Real Women Listen to What Men Say. Are You A Real Woman?


For once, women should stop attacking men. If you want to avoid being hit by a man, then just do as you are told.

Don’t you see how silly it sounds to question his judgement? Don’t you see he knows you even before you were born? Don’t you see you need him to survive?

They own you. You belong to them. They have authority over you. You were created from their ribs. You won’t exist if it weren’t for men.

Okay, tell me, what will you do without a man?

They have the brains and we have coconut heads.

Men are power.

They are the force of nature. Men know how to right the ship. They know what the future has in store for us, and you would be foolish to doubt what a man says.

Any woman that doesn’t obey her man is not a real woman. Yes, real women know that men are the leaders. And a leader is never wrong.

Leaders are wise species of God’s creation. God created men in his own image because he knows their ways will be consistent with his.

You can’t argue the limits to a man’s wisdom.

Men have always been consistent in protecting and providing for women. They tell us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They can tell by our voice what we want and satisfy that want without us asking. Women shouldn’t pitch themselves against men.

Why are women so ungrateful after everything men have done for?

I mean he helps you with your duties as a wife (a.k.a his property). He takes the blows from other men who bully you for being a woman. He ensures your kitchen never runs out of food. He does the thinking while you rest your pretty brain and simply obey.

I blame that bitch feminism for poisoning women’s hearts. If not for feminism women would know that their place is in men’s bedrooms.

Women should know better than to elicit help from computers, social media, toys, Google, Wikipedia and all other self-help stuff that make men look worthless.

If women had a little bit of brain, they will know that anything that provokes men is a danger to them.

The more we keep emancipating men, the more miserable we will be. Because when men are frustrated they carry out their anger on us.

We become their punching bags.

Let’s not forget dear old testosterone that increases when a man is angry.

I don’t need to remind you what happens when testosterone is high, right?

Well, for those who don’t know, men have an uncontrollable desire for sex if their testosterone is high. So do the math; sexual urge plus anger equals rape.

That’s right.

Men will rape us when we provoke them. Don’t you see their ego hurts when you mock them? Then they retaliate with physical, financial or emotional abuse.

Don’t you see defying men does no good?

Get it now into your head women, men are the authors and finishers of your faith. They are the law and order over your lives.

Real women know better than to object to what men say.

Wow! This sermon never gets old.

If this is what it means to be a real woman, I will rather be a non-binary person.

By now we should already know that the so-called men’s world is crumbling. And it will continue to crash until the new world obliterates it.

Any man… or woman believing that “men are from Mars and women from Venice” in this 21st century is living in an illusion.

It’s a shame that a lot of women are still believing that they are nothing without a man. When clearly they came into this world alone and will one day, die alone.

It’s a shame that some women will rather hate their fellow women who defend both their rights and freedom over a man who wants to keep them enslaved.

It’s a shame that some women think they are real women because they are obedient to their misogynist husbands and boyfriends.

It’s a shame that some women have internalized sexism and have no knowledge of their true selves. They refuse to defend their rights as human beings and will go to any length to betray women who know their rights.

It’s a shame that some mothers are raising the next generation of misogynists and incels with their pampering and smouldering.

It’s such a shame that in 21st century, some women do not know who their enemy is.

As a woman living under the shawls of fanatics and fascists, I’m wondering what our faith will be after the 2024 election.

Take a look at where United States is headed. Learn how fascism works before you defend misogyny..

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