The Average Person: Words Onset

What is an ‘average’ person?

That certainly includes everyone

along a spectrum,

a distribution,

with two well-defined ends:

Nebulous at the left end and Precise at the right end

for instance.

How many different spectrums

(or distributions)

make up the average person?


But, continuing, the shape of the two ‘ends’

does matter (spectrum or distribution).

Negative is to the left, positive is to the right. In this distribution (normal or Gaussian), these are in terms of the mean (middle value arithmetically — you do speak it) for the entire spectrum/distribution. Put another way, left is most negative with respect to a mean, right is most positive with respect to that same mean.

For humans, languaging is everything: mathematics and computer programs are included in the number of languages we can learn. Put another way, most of us are multilingual across spoken and written languages that also include math (a high-stress item for the average person) and computer programs of all types (each is its own language).

But, who IS the average person?

The average person works at some sort of job with highly variable income amounts in terms of negative income (takes from some society [church, business, private] or the government) or makes some amount of money. This spectrum/distribution is from 0 to infinity in terms of money and the amount of money acquired over a year and a lifetime in any given culture.

Averagely, we spend what we make (this includes living and entertainment items).

We are consumers in general

but are product makers specifically.

This means we all buy things to live and be entertained.

Some of us make products that some other individuals buy.

Specifically, I buy books that are scientific or mythic in nature. I love Tolkien and LeGuin. I eat all poets’ work. I absorb all scientific writers, including peer-reviewed, journalistic, historical, anthropological, general, and statistical. Others like very different types of books. This all adds up to the ‘general’ average person in my particular lingo.

Finally, the average person is all of us together. They are the results of what they do. This is why death is so final and so useful. That person’s thoughts and emotions no longer influence the outcomes seen in this World.

What does that equal on Earth,

in each country,

and all the way down to the individual person?


is average.


This post was previously published on MEDIUM.COM.




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