The BEST Introduction to Fractions Worksheets

The BEST Introduction to Fractions WorksheetsIntroduction to Fractions Worksheets

Hey there, teacher! Looking for the BEST introduction to fractions worksheet?

I’m talking about concepts like identifying fractions, numerators, and denominators.

You gotta master those basics in order to get into all those other fraction concepts (and my goodness… there are so many! Fractions is always such a crazy and jam-packed unit).

I created a set of color-by-number worksheets for introduction to fractions to help make practicing this concept a bit more fun for students.

Because let’s be honest…. coloring makes everything about 100 times more fun 🙂

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Keep reading to learn all about these introduction to fractions worksheets!

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introduction to fractions worksheet

How do students complete these introduction to fractions worksheets?

First, students will answer a variety of fraction questions.

The questions include:

  • 1 worksheet identifying the numerator in a fraction
  • 1 worksheet identifying the denominator in a fraction
  • 2 worksheets identifying the grey-shaded fraction in a model
  • 1 worksheet identifying the grey-shaded fraction in a fraction model

As you can see, these questions cover all the basics of fractions when you are starting the unit!

Next, students will look at their answers for each question.

Depending on what answer they circled, they color their picture a specific color.

At the end of the worksheet, students will have a fully colored picture!

introduction to fractions worksheet

What makes these fractions worksheets so great?

Fun & Engaging

Fractions can be tedious and boring.

But a color-by-number?

Well that suddenly makes a worksheet MUCH more exciting!

Everyone loves coloring (heck, there’s even coloring books for grown-ups!).

Add coloring into fractions to make them extra fun!


Students will WANT to finish the worksheet so that they can finish coloring their picture!

Even though a color-by-number may seem basic and simple, it is shocking what a little thing like a coloring reward can do to create motivation for students to complete a worksheet.

No Prep


Simply print, students will do the rest 🙂

introduction to fractions worksheet

Where can I get these introduction to fractions worksheets?

You can get these at Glitter in Third on TPT.

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Don’t worry, I have a big bundle of these fraction color by number worksheets to cover ALL your fraction needs!

These introduction to fractions color by numbers is part of a larger bundle.

The bundle includes equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions on a number line, fractions on a number line, and MORE!

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Need more FRACTIONS resources and ideas?


(I am channeling my inner Jan Brady when I say that).

Fractions can be a long unit because there’s so many various aspects of the concept to teach.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate fractions into other parts of the day is to add in picture books.

I have a list of the BEST fraction picture books HERE.

Now, I also have lots of other fraction resources in my Glitter in Third TPT store.

Click the links below to check them out!

I have a Fraction FREEBIE for you!

Hands-On Fraction Activities

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