Spring Printables to Engage Little Learners

Celebrate the thawing weather with these spring printables. They’ll be a fun addition to your spring activities for preschoolers to practice a variety of early learning skills. And don’t miss my collection of free preschool printables!

Collage of printables with insects, rainbows, flowers. Text that reads spring printables.

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Spring Printables

Printables, when used in an active way, are fantastic learning tools for preschoolers. Kids love interacting with the shapes and characters on the printables. And they will naturally absorb these early learning concepts while having a great time playing.

The best printables are engaging for kids, can be used in multiple ways, and aren’t just about filling in blanks. Read on for spring printables that cover early math, literacy, fine motor, sensory, science, and more, while simultaneously providing fun activities the kids will love.

Our Favorite Preschool Printables for Spring

I have a passion for preschool printables (ahhhh, the alliiteration!), and strive to make them as versatile and enjoyable as possible. Have a peek below at the various spring printables I’ve created – and all of them are free!

spring printables for preschool kids including a st. patrick's day math printable, flowers, and butterfly life cycle

Grab your free printable labels for our much-loved butterfly life cycle sensory bottles.

Your kids will have non-stop fun diving into this magical rainbow yarn sensory bin and its rainbow 10-frames.

The students will love diving into counting and coloring a rainbow’s worth of flowers with their own Counting Flowers printable books.

spring printables for preschool kids including a st. patrick's day math printable, letters, and butterfly life cycle

This deceptively simple Easter alphabet printable might end up being one of your favorites to pull out for letter practice.

Kids will adore being the authors and illustrators of their own butterfly life cycle printable book.

St. Patrick’s Day calendar numbers are festive and do double duty as a classroom calendar and math activity.

spring printables for preschool kids including bird finding, easter line tracing, and butterfly life cycle

Your students can make their own butterfly life cycle craft necklace, or they can use the coordinating life cycle printables. Either way, they’ll be proud to wear their creation and share their knowledge of butterflies.

Kids will happily engage in letter practice with this free free alphabet printable. It’s a highly hands-on spring printable and can be used with lots of different materials.

These printable Easter fine motor strips give your kids a chance to practice cutting, tracing, painting, patterning, and anything else you can think up to do with them!

spring printables for preschool kids including a st. patrick's day tracing printable, letter matching, and easter shapes

Our St. Patrick’s Day tracing printable will give your preschoolers some excellent fine motor practice while they work to get to the pots of gold!

The kids can use these bunny shape mats in many different ways to practice early math skills.

Your kids can search for our printable ladybug letter puzzles while digging around in brightly-dyed rice.

More Spring Printables for Preschoolers

Below you’ll find spring printables from some of my favorite preschool bloggers! Again, these are all highly engaging printables that will provide your kids hours of active learning.

collage of spring preschool printables with insects, rainbows, flowers, rainboots

Encourage your kids to match the rainbows and letters with this rainbow letter match printable.

Print these spring number puzzles out and have the kids order the numbers while assembling the images.

These printable preschool measuring activities give children the opportunity to measure with a variety of materials.

I can already see a lot of different ways to use this flower size sorting printable. Besides sorting sizes, you can have the kids practice pattern-making and counting!

collage spring preschool printables with insects, rainbows, birds

Print out these neighborhood walk scavenger hunts, and your kids will be raring to go outside an explore signs of spring.

This catch-a-bug printable game sneaks in color recognition, counting skills, and simple addition, depending on how you choose to play it.

This printable bird watching sheet pairs with a bird sensory bottle for an exciting spring activity!

This printable rainbow lacing card gives your kids lacing and math practice all in one!

collage of spring preschool printables with insects, flowers

Spring tulip count and clip cards give kids a taste of spring while they’re practicing their counting.

This edible butterfly life cycle idea comes with its own free printable.

Ladybug counting cards give your kids a big dose of fine motor and counting practice.

These bright and colorful bug color-matching mats will definitely be a hit. Preschoolers can match the colors using pompoms or decorate the bugs with play dough.

collage of spring preschool printables with insects, garden

Have the kids line up little button ‘ants’ in an attempt to reach some juicy watermelon in this spring prewriting practice activity.

Take a giggle break with printable spring jokes!

Playing gardening bingo is a super activity for spring, and would pair perfectly with any planting activities you have planned.

Materials You Might Need

This is where spring printables get really fun! There are so many materials you can use along with the printables. You absolutely don’t have to go out and buy a lot of new things, because you can always use items you have on-hand (or even gathered from a spring walk adventure!).

But let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to refresh our supplies. If you are in need of some new spring materials to liven up your printable activities, here are some irresistibly fun ideas:

Fully-Developed Spring Lesson Plans for Preschool

Now that you have a taste of spring activities to keep your students engaged and learning, you may need some extra help with your other lesson plans. And that’s where Preschool Teacher 101 comes in with amazing preschool resources!

Preschool Teacher 101 offers full and comprehensive lesson plans, activity ideas, and even song packs. Click on the link below to learn more about each product!

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Rainbow lesson plans cover image
preschool insect lesson plans
collage of spring preschool activities with text that reads spring printables for preschool

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