"This is crazy. How do they know this about me?!" (this app revealed my teen’s core motivations)

Several years ago, I was teaching health and wellness classes and doing amazing with a sales company. I loved helping the hundreds and hundreds of women I got to share this life-changing information with, but I knew deep down that it wasn’t sustainable for me personally. Not because I couldn’t keep doing it, but because even though I loved the job, “something was missing.”

Many adults struggle with what they should do with their life. I can’t imagine the pressure that our children face today. Now that my children are in middle school, high school, and college, the question comes up often, “So, what are you going to do when you get older?” No longer is it a hypothetical “cute” question you are asking a toddler. This is right around the corner, and now they must consider what career they want to explore seriously.

If you have a teen whom you’d love to help discover their gifts and leanings regarding their career, I can’t wait to share this incredible resource with you!

TruSpark is an online assessment (quiz) and curriculum for teens that uses their own stories to identify their three Core Motivations. The curriculum then connects those core motivations to potential career paths. 

Over the years, my teens have repeatedly wavered and questioned what they want to do with their lives. The struggle is real! TruSpark is designed to help give them direction and insight into their gifts and leanings. Here is a bit more about how TruSpark works:

The fun, interactive TruSpark app reveals your teen’s top three core motivations—those inner drives that bring zest to life! Is your teen a Builder? A Visionary? An Impactor? Then using those three core motivations as a springboard, the TruSpark curriculum guides your teen to explore careers that will be a good fit. TruSpark is an eye-opening experience with real-world applications! First, know yourself, and then discover what career paths are the best fit for your core motivations. 


I first wanted to use TruSpark personally to see how accurate the results would be since I am an adult already in my career. I found that the quiz was unique and simple to take. Rather than asking multiple choice questions, it uses a story—your story, to be exact. But you only write a line or two and then answer a few questions based on your initial responses. Surprisingly after sharing my story through a series of questions, my results aligned exactly with who I am and where I am at today in my career. Honestly, I couldn’t believe the results were so accurate! Next, I wanted my kids to try the assessment. All four of my children were able to take the assessment, and the results were so informative!.

My oldest son Tyler’s initial reaction was these exact words, “This is crazy. How do they know this about me!?” His results showed him as The Visionary, The Standout, and The Arranger. All of those were so accurate. The job suggestions gave him insight into the types of careers that might fit his personality the best. Being in college already, this assessment of his personality and the things he may enjoy gave him a lot to process and be sure he is keeping in mind when deciding on what he wants to study.

My youngest daughter, Sophia, who is 13 years old, was also surprised to find that some of the types of jobs we’ve discussed for so long were suggested for her. Again, the results were so accurate. Ever since she was younger, I’ve told her she would be a good Veterinarian or a good Nurse, and these were two of the career choices recommended for her and her motivations.

All of my children found the assessment to be quick and easy and were surprised with how well the results described who they are today and what they may be interested in pursuing in the future. They especially loved the long list of job suggestions because it helps them begin to imagine what would be a good fit for them.

I find it interesting that they were able to take the assessment and obtain such seemingly accurate results with the variety of their ages. I think overall, TruSpark was so helpful for them to see the areas that they lean towards when it comes to their future.

So, while you’re taking a break from your normal math, language arts, and science, spend a week on a journey of self-discovery with the TruSpark assessment + curriculum. 

  • It’s EASY for you—fully-planned and clear enough that most teens can do it independently.

  • It’s EYE-OPENING for your teen, revealing what truly motivates them to act in their zone of excellence.

  • It’s PRACTICAL, taking teens through the most up-to-date data about the American job market and helping them zero in on possible career paths.

As TruSpark writes, “Career exploration can open new possibilities of job paths teens don’t necessarily experience in their day-to-day lives. It’s hard to imagine being a petroleum engineer when you’ve never met one or even heard of this role. Kids who come from a family of teachers tend to lean towards the education field even if it’s not best suited for them. Part of career exploration is understanding the wide scope of career paths open to them and ruling out those that aren’t a good fit due to temperament, interests, motivations, or educational requirements.”

 Make this year meaningful for your teen by doing a unit study on core motivations and career exploration. There is even a faith-informed version available at no additional cost at checkout! You can read all about the faith-based background of TruSpark HERE.

Click here to learn all about TruSpark, and click here for your FREE downloadable Career Exploration Worksheet for Teens!

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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with TruSpark. All opinions are 100% my own.