St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Crafts the Kids Will Love

Your students will immerse themselves in hands-on creativity with these St. Patrick’s Day preschool crafts! Be sure to add a few of the craft ideas to your arsenal of St. Patrick’s Day activities for preschoolers.

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St. Patrick’s Day is such a magical time for young children. I think that this time of year really brings out the Irish in everyone! The kids get to explore rainbows and leprechauns, dream about finding pots of gold, and of course try out green freckles on their faces.

There are plenty of St. Patrick’s Day motifs for craft-making! So, since the luck of the Irish is in the air, we’ve decided to come up with a list of our favorite preschool St. Patrick’s Day crafts for you to enjoy with your students.

Please note that some of the images show adult-created crafts because sometimes it’s hard to grab a good picture when we’re crafting with the kids, right?!

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Crafts

As I mentioned above, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to work on some shamrock and St. Patrick’s-themed decorations and crafts for the classroom or home.

And these crafts are jam-packed with tons of early learning skills. From fine motor skills to exploring novel art techniques, the children stand to learn so much from each and every one of these activities.

Shamrock Crafts For Kids

These St. Patrick’s Day crafts star the beloved shamrock, symbol of Ireland. There’s no end to the creative fun preschoolers can have with shamrocks, and you might secretly have fun making these right along with them!

collage of 3 different preschool shamrock crafts

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Children love stringing beads on pipe cleaners, and this beaded shamrock craft is sure to be a hit!

These yarn-wrapped shamrocks turn out so cute, and then your kids can hang them up everywhere!

Your kids can create a whole field of shamrocks across the paper with rolling pin shamrock prints. Whoever discovered using rolling pins to make prints is brilliant!

collage of st. patrick's day shamrock crafts for preschoolers

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Watching the paint spread through the salt is the most fun part of salt painting, so your kids will get a big kick out of crafting these shamrock salt paintings.

If you are looking for a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day craft, this one has you covered. You just need a few simple materials to make the cutest shamrock prints.

You’ll probably want to join in on this St. Patrick’s Day craft: it’s a fun paper mosaic shamrock that will keep the kids occupied for a while.

collage of 4 st. patrick's day shamrock crafts for preschoolers

I just love these bell pepper shamrock stamps, and I bet your kids will using unique painting tools.

Save those wine corks! You’ll need them so your kids can make these wine cork shamrock stamps.

Drip art is messy fun for preschoolers, so they will be all about this drip painting shamrock this St. Patrick’s Day. I bet you won’t be able to drag them away from the easel.

It’s never too early to teach kids about color mixing, and they can learn how green is created while they explore this cardboard shamrock craft.

More St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

We can’t forget rainbows and leprechauns in our St. Patrick’s Day preschool crafts. Kids go gaga over rainbows!

photo collage of 3 different st. patrick's day crafts for preschoolers - with glitter, paint, rainbows, pots of gold

Your kids will be totally absorbed when they sit down to make this St. Patrick’s Day process art project. I love projects that are open-ended like this one.

You can’t let St. Patrick’s Day pass by without making a pot of gold craft! This fun project has a bit of everything in it, and you’re left with an adorable piece of art to hang up.

If your kids are in a messy mood, they will enjoy making these handprint rainbow and pot of gold crafts. There’s plenty of opportunity for them to explore ALL the paint colors!

photo collage of 3 different st. patrick's day crafts for preschoolers - with paper rainbows, leprechaun masks, rainbows, painted rainbows

Who knew potato smashers could make perfect cloud prints? They cap off a paper rainbow in this St. Patrick’s Day preschool craft.

So much fun! Your kids will create their very own leprechaun masks! Don’t you love crafts that let your kids tap into their silliness?

This rainbow craft is great for kids of all different ages as they work with paint and colored paper to create St. Patrick’s Day goodness.

photo collage of 4 st. patrick's day crafts for preschool - with popsicle stick leprechaun hats, rainbow necklaces, wreath, pebble gold

This rainbow necklace will be a big hit when your preschoolers are all running around decked out in their dyed pasta beads!

Here’s yet another ridiculously cute St. Patrick’s Day craft: little leprechaun hats that you can use as decorations.

Here’s a cool St. Patrick’s Day craft that you’ll love to hang up and enjoy for all of March! Let the kids do as much or as little as they can with this St. Patrick’s Day wreath craft.

The kids will think up so many fun ways to use this DIY St. Patrick’s Day gold, and it’s really easy to make.

Materials and Books For St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some recommendations for supplies for all of your St. Patrick’s Day preschool crafts. Remember that you can always substitute items for things you already have at home. But if you need to boost your St. Patrick’s Day craft supplies, I’ve got ya covered!

And now for some book recommendations! I just can’t help myself! Reading with children is such an important component of early childhood education. The best way to get children interested in reading is to include some really fun books for the kids. And it certainly doesn’t hurt for those books to relate to your preschool theme.

St. Patrick’s Day Lesson Plans

Spring is here and you don’t want to spend all your time lesson-planning! That’s where Preschool Teacher 101 comes in to save you time with our full and comprehensive lesson plan products.

Since I know these St. Patrick’s Day crafts are going to be a huge hit in your classroom, check out our lesson plans dedicated to all things St. Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day Lesson Plans
collage of many preschool st patrick's day crafts using paper, paint, yarn, glitter, etc

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