Spider Web Scavenger Hunt for Halloween

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With Halloween only days away, my kids are asking me every day how much longer until Halloween. We’ve been doing lots of fun activities around Halloween themes.

I really should have done a Halloween countdown! Next year…

Of course, we had to sneak in a Halloween scavenger hunt!

I had a hard time searching for ideas for a Halloween scavenger hunt to go on. All I found were hunts to find Halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

So I spun off Halloween scavenger hunt from a theme of Halloween, a spider web.

We love spider web activities!

Here’s 10 spider web activities that are not-so-frightful!

Make a spider web scavenger hunt for kids to find the bugs for the spider

This is kind of a mix of our string scavenger hunt to find your name and the string obstacle course that we did last week.

While the older boys went to the farm to combine with Grandpa, I strung a yarn spider web around the room. Keeping it mostly lower to the ground.

I first had to clean out the room, of course, because the boys had toys everywhere! Then I set obstacles around the room, like the piano bench, ottoman, desk and so on. This was mostly to have the legs to wrap the yarn around, not so much for the obstacle purpose.

The spider web scavenger hunt for Halloween

I used two colors of yarn, green and blue (because I don’t have orange or black on hand), one color for each boy.

Then I made the scavenger hunt part of it.

The spider web caught some bugs in it that the boys needed to find.

Get in the Halloween spirit with these Spider Handprint Window Clings.

I had bug stickers on hand (affiliate link to similar ones) that I used.

I made a bug card for each of the boys. The blue writing card went with the blue yarn and was for George. It was simpler and focused more on the numbers and counting.

George needed to help the spider find: 6 caterpillars, 5 green bugs (whatever they might be…) and 3 dragonflies.

I made Henry’s a tad bit harder with addition. But easy addition for him.

Bug cards for spider web Halloween scavenger hunt

Then I stuck those bug stickers all over the spider web.

I wasn’t sure if they’d stick okay, but they did. My backup plan was to clip them on with clothespins for fine motor practice too.

Bug placement for spider web scavenger hunt

The boys got home and their jaw dropped when they saw the spider web!

How do they do this spider web scavenger hunt?

I handed them their cards to help the spider find the bugs. I put them in plastic baggies so they could collect the bugs.

And sent them on their way.

Boys going on the spider web scavenger hunt for Halloween

The boys crawled over all the spider web strings and picked the bugs off their colors of yarn.

I didn’t have them ‘follow along the string’ this time like I’ve done in the past. This was actually harder to do without doing that. They couldn’t find all the bugs that they eventually followed along the string to find the missing ones.

Finding bugs on the spider web scavenger hunt for Halloween

It was a great way for them to keep busy together, while I finished getting dinner on the table.

Plus they worked together, helping each other find the bugs.

They even worked together and checked how many bugs they found, counted them to see how many they still needed.

Boys going on the spider web scavenger hunt for Halloween

How many ways can you go on a scavenger hunt?

This spider web scavenger hunt is only the tip of the iceberg of ideas for scavenger hunts!  We’ve found so many fun ways! Here’s some to try:

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