Screen Time That Equals Learning! Launchpads Are Now Available At The Library District

Parents & Caregivers:

Do you have a little math lover at home? A budding scientist? Or an early reader that needs some practice? The Library District now offers Launchpad learning tablets for kids ranging from Pre-K to age 8, available to check out. Whether you are homeschooling, looking for a way to keep kids engaged, or need access to new learning materials, Launchpads are your answer! They come loaded with a world of learning with apps, videos, storybooks, and games. They are 100% secure and no internet connection is needed for use. 

What is a Launchpad?

Launchpads are tablets that are pre-loaded with educational apps and games, which cover a wide range of educational levels and subject areas. The apps focus on a variety of learning levels from pre-emerging to independent, and have five subject areas designed to promote multiple areas of growth: Math & Science, Language, Music, Social/Emotional Literacy, and Motor Skills. They also come with a durable rubber bumper so they are safe to use even for young kids. 

What are the benefits?

The Library District is using Launchpads to help bridge the digital divide. Current statistics show that less than 40% of students in Clark County are enrolled in preschool, and many households lack access to the internet. Since Launchpads work without a WiFi connection, they are great tools to get kids engaged. These durable tablets also help ensure that children with no internet access at home can learn technological basics before entering school.  

Where do I find them?

Launchpads are available at all 25 branch libraries and can also be found and placed on hold in the online catalog. To place a request for a specific tablet, please search the online catalog under the following categories:

      • Pre-K Academy: For kids age 5 and under who are getting ready to start school            
        • Path A: Motor & Cognitive 
        • Path B: Math & Science
        • Path C: Language & Literacy
        • Path D: Social & Emotional
        • Path E: Music & Creativity 
      • Reading Academy: For school-age kids up to age 8            
        • Level 1: Pre-Emerging 
        • Level 2: Emerging
        • Level 3: Early Developing
        • Level 4: Developing
        • Level 5: Independent 
      • Superpack: For school-age kids up to age 8 featuring twice as many apps for twice the fun