This Page Is All About Sharing Cases Of ‘Mild Vandalism’ And Here Are 118 Of Their Best New Pics

With so many things seemingly wrong and unjust with modern-day society, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, outraged, and want to rebel in some way. Well, some people protest and tell the system to go fudge itself in very creative and polite ways—by deploying forms of mild vandalism. Meanwhile, others find that gentle vandalism is the best way for them to spread some cheer where it’s needed the most.

That’s where the r/MildlyVandalised subreddit comes in. The 344k-member-strong online community documents and celebrates instances of raging against the machine in a calm, orderly, and (usually) controlled manner. 

Scroll down for some funny, endearing, and (yes!) even heart-warming cases of mild vandalism. Don’t forget to upvote the photos that you enjoyed looking at the most, dear Pandas. And if you’re in the mood for some more artistic rebellion, then we cordially invite you to take a peek at Bored Panda’s previous article about the awesome r/MildlyVandalised community right over here.

#1 In The Hallway At School

Image credits: mistermajik2000

#2 Hot Take In The Neighborhood

Image credits: bohoish

#3 Communal Or Solitary Pooping

Image credits: purple-circle

During a previous interview with my colleague, a couple of the r/MildlyVandalised subreddit’s moderators opened up a bit about the community and the content that they share.

One of the moderators, redditor DoxBox explained what lies at the core of the photos shared on their subreddit. "Mild vandalism is vandalism that is humorous but not overly damaging," they explained to Bored Panda that comedy without the damage is essential.

#4 Googly Eyes On The Belly Button Of A Women's Underwear Model In A Walmart

Image credits: Marta_Valdez

#5 I’m The Pizza Man

Image credits: r1nserepeat

#6 Nice

Image credits: jciro

"Regular vandalism is costly to fix and malicious in intent. The sub is about mostly-harmless but humorous vandalism intended to make people laugh,” the moderator explained to us during an earlier interview.

Meanwhile, another moderator, redditor Awesomesprime, noted that the subreddit reacts to the news and current world events. For instance, at the time, the 2020 United States presidential elections were on pretty much everyone’s minds.

#7 The Best Vandalism

Image credits: stares_at_rain

#8 His Own Realm

Image credits: HoboPotammus

#9 Paper Towel Now

Image credits: WhichWayzUp

"Recently, political posts have been at the top, but [they still] have to be funny and clever. Those seem to be the ones that make it the highest," they noted what was popular at the time.

"Posts do well the funnier they are, with the caveat that Reddit's usual issues do sometimes interfere. Posting the same post at different times can have different results," moderator DoxBox pointed out that some posts don’t always go viral because the timing might not be right or due to other less-than-obvious reasons.

#10 Eat It

Image credits: Dblarr

#11 Guess We're Not Getting Our Graffiti Removed Anymore

Image credits: Major-Eggplant-9045

#12 Is It Only Me That Sings Those Words?

Image credits: brajoon

The subreddit has been celebrating mild and humorous vandalism all the way since October 2015. And it looks like it’ll keep going strong so long as there are rebels out there who know that using their imagination and creativity can be just as powerful (if not more so!) than vandalising property in rage.

#13 He Just Wants To Know!

Image credits: Evil_Moose_Mwahaha

#14 Hmmm, Indeed I Say

Image credits: AndyAndieFreude

#15 What'll It Be Today?

Image credits: kakaabitches

The sub’s mods note that the images people post have to be about mild vandalism, without any costly property damage. What’s more, they stress that the vandalism can’t be racist and that all the community members have to be polite to each other.

#16 Childish Response

Image credits: lynivvinyl

#17 Caution. Santa’s Crossing

Image credits: CYBERSson

#18 His Last Name Too. Lmao

Image credits: shaw_ri

Meanwhile, reposts are discouraged if they’re newer than three months. What’s more, street art doesn’t actually count as vandalism. While bathroom graffiti belongs on another subreddit, namely, r/ToiletDoodles.

#19 An Interesting Title

Image credits: the_tallest_one

#20 I Couldn't Resist When I Saw The Pipe

Image credits: v13ragnarok7

#21 High-Effort Mild Vandalism In Crystal Palace Park

Image credits: oldvlognewtricks

Bored Panda spoke to Professor Suzanne Degges-White, a Licensed Counselor and Chair at the Department of Counseling and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University about anger and its pros and cons.

