Retirement Jobs for Teachers

By Eric Williams

It’s no secret that many teachers choose to retire once they reach a certain age. But what happens after retirement? What are some good retirement jobs for teachers?

Read on to find out some great ideas for retirement jobs for teachers. Whether you’re looking to stay active and engaged or want to make some extra money, there are plenty of options out there.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some wonderful jobs for retired teachers who need a change or are looking for a new challenge.

Some of these choices will need more training and advanced preparation than others. Still, all of them offer great opportunities for jobs for retired teachers. The list has options both in the online as well as offline fields.

So don’t wait; start planning your next career move today!

23 Retirement Jobs for Teachers

Private Tutors

Private tutoring can be a great option if you prefer working with students one-on-one. It’s a side hustle where you can work with students of all ages, helping them in areas that need extra help. This is a great way to continue using your teaching skills and make some extra money simultaneously.

The earning potential for private tutors varies depending on your location and the subjects you teach. You can always increase your earning potential by monetizing your teaching materials. However, with a bit of research and some hard work, you can easily make a good amount of money.

The benefit of being a private tutor is the flexibility of choosing your clients and the schedule you work. It is an excellent option for retirees who want to stay busy and engaged in their work.

Curriculum Developer

Teachers have experience and a unique perspective on what students need to learn and how they learn best. It makes them a perfect candidate for a career in curriculum development.

As a curriculum developer, you would be responsible for creating learning materials for students. The job could include developing curricula, writing textbooks and workbooks, creating lesson plans, and more.

This job is an excellent option for retired teachers who want to stay in the education field but don’t want to deal with students daily. Curriculum development offers a lot of flexibility and might have the opportunity to work from home.

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Educational Consultant

Retired teachers are a valuable resource for school districts. However, their years of experience and knowledge can benefit various situations.

An educational consultant is a person who provides advice to school districts on a variety of topics. The tasks could include selecting textbooks and instructional materials, hiring staff, or improving test scores.

Consultants with good experience make a high salary; This is an excellent option for retired teachers who want to stay in the education field and help school districts.

If you think your experience can help improve education, this might be the perfect retirement job for you.

Homeschool Consultant

As a homeschool consultant, you will be self-employed and work with families homeschooling their children. Your job will help them develop a curriculum, find resources, and answer any questions they may have.

Parents prefer retired teachers for this position because of their experience and knowledge. It is a beautiful opportunity for retired teachers who want to stay involved in education but don’t want to work with students daily.

Homeschool consulting allows earning sound money.

Interpreter or Translator

This job depends upon your previous experience. If you have any experience teaching a foreign language, you have a plus.

As an interpreter or translator, you would be responsible for helping people communicate with each other in a foreign language. For example, it could involve translating documents, conversations, or speeches.

It is ideal for retired teachers who have a strong knowledge of a foreign language and want to use their skills to help people. However, the earning potential as an interpreter is reasonable compared to other options.

College or University Academic Advisor

Colleges and Universities often hire retired teachers as academic advisors. Their job is to help students select courses, plan their academic careers, and answer any questions they may have.

There is always a requirement of various staff members at each post-secondary institution with specialized training to assist students in this area of university life.

Therefore, this job is suitable for people who have retired from teaching and have a wealth of knowledge to share with students. Therefore, the earning potential in this job is good as well.

So, if you are retired and looking for a job that will keep you busy and engaged, one of these might be perfect for you.

Teaching Materials Provider

If you have years of experience in the teaching profession, you might want to consider becoming a teaching materials provider. As a provider, you would create instructional materials for other teachers to teach students.

The tasks in the job could include things like worksheets, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and more. It is one of the best jobs for retired teachers. One can also advise teachers and train them by becoming a personal trainer.

Professional Speaking

This job doesn’t require any additional training; professional speaking comes naturally to teachers after years of experience in taking classes and conducting seminars.

As a professional speaker, you would be responsible for giving speeches at events or conferences. Your job would be to educate people on various topics and help them achieve leadership skills.

Most people fear public speaking and are ready to pay to get this fear out of them; the ability to speak in front of a large group of people is a skill that you can use to make a good source of income as a retired teacher.

It is up to you to train professionals speaking offline in front of a group of trainees or online using any webinar. Whatever route you choose to take, it has a lot of potential.

Career Coach

If the previous job fits your profile, you can also become a career coach. However, you will need to have a career change to empathize with those seeking help.

As a career coach, you will be responsible for helping people find and pursue their dream careers. You will guide them through assessing their skills, finding job opportunities, and landing their dream job.

Former teachers with good experience in teaching, interpersonal skills, and organization skills can succeed in this field. Career coaches usually work with clients on a retainer basis or per project.

This job has a lot of potential, and it’s perfect for retired teachers who want to help others find their dream careers.

School Administrator

A retired teacher has extensive experience in administering a school and is a perfect fit for a school administrator position.

School administrators are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a school, from the curriculum to the budget. They also work with staff, parents, and students to ensure that the school runs smoothly.

This job usually requires a lot of experience, leadership skills, and training, which retired teachers have in abundance. It is an excellent job for retirees who want to continue working in a school setting.

The earning potential of a former teacher in this job is also good. So, if you are looking for a job that will keep you busy and engaged, one of these might be perfect for you.

Research Assistant

Many former teachers can become research assistants with years of teaching experience. In this career, you might work as an independent contractor or on the staff of a research center.

Your job would be to develop new ideas for research projects, conduct research, and write proposals. You would also be responsible for disseminating your findings to the public.

You can conduct medical, educational, or scientific research depending upon the organization you will work.

This job is perfect for retired teachers with a science or research-based background.

Test preparation

The best option to train as Test Prep instructors is ideal for retrenched teachers at colleges and universities. Most of your students who need help to prepare for tests will be looking to attend colleges or grad programs; some may even need to take exams or work in specific industries such as legal.

