The 6 Best Online Scientific Calculators

Nowadays, just about everyone has access to a calculator at their fingertips. Most phones have an in-built calculator app, and for plenty of everyday situations that’s more than enough to help you out if you find yourself stuck in a jam.

But not all calculators are created equal. Scientific and graphing calculators are substantially more powerful than what you would probably find lying about your house or on your phone by default.

Here are the six best online scientific calculators you can find.

1. web2.0calc

web2.0calc leads the list, and for good reason. web2.0calc is a straightforward and easy-to-use scientific calculator that you can find online.

It’s laid out similarly to a physical calculator to help you understand how to use it at a glance, but that’s not the only way to use it. You can just as easily type your answer across the top, and the calculator will parse your expression automatically.

web2.0calc is great because it doesn’t just give you the answer. Whenever you input an expression, it will expand it out for you, and then express the solution in different ways, such as both a fraction and a decimal.

If you’re trying to strengthen your math skills, there’s also a series of formulae for you accessible on the webpage, as well as a math forum if you want to ask any questions.

2. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Next up is Desmos Graphing Calculator. A little trickier to use than just a calculator, you may find that you take a moment to grow comfortable with the Desmos Graphing Calculator. But don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the tool, it’s simple to learn and incredibly powerful.

Desmos Graphing Calculator is, as the name implies, a graphing calculator. By default, there is no grid of numbers and mathematic symbols. Instead, the assumption is that you’ll type out your expressions, which the Desmos Graphing Calculator renders extremely quickly.

The calculator supports multiple expressions on the same axis and allows you to zoom in and out as you need. Desmos Graphing Calculator also includes the ability to add in tables, as well as expressions. You can even add folders of expressions or images to the graph if you so desire.

3. Good Calculators

Where some of the calculators on this list focus on doing one thing well, Good Calculators takes things a step further. Good Calculators is a website that hosts an amalgamation of different calculators for all of your needs.

The landing page even has a regular calculator if you really need it, but Good Calculators certainly doesn’t stop there. There’s a huge variety of different calculators available here, such as Salary and Income Tax Calculators, Mortgage Calculators, and Depreciation Calculators.

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Once you’ve chosen one of these categories, Good Calculators will list a variety of different calculators to help suit your exact needs. With the example of the Depreciation Calculators category, you can look at Car Depreciation, Annuity, and MACRS Depreciation Calculators among others.

No matter your choice, Good Calculators includes in-depth explanations on just how and what you need to input into every field in order to make the most out of their calculators. You’ll never feel like you’ve Good Calculators has just thrown you into an expansive form or a bunch of fields to fill out without guidance.

4. Symbolab

Symbolab is the next entry onto this list, and for good reason. If you’re looking to learn more about math, then Symbolab is the best calculator to use.

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Symbolab gives you a field in which you can enter your math problems, but unlike other calculators, the default way to input your numbers is to type them. For mathematic symbols, there’s plenty to choose from at the top, and you can even choose a specific action such as “solve for x”.

Where Symbolab really shines is how it gives you a solution. Instead of just giving you the answer, Symbolab also shows you the steps that it has taken to get to that solution. This makes learning math significantly easier than just taking the answer at face value or working backward to discover the process yourself.

If you still got a different answer, Symbolab lets you input it to verify if yours is correct, and the webpage can also identify the type of problem and give you others of the same type to practice.

5. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is next, and probably the most powerful on this list. WolframAlpha is not just a coagulator, but also a knowledge database. This just means that WolframAlpha has a lot of information to give you about any expression that you input, not just the solution.

WolframAlpha automatically shows you your expression plotted as a graph, in alternate forms, and on a number line. It also automatically generates questions directly related to your inputted expression that should help you uncover more about it and how it works.

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WolframAlpha also has a variety of premium features available to those who pay a monthly fee. These features include step-by-step solutions for expressions, practice problems with hints, guided calculators for finance and more, as well as a wide swathe of other features.


Finally, makes it to the list. has a lot of features and is largely a combination of many of the calculators already listed. has a simple interface, reminiscent of a scientific calculator, and though you can’t input expressions using your keyboard, it’s still quite a powerful tool.

The tool excels in the variety of different calculators that it has available. There is truly a huge number to choose from, and you’ll have no problems learning your way around them.

There are explanations for how they all work as well, so you don’t need to worry about knowing what you’re doing going in. is all about being both fast and comprehensive.

Online Calculators Aren’t the Only Way

Online calculators can help you achieve a lot more than just what you can achieve with a regular calculator lying around or on your phone by default. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best way.

There are plenty of phenomenal services available everywhere you look, and once you open your eyes to them, you’re sure to see just how much there is on offer.