Pumpkin Symmetry

In the Pond Coloring Club free library today we added a pumpkin symmetry page. Your little learners can draw the other side of the pumpkin by carefully looking at the half that has been drawn already.

  • implement a lesson on symmetry before doing this page 
  • let students play with hand mirrors and explore reflections
  • find symmetrical and non symmetrical items in the classroom - draw or record on a chart
  • model both natural and formal mathematical language to talk about symmetry
pumpkin symmetry page

After students have draw their pumpkin, let them color or paint it for a classroom display. 

pumpkin halves

I have made some word cards that you may like to use as you talk about symmetry. Use them in your display too!

language if symmetry for kindergarten

As you use these words in your discussions to encourage math talk, hold the cards or point to them to integrate reading throughout your day.

Knowing these words does not replace a conceptual understanding of symmetry, but being able to say the words in a topic is a great first step for students to learn and link ideas. 

math language

Find the word cards and bulletin board header in Google Drive: Symmetry Word Cards

The pumpkin symmetry drawing page is free today in our Pond Coloring Club library!

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