Working in the testing preparation sector is one kind of tutor. Instead of assisting students struggling in their chosen subjects, you help them learn standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, etc.


Proofreading is a freelance job that requires no additional training or certification.

Proofreaders are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of written material. They correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. If you have good writing skills, it will always benefit you.

Proofreaders may also be responsible for proofreading different documents, such as books, articles, and websites.

If you have a good command of the English language, this job is perfect for you. You can work from home and set your hours.


This job is best for retired accountants and teachers with commerce backgrounds. Using your bookkeeper’s services offers flexibility since the job varies depending on the freelancer or employee.

There are several bookkeeping positions available in a variety of occupations. For example, working as a freelance bookkeeper is generally more rewarding than for a firm.

As a bookkeeper, your responsibility would be to keep track of the financials of a business. Responsibility includes recording financial transactions, preparing invoices, and reconciling accounts.

If you are good with numbers and have experience in accounting, this is an excellent job for you. You can work from home and set your hours.

Child Psychologist

As a child psychologist, your responsibility will be understanding children’s behavior and helping their parents to understand and deal with it.

It is a serious job and requires a lot of time with children and their parents to study their behavior. You may also be required to give presentations on child psychology to parents, educators, and other professionals.

This job is perfect for any retired teacher who wants to continue working with children. You may require a master’s degree in psychology to be eligible for this job.

The job is only suitable for retired teachers who want to help children and their families.

Writing coach

A retired educator with published work could also become the ideal writer. It is possible to create a website, provide your services, and help customers find you. In addition, there is a time to build up a good portfolio with five stars reviews.

A writer coaches the author on a particular work. Many authors have hired a writing coach to help them write their books. Writing coaching roles are very different from editing, proofreaders, and ghostwriters (i.e., editors).

Political organizer

Best for all teachers, since this job typically involves small groups around specific tasks such as registering an exact number of voters within specified dates. If you have developed communication skills in all these years, the job opportunities are immense.

The best hiring is around six months after the elections. Field organizers work on political parties and campaign campaigns (including non-profit organizations and political organizations). It is an entry-level job, which doesn’t require previous experience.


A ghostwriter is a writer hired to write someone else’s book, article, or speech. They get payment as per project, and their name does not appear on the finished product.

This job is a perfect fit for retired teachers with good command over their subjects. It requires adequate knowledge of the subject you are writing for; ghostwrites use a pen name to publish. You can find work in various industries, such as publishing, advertising, and marketing.

If you are a good writer and have experience in the field you are writing about, this is an excellent job. You can work from home and set your hours. It is one of the best jobs for retired teachers to earn money from home.


The editor is a job that is in high demand, and it does not require any additional training or certification.

It is an excellent option for retired English teachers who have strong writing skills. However, the potential to earn money is good in this career path.

Editors are responsible for reviewing written material and making changes to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency. They may also be responsible for editing different documents, such as ebooks blog posts.

You can also offer your freelance writing services to different blogs and websites to earn more money by all your skills as a retired teacher.

It is one of the best job options if you want to be your boss after retirement.

Online Tutoring Job

Retired math and English teachers can always utilize their teaching skills in online tutor jobs. However, there are a lot of different websites and apps that require experienced teachers to teach students online. Retired maths teachers and other teachers can try this career path of online tutoring.

Several online tutor websites always look for qualified teachers to help students in different subjects. For example, as an online tutor, you would be responsible for teaching students through video chat or email.


Strong writing skills are always in high demand, which is an excellent option for retired English teachers.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and teaching method with the world. You can also make money from blogging by selling advertising space or your teaching material on the website.

Your existing skills and teaching experience can help you earn a few hundred dollars in passive income.

Sell your course online

Retired teachers have tons of knowledge and experience that can benefit other people. So why not share your knowledge by creating your course and selling it online? It is always better to have your own business than a new job search after retirement.

Several different platforms allow qualified teachers to sell their courses, such as Teachable and Udemy. In addition, you can create a course on any topic you are an expert in, such as teaching methods, English grammar, or Maths.

Creating and selling your course is a great way to make more money from home. You can work on it at your own pace, and you keep all the profits.

Start a youtube channel

Starting a youtube channel to teach people about different things is a great way to use your teaching skills.

Teachers can create videos on various topics, such as English grammar, Maths, Science, or other teaching materials. You can also create videos on exciting topics that you are passionate about. For example, many former teachers have successful youtube channels.

One can make money from your youtube channel; once you gain enough popularity, you can also sell your courses and market your tutoring services. These are just two examples of many ways to attract clients and make more money using the internet as a retired teacher.

Final Words

Retired teachers have many options due to the experience they have. They can use their skills and knowledge in several different ways to make money from home.

The best part is that these are all great options for retired teachers who want to continue working after retirement. So, start your research and find the perfect job for you!


At what age do most teachers retire?

Most teachers retire between the ages of 55 and 65. However, this varies depending on the country and state you are in. Retired teachers often choose to work after retiring.

Can I continue teaching after retirement?

Yes, many retired teachers choose to continue teaching in some capacity. However, there are many ways one can continue teaching after retirement. For example, you can opt for a home tutoring or online education. It is a personal choice, and there are many benefits to continuing to teach after retirement.

How much money can I make as a retired teacher?

The potential to make money varies depending on what job you choose to do. However, most of the jobs listed in this post offer an excellent salary and allow you to work from home. So, you can make a good income while enjoying the comfort of your home. You can also start your own business after retirement.

Is it hard to find a job after retirement?

No, there are many jobs available for retirees. You can find a job that suits your skills and experience. The best way to find a job is to research and look online for available jobs. As a retired teacher, you can choose any career path discussed in this post.

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