Staying Magical

Throughout my spiritual journey to date, I’ve learned a lot about my energy and soul loss. I did not know how much trauma or PTSD lingered in my system nor did I understand how much trauma was in my family lineage. When you are trying to heal your stuff, it can be hard to turn inward and really learn what is going on. I’ve always learned a lot from my clients and many people with a mental health background will say that certain people show up to help you see either where you have to do or that you just cleared something.

She was a 13 year old teenager in love with the neighbor kid down the street. Her parents did not want her seeing him and cited that he had an addiction problem at the age of 14. They were worried that he was also aggressive and was pushing their daughter too quickly into a teenage relationship. They wanted me to fix it.

No psychologist, mental health professional, pastor, spiritual teacher or other adults is going to be able to sway the mind of a teenager falling in love for the first time. It is hard for us to even remember back to those days but, as a reminder, the teenage years are full of hormones and love struck angst.

Yet, what is happening now and is a glimpse into the future are the changes that are occurring with how friendships are formed. More and more people will be grouping up into small pods where they are able to energetically support each other with their natural gifts. This means that teenage socializing will become hugely important for our future. It is thus important for us to begin to teach teens the importance of choosing healthy relationships.

The next generation is magical. They are far more awake than previous generations and far more in touch with their emotions. However, being this empathic and vulnerable does mean it is harder to function in the world from an energetic standpoint. Until we learn how to maintain our own energetic boundaries, manipulation and harm can come to souls that simply want to express love into the world. Power will not come in the form of money in the future. Power will come from those that are in touch with the concept of energy. While most people choose to use their energetic gifts for humanity’s greater good, our energy can be affected negatively when we suffer from addictions and other maladies. It is why someone with an addiction usually ends up with an empath with poor boundaries.

Teenagers do not know how to protect their energy. It is not like they have a magic lesson next to their math class in school today. But what I learned from this 13 year old is that the power of love for another person can motivate one to learn. With her we practiced using mantras to send loving thoughts to this person and teaching her that her energy needed to go into dancing first before she spent time with this teen. Then the most beautiful thing happened, she stated that she wanted to help him get help. So we brainstormed how to make a referral and talked about why it is important to allow people to choose their own life path.

After two sessions, she was more balanced and while she was not willing to let the relationship go, she was willing to listen and learn new skills as a blossoming teenager.

As we enter a time of joy post pandemic, many of us have been isolated from other people. Then we did a ton of meditation, yoga, and other practices to move our energy. It is possible that many of us are far more sensitive now than ever before. It is time we started to learn the importance of boundaries not just to save our sanity but to protect our precious energy that is needed to make the world a better place. As you enter into the world and start traveling, remember the wisdom of this 13 year old — you can still love everyone if you learn to love yourself first and choose to live your life from the heart. When we honor healthy forms of pleasure and the cycle of life, we learn to live from a more authentic place that honors our commitment to our inner sage and not an authority outside of ourselves.

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