This Season’s Hottest Toys as Chosen By Canadian Moms

Run, Don’t Walk, To Get These Best Sellers
Top Best-Selling Toys of 2022

With so many options available, toy shopping can feel overwhelming and make a parent feel more bah-humbug than jolly. We asked moms to share their top picks for the holiday season 2022. From imagination play to outdoor fun and even a few gifts that will have you feeling nostalgic about your own childhood Christmases, we’re bringing joy to your world with this hand-picked list of top toys for this holiday season that fit every budget. 

Under $20

Imaginarium Discovery - Jumbo Alphabet Blocks (24 - 36 months)
Sometimes the best gifts are ones that are tried and true. Your little one will learn how to stack and build AND the alphabet, all while having fun. 

Imaginarium-Magnetic Doodle Board - Twin Pack (Ages 3 - 6)
No mess, no small pieces to lose. You can take this doodle board anywhere for drawing on the go! The only limit is your child’s imagination. 

Scrabble Junior (Ages 5 - 7)
Start a love of words at an early age! The colourful pictures make it fun to match letter tiles to words on the grid. What’s even better is they’ll never outgrow the Scrabble fun. When the Junior version becomes too easy, simply flip the board over for the advanced level. 

ALEX Scientific Explorer - 7 Days Of Science (Ages 6 - 10)
STEM is hot this season for a reason. STEM gifts help spark creativity and get your kids inquiring about, well, everything. Your budding scientist can make Wonder Bubbles, Glow Snow, Super Sand, and more!

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Under $50

Blippi Recycling Truck (Ages 24 - 60 months) 
Your budding environmentalist will get a head start on saving our planet. This fun truck will teach your kids to put waste in the right place while having a blast! 

furReal GoGo My Dancin' Pup (Ages 4 - 7)
Not ready to commit to a furry friend in the family? The furReal GoGo Dancin’ Pup will dance and walk its way into your child’s heart. Huggably soft and full of fun. 

LEGO DOTS Message Board (Ages 6 - 10)
We’re not going to lie. We’d love to get this message board as a gift. Your kids will get to experiment with their artistic flair It comes with two tiles, hanger elements and 500+ tiles, so your kids can say whatever they want. 

Neon Tie Dye Fashion Design Super Set (Ages 8 - 12) 
No mess tie-dye? Yes, please! This kit comes with six to "dye for" projects, including a one-size fits most child size tank top, a pair of child-sized socks, shoelaces, two scrunchies and a headband.

Crazy Forts (5+)
There’s a reason why Crazy Forts have won awards! It comes with come with 69 child-safe toggles and rods so your kids can build the fort of their dreams. And all your couch cushions will stay in place where they belong. 

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Under $100

Fisher-Price - Little People - Music Parade Ride-on (Ages 12 - 36 months)
It’s a one-person parade. Ride or walk and push around the house to marching tunes, or switch to play mode to create your own music by pressing on musical instruments, including trumpets, drums, saxophone, and tuba. 

Paw Patrol Adventure Pack (Ages 3 - 6)
A list wouldn’t be complete without Paw Patrol! Send your son/daughter on PAW-some missions. They can create their own adventure or use one of the four double-sided mission cards. Either way, they’ll experience the ultimate in imagination play. 

VTech Marble Rush Ultimate Set (Ages 5 - 10)
Marble Rush is the recipient of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Accreditation Stamp of Approval. But your kids don’t need to know they’ll be learning when they build a course and watch the marbles race down ramps and swirl through funnels to the basket or ramp challenges.

Stiga Snow Kick (Ages 8 - 12) 
Is your scooter loving kid bummed because the snow is getting in the way of their scootering? Enter Stiga Snow Kick. Perfect for sliding along sidewalks and pathways in the winter. Exclusive to Toys “R” Us. 

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ENCANTO Magical Casa Madrigal (Ages 4 - 7)
Journey into the Magical Casa Madrigal from Disney's Encanto, and bring the magical gifts of the Madrigal family to life! This is one toy that’s expected to sell out this year so get it early. 

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road  (Ages 5 - 8)
It’s a-me, Mario! When two of your favourite things come together it means hours and hours of fun. The 8-foot long track has five translucent rainbow-colored race lanes that can be configured straight or curved and comes with two vehicles.

Magic Mixies Cauldron - Rainbow (Ages 5 - 8)
This is another Top Toy that’s slated to sell out. Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron comes with all the magic ingredients and a special wand for you to mix a potion and make a cute furry pet! You won’t know what pet you get until the mist clears. 


Play-Doh Super Color Pack of 12 Cans (Ages 3 - 6)
What’s one smell that always brings you back to your childhood? Play-Doh! Give that same feeling to your kids because playing with Play-Doh never gets old. 

Lite Brite (Ages 5 - 9)
Art and light come together to create bright and colourful masterpieces. This nostalgic toy is now bigger than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Connect 4 (Ages 6 - 10) 
Connect 4 has been going strong since 1979 and there’s a reason why this classic game is still popular after all these years. Fast-paced, easy to learn, and, of course, fun. 

Operation (Ages 6 - 10)
Poor Sam! Thousands and thousands of operations and he’s still feeling under the weather. Now it’s your turn to see if you can make him feel better. Grab the tweezers and try with all of your might to take out all of his funny ailments. 

Exclusive to Toys “R” Us

Paw Patrol Aqua Playmat (Ages 2+)
Yes, Paw Patrol made the list twice! No mess, no spills, only unlimited colouring fun while learning numbers and letters. We give this gift two paws up! 

Bluey's Ultimate Caravan Adventures Playset (Ages 3 - 6) 
This Caravan is LOADED loaded with features and things to do as you hook up the Heeler 4WD and hit the highway on a caravan vacation! When you fold up the roof, it unveils a second story and bunk beds. It even comes with surfboards. Adventure awaits with this ultimate playset.  

Zuru Rainbocorns Unicorn Rescue Surprise (Styles May Vary) (Ages 3 - 6)
Top Toy Alert! It’s up to you to rescue your Rainbocorns and make them feel better. The Unicorn's magic heart will reveal what's got your Rainbocorn feeling blue, and you’ll use lifesaving accessories like a healing wand and magical slime to nurse them back to health.

Litehawk Highway Patrol Slot Car Set- R Exclusive (Ages 8 - 12)
Fast cars and catching air. This circuit has all the action, including a crossover section that lets you take out the bad guy  -if you can catch him. 

LEGO City Freight Train 60336 Building Kit (Ages 8 - 12) 
This isn’t just a regular LEGO set. It’s remote-controlled. You read that right. It comes with a locomotive with LEGO Powered Up technology, a flatcar with 2 containers, an open wagon, a double deck auto carrier and 33 track pieces. If you choo choo choose this as a gift, your kids will have loads of fun. 



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