Star Christmas Crafts for Kids and Adults

Learn how to make these unique star christmas crafts, with great ideas for both kids and adults! You’ll try projects for decor, gifts, and more.

Star Christmas Crafts

One of my favorite Christmas gifts ever actually wasn’t technically a gift under the tree. It was a stocking stuffer. I’m 45 years old, and when I was ten, the Christmas stocking really delivered. In the form of a sterling silver bracelet made with stars and links.

And I still have it.

I just loved that bracelet so much, and I still do. And you know what? It still fits. Just barely. But I treasure it, because that gift was so unexpected. Those are always the best presents in my mind, don’t you think?

Stars actually mean more to me than just a bracelet. I love them as a symbol. Stars are magical and inspiring. They are divine protection, hope, and new beginnings. Different cultures have different meanings for them, but I have yet to see one that isn’t positive.

And to prove my love even more, I actually have stars tattooed in multiple places on my body. I’m dedicated, if anything!

Anyhoo, the cool thing about stars is that they are easy to draw, even for young children. Which makes them absolutely perfect for crafting. And I think we’re all aware that they are an important symbol in Christmas crafts.

Which leads me to my point. I’m excited to share these star Christmas crafts that I think you’re going to absolutely love. There’s over 50, and there’s a section for kids and a section for adults.

You’ll see a variety of projects from decor to gifts, and you’ll also see several ornaments. The thing to keep in mind is that once you make a star, you can hang it on the tree . . . OR you can use it on a wreath, a wall hanging, table decor, or in any number of places.

So don’t let any of these ideas limit you! Make these star Christmas crafts and then get creative with how you use them in your gifts and decorating.

Now go forth and craft! Pick something for the list below and let me know what you try in the comments. What is your favorite symbol for the holidays? Let me know that too! Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Star Christmas Crafts

You're going to love these star Christmas craft ideas, with ideas below for both adults and children.

Star Christmas Crafts for Adults


Beaded Star Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Learn how to make a beautiful star ornament using wood beads that will look awesome in your Christmas home! Hang on your tree, in a window, and more.


DIY Star Confetti Tape

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This DIY confetti tape is a doozy, perfect for embellishing any type of packaging! And you can make the confetti yourself, in any size and color you like. So easy.


DIY Wood Stars From Clothespins

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Learn how to make super easy DIY clothespins stars in 10 minutes. Perfect as a tree topper, ornaments, wall decor, or even mantel decor!


Star Christmas Light Covers Using Plastic Canvas

This holiday craft is a twist on standard lights - add plastic canvas star Christmas light covers to make them look super cool and modern!


DIY Paper Star Garland

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I love the mixture of gold paper and book pages to make this awesome Christmas garland! The variety of sizes of the stars is also a nice touch.


Star Macrame

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Macrame is an interesting texture to bring into the holidays. I love it! Learn how to make two different version of a macrame star for your Christmas decor.


DIY Cookie Cutter Wreath

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Create this festive wreath in under 10 minutes using star shaped cookie cutters! It would be fun to try this in other shapes as well.


DIY Christmas Card Star

It's amazingly simple to make this cool Christmas card holder, and you only need some wood trim moulding. The cool part is you can make it any color you like.


Plastic Hanger Star with Lights

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Add a beautiful star to your outdoor Christmas display this year. The cool part? You're going to use some plastic hangers to make it!


DIY Tree Topper with a Free Printable

Make this easy DIY tree topper star with glass glitter for a beautiful classic vintage Christmas tree this year!


DIY Wooden Star Christmas Decoration

Photo Credit: Jessica Anderson

Make this pretty wooden star Christmas decoration for your holiday mantel! It's so easy to make and looks so pretty when it's done.


Grain Sack Stars

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These grain stack stars are easy to make and are so cute for ornaments or decor - but what about gift tags as well?!


DIY Christmas Luminaries

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This Christmas luminaries are so beautiful, and I love the cut out stars! The sheet music is such a nice touch as well as the natural elements.


Gigantic Paper Wall Stars

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These gigantic wall stars are perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays and would be great additions to any holiday decorating scheme.


Hanging Clay Stars

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What a great every day project that is also perfect for holiday! I love the idea of painting these clay stars either gold or silver . . . or both.


Make an Evergreen Wreath using Paint Sticks

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Don't spend a fortune on evergreen wreaths when you can easily make one using paint sticks! The star shape is perfect for the holidays.


Scandinavian Fabric Stars

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These are a different type of a star as opposed to the typical five points . . . but these Scandinavian stars are very popular during the holidays! Plus they're no sew, which is really cool. You can use them in decorating, gifts, or really any sewing project.


Glitter Cardboard Star Ornaments

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These star ornaments look stunning made with a unique glitter paint you'll love. I can't believe they were originally pieces of cardboard!


DIY Beaded Star Tree Topper

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What I love about this project is that the beads are made from air dry clay! It really adds to the handmade Christmas look. And you can absolutely paint the beads if you want to do so, to make it your own.


Pop Can Christmas Stars

There are some soda cans with pretty cool patterns, making them perfect for metal stars! These are easier to make than you might think.


