The Best Outschool Courses for Kids

With your kids out of school for the summer, you’re probably looking for ways to keep them engaged and busy. Whether you’re looking for a “camp” experience or if you just want to give your kids an opportunity to learn something new, Outschool offers dozens of different classes for ages ranging from toddler to teen. From learning a different language to solving mysteries, there’s something for every interest. To help you decide which classes you want to check out, we’ve curated a list of our favorites, so keep reading for our picks of the best classes from Outschool for kids.

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Superhero Fitness Plus

A one-time class that lasts 35 minutes, Coach Eurico will lead students through a series of interactive workouts inspired by superheroes! Best for ages 3-7

Cost: $13 per student 

Register here.

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Baby Panda Adventure Story

In this one-time class, kids will learn about pandas and do some panda art! Best for ages 4-9

Cost: $13 per student 

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Smartest Artists: Art Class With A Touch of History, Math, Lit and Science

This semester-long class has students creating a new piece of artwork every week, and as a bonus, they'll learn about history, math, science and literature along the way. This is a flexible class, which means there are no live video sessions. Best for ages 4-9. 

Cost: $89 for the semester

Register here.

Introduction to Reptiles: With Live Snakes, Lizards and Turtles! 

Students will meet several live reptiles in this one-time course while learning about their behaviors, habitats and what it takes to take care of them. Best for ages 4-9.

Cost: $15 per student

Register here.

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Elementary Explorers: Rocks, Fossils, and Crystals

This multi-day course is perfect for budding geologists. Kids will learn about rock cycles, how to identify different rocks and testing common materials. Best for ages 5-8.

Cost: $42 per student

Register here.


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Descendants and Zombie Dance (Beginning Hip Hop)

This eight-week course is conducted like a real dance class, students will get an introduction to Hip Hop as well as learn choreography to their favorite Disney movies! Best for ages 6-10.

Cost: $130 for the course.

Register here.

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Cracking Ciphers and Breaking Codes! 

This class meets for 35 minutes and kids will get instruction on how to break codes! The class is recorded, so students can come back for referencing because learning these skills take time. Best for ages 7-11. 

Cost: $12 per student

Register here.

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Titanic - An Adventure Through History 

Students will learn all about the world’s most famous boat in this interactive live course. This is a one-week, once-a-day course. Best for ages 7-11.

Cost: $50

Register here.

The Weirdest Things Animals Do and Why!

In this one-time class, students will learn all the weird and random facts about animals! Best for ages 7-12.

Cost: $14 per student

Register here.

Spanish for Young Learners

Kids will get an intensive lesson on how to speak Spanish! This course runs for eight weeks and meets once a week, for 50 minutes. There are only 3-7 kids per class. Best for ages 8-12. 

Cost: $160 per kid

Register here.

Wilderness Skills

This class meets once a week for weeks and teaches skills like basic first aid, how to build a fire, foraging for food and more. Best for ages 9-12.

Cost: $60 per student

Register here.

Photography for Kids - Manual DSLR Photography 101 + 201

Students will learn how to work with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to create beautiful images. This is a 10-week, once-a-week course. Best for ages 9-12.

Cost: $220 per student

Register here.

Minecraft + Architecture History = Awesome

Combine your kids’ love of Minecraft with a lesson on the history of Architecture that ranges from ancient times until now. This course runs for six weeks, and there are no scheduled video chats, instead, participants have discussions via a classroom forum and private teacher chats. Best for ages 9-14.

Cost: $70 per student

Register here.

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History of Ancient Egypt

If you kids can’t get enough of hieroglyphics, ancient Pharaohs and pyramids, this is the class for them! This is an eight-week course, with one class a week. Best for ages 10-13

Cost: $160 for the course

Register here.

Murder Mystery at the Baxter Hotel

While this seems like just a game, participants that sign up for this one-time session will be using logic, learning about fact vs. opinion and using their problem solving skills. Best for ages 11-16.

Cost: $16. 

Register here

If you don’t see a class that fits your kids’ interests on our list, be sure to check out the list of other options here. There are dozens of classes!!

—Gabby Cullen



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