The Value of Computer Based Learning

Finding the right tools and methods to teach your students is one of the most essential parts of the job. The best tools allow your students to learn more efficiently and give you the ability to track their progress and development better. There are several software platforms designed to enhance the learning experience  for both teachers and students. When reviewing your options, ask what is i-Ready? as this can tell you more about your options and how this platform can help you.

Before adding any software platform to your curriculum, you’ll want to know more about it and its history. Who invented i-Ready? is answered by looking at the history of the company behind it, Curriculum Associates of North Billerica, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1969 and i-Ready was created in 2011. the years since the company made needed content and technological upgrades. The platform focuses on math and reading skills, two areas of high importance to young students.

If you are considering adding learning software to your classroom, the following are some advantages of doing so.

Advantages Of Learning Software

  • Tracking Student Progress: having a centralized database makes tracking student progress easier. You can see how students are performing and what progress they are making. This information can be very useful for making modifications to lesson plans to suit student needs.
  • Improve Engagement: one of the most important aspects of education is student engagement. Using software to learn is often more interesting for students for several reasons. The first among these is using familiar technology. Computers, smartphones, and tablets have become commonplace; even young students are aware of these items and use them daily. Another advantage is that software-based learning platforms often make use of games and other fun activities as students advance through their lessons. This makes learning more fun and also drives more interaction with the material.
  • Reduce Workload: as a teacher, you often work on multiple important tasks at the same time. Online learning tools can reduce your workload by streamlining and collecting needed information. Reports can inform you about student averages, individual performance, and areas of concern. Having this information automatically collected can save you a good deal of work.
  • Reduce Costs: educational materials such as books, paper, and writing tools are expensive. With costs often being an area of concern in the educational field, the use of software can help reduce overhead expenses. Software and associated licenses are often less expensive and easier to manage than hundreds of textbooks. Also, updates for accessibility and course content are easier as software platforms are always being updated as needed. Unlike a textbook, if changes need to be made to online lessons, these can be done relatively quickly and without having to replace an entire book.
  • Improve Efficiency: another advantage of using software for education is the degree of accessibility. Unlike print material, computer software is accessible across multiple platforms and often all you need is the right log-in information. This makes keeping track of courses, materials, and results far less difficult. You don’t have to worry about things getting lost and making modifications to online classes and material only requires a few clicks and some typing.

Final Thoughts

In the modern world, teaching (and learning) can be a challenge with all the distractions children encounter daily. Software and online-based learning tools can help by getting students’ attention and empowering them to learn engagingly. This not only makes learning more enjoyable for students, it also provides you with valuable information for tracking progress and improving existing lesson plans.

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