Presidents Day Activities for Kindergarten

Presidents Day Activities for Kindergarten

Are you teaching about US Presidents and Presidents’ Day soon? We have help ready to go to help Kindergarteners and First Graders learn about Washington, Lincoln, and so much more. Let’s dive into Presidents Day Activities for Kindergarten.

Covering Presidents Day Activities for Kindergarten

Let’s begin with what standards many teachers cover when they begin to teach about US Presidents and Presidents Day. In Kindergarten, my Georgia Standards of Excellence state that we cover Washington, Lincoln, and the current US President. I specifically extend my teaching to cover all the Presidents that appear on US coins because it is a great way to merge both skills in a meaningful way.

Specific information about Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Biden.

Break Down for the Week

The week of Presidents Day activities, I break down the week based on President. On Monday, we cover Washington and the quarter. Tuesday, we cover Jefferson and the nickel. Then on Wednesday, we cover Lincoln and the penny. Thursday, we tackle Roosevelt and the dime. Finally, on Friday we cover the current US President.

Presidents Day Integration Ideas

US Presidents Reader and other connecting activities for little learners.

In a perfect world, teachers would have time to teach and dig into social studies topics. But, all those real world teachers know that time is our enemy. We have to get creative and integrate subjects to ensure we cover topics. And we have to integrate because this is a key to keep our little learners engaged.

More so, remember that we all have learners who struggle with reading or writing but LOVE learning about science and social studies. Integrating topics bridges those subjects to encourage all learners. Let’s go through some examples of integration.

Start with “What is a President?”

According to my daily schedule, I teach ELA before I teach Science or Social Studies. So right away, I explained that this week we are learning Presidents. We may have to start super system to discuss what a President is and why we celebrate Presidents Day.

Presidents' Day Activities for Kindergarten

A former standard we had stated to relate the President of the USA as a leader of the country, like the principal is a leader of the school, and a teacher is a leader in the classroom. I continue to use these words as I feel they are fitting and a great analogy for little minds.

President by President

I teach all about Washington. We would read a Washington book, check out this list. Then, we can watch a Brain Pop Jr Video on Washington. We can do a simple pocket chart together to work on facts about Presidents. All of these are fact activities that move quickly.

Grab Presidents Day Reader, pocket chart pieces, and cut and sorts.

Then during ELA block the next day, we use the pocket chart facts posted and have the students engage in a cut and sort to go with it. We can also use a Washington reader in small groups. Additionally, we use all these elements together to write about Washington. You can see the word wall options below.

Presidents' Day Word Walls and MORE!

This can continue for the week based on what other Presidents you are covering and on what else you need to teach that week. I have to cover other things like you do, but you have the option to do all these items for each President listed if you desire.

Looking for support with US Symbols?

Presidents' Day activities

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