Rustic Patchwork Wood Stars

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Easily add natural elements to your Christmas decor with these simple rustic patchwork wood stars. There are free patterns and tutorial for two star sizes.


Clothing Hanger Christmas Stars

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What can you do with six wood clothes hangers? That’s right – make a stylish Christmas star decoration! You're going to use tape (I recommend washi tape) as well as string to keep them together. These are super cool!


3D Paper Christmas Star

Learn how to recreate these stunning paper stars for Christmas. Hang them up or stick them on the wall! All you'll need is six sheet of square paper to make one star.


DIY Magic Wand

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I guess technically these are dress up magic wands for children, but I love this idea for Christmas decorating too! Especially if your theme is along the lines of Nutcracker or sugar plum fairies.


Rustic Wood Star with Lights

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Sometimes you need large scale holiday decor on a budget, and a star is where it's at! With lights, of course. This is perfect for indoor (think great room mantel) or outdoor decor.


DIY Clay Star Candle Holders

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Inspired by Scandinavian Christmas decorations, these clay candle holders are easy to make! You can make them as five-pointed stars as well as a six-pointed Star of David for Hanukkah.


Embossed Foil Christmas Stars

Embossing craft aluminum is pretty easy, and you can make some beautiful stars with a variety of patterns on them! I love these for rustic or farmhouse holiday.


Simple Sharpie Journals and Matching Gift Wrap

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Grab your metallic Sharpies and get creative on both journals and wrapping paper! I absolutely love this unique gift idea.


Easy Star Light Wreath

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Make your own minimal and chic star light wreath in just a few steps! This is perfect if you like Christmas decor that can take you through winter.


DIY Air Dry Clay Christmas Stars

If you love air dry clay like I do, you want to use it in a variety of projects! I love these ornaments, but I also want you to see that the clay star can be stamped.


Paper Star Gift Toppers

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Think of those homemade cookies, candies, and other seasonal treats that you can put these on top of! I love that you can make these with solid paper as well as patterns.


DIY 3D Star Wreath

This wreath project is very inexpensive and the three dimensional stars make it pop. Make it your own by choosing your own colors/patterns to fit your decor!

Star Christmas Crafts for Kids


Easy to Make Christmas Star Decorations

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Use the free printable template and make these super easy Christmas star decorations with your kids. I love the dimension!


DIY Origami Star Garland

Learn to fold an origami star and make a beautiful garland out of your creations. Perfect as a DIY Christmas decoration!


Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Learn how to make cookie cutter Christmas ornaments with dollar store finds and scrapbook paper. These are so colorful and fun!


Simple Twig Star

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Learn how to make a natural twig star using pieces of sticks and string. This simple and festive nature craft is quick and easy enough for kids to do!


DIY Star Ornaments Made From Washers

Use small washers from the hardware store to make these cute DIY star ornaments - kids will love them, and they are so inexpensive!


Hand Drawn Stars

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This isn't just a fun craft idea - it's a STEAM lesson plan! Combine math and art to make gorgeous pattern stars.


How to Make a Philippine Christmas Parol

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This Philippine Christmas parol is a perfect craft to introduce your child to cultural traditions of the Philippines!


Popsicle Stick Stars

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If you're going to have a collection of star Christmas crafts, especially for children, you can't forget stars made from popsicle sticks! So easy and cute.


Yarn Star Garland

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If you can wrap yarn around something, then you can create this cute garland! Use yellow yarn - or don't be afraid to try green, red, white, or any other combination of holiday colors.


Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

Make a candy cane star tree topper for your Christmas tree this year. It's inexpensive and so easy! I'd love to try one out of mini candy canes too.


Stained Glass Cardboard Star

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Sandwich tissue paper between two pieces of cardboard cut to look like stars! Then kids can paint any design they like on the cardboard frame.


DIY String Art Stars

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These fun templates are perfect for older kids! You can cut out stars, wrap them with twine, and use them in a variety of applications including ornaments and gift tags.


Easy Star Suncatcher

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This Star of David suncatcher was made for Hanukkah and I love it! Use it to celebrate the Jewish holiday or combine with regular five-pointed stars for a Chrismukkah celebration.


Yarn Star Ornaments

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I can't decide which cute color combination of these yarn ornaments that I like best! I really love the pom poms in the center of each one.


Painted Stars on Paper

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This super fun star craft for kids is made with sponge paint! Use any color paper and any color paint you like to make them Christmas stars.


DIY Star Confetti Ornaments

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I absolutely love confetti crafts! If you have a white Christmas tree, these star confetti ornies would look perfect! These are so easy to make, too.


Craft Foam Star Garland

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You can drape this star garland over your tree, a doorway, a mantle, fireplace, or hang them from the windows. So many possibilities and an easy project for the whole family to work on together!


Paper Reindeer Star Craft Idea

Are you looking for a quick and easy star craft idea to do during the holidays? Maybe something that only takes three steps to complete? You're going to love this reindeer!


Button Star Ornament

Just in time for the holiday, learn how to make a colorful DIY button star ornament with a wooden star, yellow buttons, and glue.

If you enjoyed these holiday craft ideas, let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other ideas:

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