Parent Education Bulletin Boards

Teach your preschool families all about the important skills their preschoolers learn by using a parent education bulletin board!

Preschoolers learn amazing things through play, but this isn't something that is easy for parents to see. Help educate the parents in your early childhood program with Parent Education Bulletin Boards.

I created these boards after finding that many of the families in our preschool either didn't understand what their child was learning while at preschool or were mis-informed about academic learning being the end all, be all.

I wanted our families to better understand all the amazing growth and learning goodness that really happens inside a preschool classroom --- that's when the Parent Education Bulletin Boards were born!

With 10 done-for-you bulletin boards, teaching families has never been easier!  All you have to do is print, laminate and hang - the rest is done for you!

 Change them out once a month and you'll be educating your preschool families all school-year long!

Let's take a closer look at all 10 boards:

Importance of Play - Give families a snapshot of all the great things children learn through play.

Academic vs. Intellectual Learning - Teach families the difference between academic and intellectual learning so that they can start to see the multitude of benefits of play!

Fine Motor - The importance of fine motor skills for future traditional school success is an important topic to teach families about.

Gross Motor - Young children are always moving! Help families understand the importance of all that movement for development.

Process Art - Teach families the huge importance of Process Art vs Crafts!

Preschool Math - What types of math skills do preschoolers learn? This bulletin board will show parents just what skills we focus on.

Social Emotional Skills - The backbone of preschool are those social skills! Educate parents about the types of social emotional skills their child is learning while attending preschool.

Self Help Skills - Sometimes parents aren't sure about what self-help things that their child can be expected to do at their age. This bulletin board can help!

Name Writing - Name writing is a landmark skill for preschoolers. But, how can parents help? Teach them!

Graduation/Kindergarten Readiness - Celebrate those pre-k graduates while also educating parents about things they can do to help with kinder readiness.

Do these Parent Education Bulletin Boards look like something you want to add to your center or school?

Grab these Parent Education Bulletin Boards - 10 bulletin board sets at $1 a set - saving you time and energy!