This Home Decor Subscription Box Supports Artisans All Over the World—and It’s 50 Percent off Just for You

Vladimir Ermakov was working as a robotics engineer—a solid job he worked hard to excel at—when it hit him: It wasn’t what he wanted to be doing with his life. “I was building a smart vacuum cleaner, which was an exciting project, but I realized that I was spending a lot of time solving math problems when what I wanted to do was solve problems that affected people’s lives directly.” So, he decided to do something else.

That something else was co-founding GlobeIn, a monthly subscription box company with jaw-droppingly gorgeous home goods that supported artisans around the world. “I always thought business was just a means to make money, but that wasn’t interesting to me. Realizing that it was a tool to make social change made me want to start a business with social purpose,” Ermakov says.

GlobeIn shoppers can either buy the handmade products individually or sign up to receive a themed box each month (ranging from $35 to $40 a month). Multicolored woven baskets from Bangladesh, handblown glassware from Mexico, handpainted dishware from Morocco—every single item is stunning. GlobeIn is also offering a discount exclusively for Well+Good readers. Use the code WELLANDGOOD at checkout for 50 percent off your first GlobeIn artisan box in a three-month subscription.

GlobeIn artisan box goods gives artisans all around the world a way to sell their pieces. Learn about three of the creators here:

globe in glassware
Art: W+G Creative

Abdellah Laroui, Morocco

Abdellah Laroui started making handblown glassware in 1986 and uses recycled glass collected throughout Morocco. His Marrakech-based business, Le Verre Beldi, is the last artisanal, hand-blown glass workshop in Morocco. Every day, two tons of glass waste are collected and remelted in an oven heated to 2912°F. Then, a combination of blowing methods and iron molds are used to form each glass, which is finally put in an annealing oven for three hours.

Last year, GlobeIn purchased over 52,600 pounds of glass from Le Verre Beldi that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. Instead, it’s making homes around the world more beautiful.

See more of Laroui’s handblown glassware here.

globein artisan
Art: W+G Creative

Anastasia Lavie, Ghana

Anastasia Lavie spent her childhood in Ghana selling food on the street for her family, who couldn’t afford to put her in school. It was always her dream to go to school—and while she wasn’t able to have that opportunity herself as a child, today she makes upcycled bags with the company Trashy Bags so her own children can go. Lavie commutes several hours a day to work, and looks after the kids when she’s at home. Having worked for Trashy Bags since 2007, she is one of their most skilled and positive employees.

Through their products, Trashy Bags has upcycled over 2 million water sachets that otherwise would have ended up in landfills.

See more of Lavie’s upcycled bags here

globein artisan
Art: W+G Creative

Lofti Wthin, Tunisia

Lofti Wthin is the head cutter at OliveWood, a company that makes carefully crafted wooden kitchen utensils and dishes. Lotfi’s woodworking skills and eye for design allow him to determine what final shape each branch will produce. He’s been working with OliveWood for seven years as the main wood carver and manages the production of spoons and utensils.

Born and raised in Tunisia, Wthin comes from a family of woodcarvers, fishermen, and steelworkers. Working as an artisan isn’t just his passion, it’s his legacy.

See more of Wthin’s wood-carved kitchenware here

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