According to her, even though anger can lead to social change, it can also greatly harm us if we can’t control it or learn to let go.

#22 Next Level

Image credits: B-Georgio

#23 Mildly Dad Joke

Image credits: Leska42

#24 No Habla Espanol

Image credits: Dr_Frank-N-Furter

“Constant anger can lead to metabolic diseases, cardiovascular problems, and digestive issues. For some people, health concerns are the reason that they may learn to let go of anger,” she explained to Bored Panda very recently.

#25 Shakespeare's Garbage

Image credits: deaddadneedinsurance

#26 Someone At Work Put A Seagull On The Sanitizer Dispenser

Image credits: saharris1968

#27 Cause I’m Havin A Good Time, Havin A Good Time

Image credits: willman249

“While being angry can lead to social change and begin to topple barriers and other aspects of injustice, we also know that anger isn't going to be the best choice to build alliances or convince others of the need for change,” the professor noted.

#28 Found This In My Camera Roll That I Took A While Back Whilst In Cambridge. Still Makes Me Chuckle

Image credits: Laurencehb1989

#29 Until You Proper Star Get The You Deserve

Image credits: The-Chacherooni

#30 Won’t Somebody Think Of The Property Values!

Image credits: spectre_2

“Finding common ground is essential in making true, collaborative change. This requires us to let go of anger, whether that is finding a way to sublimate it or overcome it, or just put it aside for the time being.

#31 Fun!

Image credits: nopem23

#32 ... And I Do Mean Any Reason

Image credits: SomLuzur

#33 ...and Stay Hydrated

Image credits: Sambo1987

#34 This Bench In Manchester, UK

Image credits: RandyBurnham

#35 Dont Ask How I Managed To Do This

Image credits: 6The6Void6

#36 Wholesome Vandalism

Image credits: FlawlexWasTaken

#37 Think Quality!

Image credits:

#38 That's One Way To Get A Van Cleaned

Image credits: ContributionStrange3

#39 Someone Really Wrote "I Wish It Was Cocaine" In Our School Yard In The Snow

Image credits: Raining_Bows

#40 Cars

Image credits: mlhieh

#41 Never Forget The Sauce

Image credits: ElDokaw

#42 A Keyboard On My School

Image credits: teamtijmi

#43 Someone With Free Time At My Local Grocery Store

Image credits: JustSomeAudioGuy

#44 I Was Told To Post This Here Too So I Saw An Anti Vaxx Sticker On This Stop Sign At The Front Of Neighborhood, Instead Of Peeling It Off I Did This

Image credits: jooverbestboy

#45 Head Transplant By A Bored Employee

Image credits: sonu_23

#46 I’d Consider This More Art Than Vandalism. In Either Case, It’s Absolutely Outstanding. (If You’re Unfamiliar, This Is ‘Tactile Paving’ And Used To Help The Vision-Impaired Navigate Streets. This ‘Bumps’ Pattern Marks The Locations Of Pedestrian Crossings)

Image credits: Joy-Moderator

#47 Nice One

Image credits: afoolnamedjoseph

#48 Little UFO Added On My City Sign

Image credits: CaloiiXD

#49 Noone's Gonna Finger My Butt

Image credits: Oskai10

#50 Found At Tumby Bay, South Australia

Image credits: erubadhriel

#51 3618

Image credits: armance83

#52 Go Josh

Image credits: DoucheSnozzle0

#53 I'm Not Sure How Much Longer I Can Dance

Image credits: BluArtXinja

#54 Guess I'll Go Around?

Image credits: dropcuff

#55 The Sign Still Works

Image credits: theanimation

#56 Someone Scratched Off The 3 On This Sign

Image credits: Filibut

#57 Motivation Is Important

Image credits: val0719

#58 Tis The Season

Image credits: YBNcoconut

#59 He Seems Like A Really Fungi

Image credits: dmervis

#60 Don't Stop

Image credits: KoolestKidInTown

#61 C’mere Bird Lemme Feel That Wing

Image credits: chocolatef**kinjesus

#62 He Did The Math

Image credits: SipulitWasNotTaken

#63 He Sees You When You're Speeding, He Knows When You Are Slow

Image credits: Faloffel2

#64 Merry Chrysler

Image credits: plsiwanttosleep

#65 The Holy Trinity

Image credits: cinemassacress

#66 Walking Down 2nd In Jersey City And Come Upon This

Image credits: Ohheyf**kyou

#67 We’re Only Here For A Short Time

Image credits: Kelly240361

#68 We All Shall Applaud The Jellyfish!!

