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Reading Eggs


Throughout our homeschooling years, all of my children have used various online programs. One that has always been used in their younger years, and one of my personal favorites, is Reading Eggs.

For review purposes, we have been using Reading Eggs with my 1st grader and 6th grader. This program is geared toward children ages 2-13. Even though the title implies reading skills, Reading Eggs is far more than just simply learning letters and sounds.

The program offers MathSeeds, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggspress, and Fast Phonics. All of these programs are available both on a computer and as an app. I’m always a fan of programs with an app feature!

My 1st grader asks to work on Reading Eggs almost daily.  He loves to play the racing games and learn about phonics, but Math Seeds is his absolute favorite.  I’ve noticed his skills getting stronger then more he works on Reading Eggs.  It’s also a great way to keep him occupied and learning while I try to work with his older siblings on their school work.  Fast Phonics has also helped him to grow his phonics knowledge.  I like how it will take one word and ask you to change one letter to make it into a new word.  This is great for practice!  We will continue using Reading Eggs with my kids until they age out since it has so many benefits and we see such great results!

Each program inside Reading Eggs offers the ability to see progress reports.  Below you can see how my son is doing with Fast Phonics:

I like that it shows me what words he worked on and how he did on the quiz.

For my 6th grader, she has been working on reading comprehension with Reading Eggspress.  This is an area that she has struggled with so I’m happy there is a program that can assist her.

In addition to the online games, Reading Eggs also offers free printable worksheets inside the online program!  I’ve utilized these with my kids to help with their understanding.

For more information, you can visit the Reading Eggs website.  You can also find out more on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.  You can also read more reviews on this product and others from the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking the banner below.

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