Reading Eggs and Mathseeds from Reading Eggs Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Reading Eggs

G really enjoys the fun online learning games and activities in Reading Eggs and Mathseeds from Reading Eggs.  We were blessed to receive a one-year extension for him to continue to use this amazing program!

You can use a browser or App to use Reading Eggs so it works for a variety of devices.  The kids use it mostly on our iPad (occasionally on our computers).  This program is geared for children ages 2-13 and it helps make reading fun, interactive and rewarding.  Reading Eggs is a comprehensive learn to read program that was created by a team of teachers, writers and developers - what a great collaboration!  F and G are currently the ones who use it the most in our family but we do have access for D, E, F and G.

Above you can see our family dashboard with D, E, F and G's avatars.  They have a lot of fun changing these up from time to time.

Notice that there are multiple programs to chose from within Reading Eggs:  Reading Eggs Junior (Ages 2-4), Reading Eggs (Ages 3-7), Fast Phonics (Ages 5-10), Reading Express (Ages 7-13), and Mathseeds (Ages 3-9).  The boys really like earning prizes, like their golden eggs, along the way!

Above you can see G's Dashboard

G currently spends the most time in the Reading Eggs section.  He loves all the activities.
Above you can see screenshots from an activity.
First, G had to select the correct word on the screen, do.  Afterwards, he dragged and dropped the correct words to make the appropriate sentence - Yes, you do hop.  This reinforces word recognition and his sight words and reading skills.

 G's Mathseeds Dashboard, you can see he has 216 acorns earned.
I would say his second favorite area is Mathseeds.  What is Mathseeds?  Mathseeds is a math program designed for ages 3-9.  This program helps teach early math skills in fun and interactive lessons.  Similar to earning egg rewards in Reading Eggs, students earn acorns as rewards in Mathseeds.
In this lesson, G is learning about the numbers 18, 19 and 20.
G is a sponge when it comes to school and learning so continuing his subscription with Reading Eggs as part of his school this year is a true blessing.  I love that Reading Eggs is self-paced so G can progress along at his own speed and it is super easy to integrate into his weekly school.  It is fun and super encouraging for him.  I also want to mention that you have the ability to print worksheets for your child to practice the lesson concepts.  On the parent dashboard, you will always know how your child is progressing and what concepts they have learned or are working on.  If you have children ages 2-13 and you are looking for a fun, interactive program to help them read, build reading skills or practice math - Reading Eggs and Mathseeds is worth checking out!

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