Image credits: jinjanshub09

#69 Canadian Bathroom Door

Image credits:

#70 Wikipedia Article For Unisex Public Toilet

Image credits: pineapplefan1234YT

#71 Found Downtown Vancouver

Image credits: dentistMCnuggets

#72 Hope You Like A*s, Neighbor

Image credits: codingturds

#73 Mine's 2 Inches Long And 3 Inches In Diameter

Image credits: mynameisultrabot

#74 Incredibly Inaccurate Widespread Mild Vandalism

Image credits: Columbusquill1977

#75 Public Service Announcement

Image credits: Eal12333

#76 Vandalism In My City Has Peaked

Image credits: OneAndOnlyFreiheit

#77 "No Talking To Cops" Spotted In Seattle, WA

Image credits: CrabwiseKid

#78 Vandalized By The Sun

Image credits:

#79 Wholesome Exchange

Image credits: hugsfornico

#80 Kinda True Tho

Image credits: sonickien

#81 My Elf Is Safe Now

Image credits: reaper_type_0

#82 When Can I Reserve

Image credits: koro_sensei_3351

#83 Someone Put Google Eyes On It

Image credits: Ralse1

#84 My First Find!

Image credits: sebpoopybumhole

#85 It’s Been A Little Over A Week And Half, And My Brother Has Not Noticed Yet

Image credits: LaminatedRockGaming

#86 This Pops Up Every Few Years

Image credits: Keeblerliketheelf

#87 What Happens In The Underpass Stays In The Underpass

Image credits: tarantulatime

#88 Classic

Image credits: DirtyProtest

#89 Found This Beauty This Afternoon

Image credits: Jeffsmith78

#90 My Friend Sent Me This. Said Her Art School Degree Really Shined At Her Retail Job

Image credits: Discokitty14

#91 Was At Walmart Today And Saw This, Mmmm Shrooms

Image credits: cableslurps

#92 Shhhhhh

Image credits: d416

#93 Diabetes

Image credits: geronimoose

#94 Spotted Today In Prospect Park

Image credits: scraambles

#95 So That's Where The Aliens Are

Image credits: Major-Eggplant-9045

#96 It’s Been A Year Since I Replaced My Schools Hand-Washing Signs With These

Image credits: Little_Derp_xD

#97 Right On Rock

Image credits: rastroboy

#98 10/10 Banter

Image credits: BallsDeap

#99 Looks Like He Got The Hump About Something

Image credits: ForestGoldMiner

#100 Yer A Street Sign, Harry

Image credits: Prince_Oberyns_Head

#101 Smiley's On Red Lights In My Town

Image credits: siggi_stebba

#102 I Was Walking When I Saw This In An Alleyway, Thanks For The Heads Up!

Image credits: shihnora

#103 Google Eyes On A Mcdonald’s Sign

Image credits: Dinokiten

#104 Well That’s A Nasty Chinese Restaurant

Image credits: fart_cobain

#105 Dude Got Pantsed

Image credits: ChickenWingJohnnyYT

#106 Found In An Office Max

Image credits: Geter77

#107 Mild Protest

Image credits: borderlinesuperhuman

#108 *your're

Image credits: tabhachtach

#109 Wholesome Vandal

Image credits: icantwantto

#110 Inspired, My 12 Yo Nephew Left His Mark While Visiting

Image credits: CrimsonKayZee

#111 Canadian Vandalism

Image credits: 62ZoomZoom442

#112 Another Reason To Hate Cyclists

Image credits: ZaaraEspinoza

#113 Found This At My School

Image credits: Short_Stuff4520

#114 I've Heard It's Like A Jacuzzi

Image credits: killerkirill

#115 Saw This In A Bathroom While On A Road Trip

Image credits: Rivergirl2878

#116 Irony

Image credits: SeeTarno12

#117 Earth Quake Detection Kit

Image credits: mynameisultrabot

#118 I Love The Positive Graffiti That Randomly Turns Up On The Buses I Take To And From Work

Image credits: storyseer