Star Crafts and Activities Kids Will Love

Get great ideas for star crafts and activities kids will love! These easy projects include origami, paper stars, lights, ornaments, and more.

Star crafts

I shared a post about Christmas crafts late last year – more specifically it was star Christmas crafts. In that post I presented a collection of ideas for the holiday season, with lots of glitter and sparkle and lights.

And you loved it.

In the original post I mentioned how one of my favorite holiday gifts ever was a silver star bracelet from my parents when I was ten years old. But I also talked about the meaning that stars have to me:

“Stars actually mean more to me than just a bracelet. I love them as a symbol. Stars are magical and inspiring. They are divine protection, hope, and new beginnings. Different cultures have different meanings for them, but I have yet to see one that isn’t positive.”

I’m definitely not the only one that feels that way. It turns out everyone loves stars! And if you’re here, you probably do too.

So now that you’re here, I’ve got 30+ star crafts and activities for you to check out! Perfect for children and also for adults to do with them.

There are a lot of ideas here, and you’ll find something whether you have a toddler, preschooler, kindergarten, or elementary age child. A lot of these star activities can be modified to make them a little bit harder or easier.

You can also leave me a comment if you need any suggestions.

In the meantime, enjoy these ideas, and let me know you favorites! Or if I missed something, I want to hear that too. Happy crafting!

Star Crafts

Kids love star craft ideas! Learn how to make these projects below, for a variety of ages from toddler to preschool to elementary.


DIY Glitter Star Wands

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Here are cute celebration glitter wands you can make to ring in the new year with the kids. They also make fun party crafts for a magical fairy or princess party! Plus they can be used for dress up afterwards.


Sparkly Galaxy Playdough

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You'll love this soft colorful playdough recipe that is perfect for out of this world play! Add a touch of stars and glitter for a fun playtime activity. 


How to Make Borax Crystal Stars

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These crystal stars made from pipe cleaners and a simple borax solution are SO COOL. They're a real easy science project. The crystals magically form overnight!


Stained Glass Star Suncatcher

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Make a stained glass star suncatcher to decorate your windows for Christmas or any time of the year. This easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages.


Fun Space Theme Wreaths

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If you love exploring the galaxy through books or are doing a spaced theme school lesson, these space wreaths are a fun activity. They have stars of all sizes and the planets too.


DIY 3D Star Mobile

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Learn how to make 3D paper stars from cardstock! Once you form several in a variety of colors, you can hang them from dowels to create a mobile.


Star Christmas Light Covers Using Plastic Canvas

This holiday craft is a twist on standard lights – add plastic canvas star Christmas light covers to make them look super cool and modern!


Popsicle Stick Stars

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Colorful pom pom popsicle stick stars will look amazing hanging on your Christmas tree or as a bright and cheery bedroom or nursery display all year round.


How To Make Origami Lucky Stars

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Learn how to fold these easy origami lucky stars from a single strip of paper. These cute little paper stars are also known as wishing stars and are supposed to bring you luck! They look cute in a little glass jar display.


Wood and Paper Stars

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Create a window display with colorful, translucent stars. You'll learn how to assemble the wooden star base and then add paper. Hang them in the light to see how they shine.


Puffy Paper Stars

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Make these paper stars from recycled brown bags, then stuff them to make them puffy! Use glitter, paint, and other supplies to decorate.


Dazzling Shooting Star Paintings

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Use easy chalk pastel techniques to create shooting star paintings that are out of this world! Free star templates included.


Magic Toothpick Star Experiment

This magic toothpick star is such a fun experiment for the kids. It's a simple way to have the kids create magic on their very own.


Star Wishing Wands

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Crumpled paper is easy to make and a simple craft idea for toddlers to enhance their fine motor skills. Use that technique with tissue paper to make these cute star wands.


How to Make Paper Stars

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Using some origami and a little glue, you can create beautiful paper star decor for Christmas or almost any occasion!


Magic Wands with Felt Stars

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Grab some twigs from the yard as the base for these darling star wands! I love the felt tops and all the glitter and string included.


Woven Star Decorations

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These pretty woven star decorations are not only a fun craft, but they're also e a great activity to talk about mathematics, geometry and patterns with older children (6 +).


DIY LED Star Strand

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I'd never heard of micro lights before, but they look pretty cool with perler beads string on them! Add the stars and you have a pretty cool garland.


Make Crayons in Star Shapes

Turn old crayons into new crayons in fun shapes kids love! It's easy to do, and the color possibilities are endless.


Glitter Star Mobiles with Kids

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Make glitter star mobiles with cereal box cardboard, wooden beads, and wire. Children will love decorating one for their room.


Constellation Cards

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These constellation cards are super easy to make and look really effective. They are a quick and simple activity for kids and make lovely Christmas cards.


You're A Star Paper Badge

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Are you filling up someone's bucket? Better yet - are you encouraging your child to fill someone else's bucket? Take the time to make this cute star and gift it to someone!


Star Shaped Stamp

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Learn how to make your own star shaped stamp for your child to use for stamping with paint. They are made out of pipe cleaners!


Star Sponge Painting

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This super fun star craft for kids can be fun for children of all ages. Using a sponge makes it simple but fun. Cut them in various sizes. You can also use glue to stamp and sprinkle glitter on top.


Shooting Star Pom Pom Shooter

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Make a shooting star pom pom shooter with your preschooler and see how far your stars shoot. It is such a fun craft to make and play with together!


How to Make 3D Paper Star Ornaments

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Learn how to make 3D paper star ornaments with this simple tutorial. These paper stars make great Christmas ornaments, decorations, and gifts!


Beautiful Math Stars

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Combining math and art to make gorgeous pattern stars is a great STEAM lesson plan. Plus the end result can be used in a variety of projects.


Shooting Star Wishes

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These are actual shooting stars because they are essentially paper airplanes! Add your wish and send your star flying.


Cardboard Clouds and Stars - Project

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Decorate your covered porch or pergola with colorful clouds and stars to brighten your summer nights. This is a great project to decorate any outdoor space for evenings full of star gazing.


Starry Night Sensory Bag

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Check out our simple and affordable starry night sensory bag - the perfect constellation sensory play for a study of the stars. This is great for preschoolers!


Waldorf Window Star

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Learn how to make window stars in a rainbow of colors using this simple Waldorf tutorial. The resulting colors are beautiful in the sun.


Silvery Star Garlands

There are so many things you can use to make these garlands - wallpaper samples, scrapbook paper scraps, cardstock, felt, and more. Cutting the shapes is easy with a cookie cutter.


DIY Star Ornaments Made From Washers

Use small washers from the hardware store to make these cute DIY star ornaments – kids will love making them with you, and they are so inexpensive!

If you enjoyed these star craft ideas, let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other posts:

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