized children with more opportunities to rise above their circumstances and succeed in life, and we’re excited to have the support of a leader in online education as we adapt to our new normal.”

Each classroom will have two Changing the Game staff members providing on-site educational support, and class sizes will be kept to no more than ten students to ensure adequate social distancing. In addition, Changing The Game Academy will provide students with Personal Protection Education, age-specific instruction on how to prevent infection for present and future public health emergencies.

Along with the K12 Private Academy curriculum, students will benefit from Project I A.M., a trauma-informed curriculum developed by Changing the Game for a New Generation that uses the arts to positively impact students’ outlook on life, enhance their self-image, and foster character development.

Support of Changing The Game Academy is part of Stride’s multi-year commitment to support racial and socioeconomic equity and inclusion in and through education. Other commitments include investing $10 million in scholarships for underserved students, developing socially-conscious criminal justice career pathways of study and interactive courses on the history of systemic racism, and expanding the number of Black teachers employed by Stride.

For more information about Changing The Game Academy, please visit

More information on Stride’s commitments to equity in education can be found at

About Stride, Inc.

At Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN) we are reimagining learning – where learning is lifelong, deeply personal, and prepares learners for tomorrow. The company has transformed the teaching and learning experience for millions of people by providing innovative, high-quality, tech-enabled education solutions, curriculum, and programs directly to students, schools, the military, and enterprises in primary, secondary, and post-secondary settings. Stride is a premier provider of K-12 education for students, schools, and districts, including career learning services through middle and high school curriculum. For adult learners, Stride delivers professional skills training in healthcare and technology, as well as staffing and talent development for Fortune 500 companies. Stride has delivered millions of courses over the past decade and serves learners in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The company is a proud sponsor of the Future of School, a nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the gap between the pace of technology and the pace of change in education. More information can be found at,,,, and

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