Three Advantages of Music Lessons for Children

Advantages of Music Lessons for Children

​Music lessons for children are a good and productive way for them to spend their time. If your child is already into other extracurricular activities, like a sport or a hobby, taking up music lessons is an excellent way to round out their education.

Whether they're taking voice lessons, violin lessons, or the ever-popular piano lessons, here are the main advantages musically inclined kids have

​Helps Them Perform Better in School

Research done by the National Association of Music Information shows that students who took music lessons performed better at standardized tests and scored higher on their IQ tests. It is also known that they do better in math and science classes, compared to their counterparts without any music background whatsoever.

Experts believe this has a lot to do with their ability to apply lessons learned in a music class to their math and science classes. For example, in music class, they are taught about division, fractions, and recognizing patterns on a music sheet (thus, augmenting what they learn in other classes).

Similarly, music can help them recall things better. To be adept at playing an instrument or reading notes, a music student would have to have excellent memory. They are able to apply these memory skills to other subjects as well through the use of mnemonic devices.

As a bonus, kids with a musical background are trained to listen to the way notes sound. This could help them learn a new language faster, too, since learning a language is also about recognizing various sounds and patterns.

Helps Improve Their Social Skills

Most music classes are conducted in a group setting. And even if kids take lessons individually, they will still need to eventually learn to play with a group. This improves their ability to interact with others. Music teachers would often group kids together, so they could learn to play together. They would have to adjust the way they play their instrument or sing their part, depending on their role in the group. But the idea is always to reach a common goal.

They learn diplomacy and problem solving through this method as well. Since they have to work towards a common goal, music students would have to learn to adjust their attitudes and compromise if it means the group will achieve their objective easier and faster. Additionally, if they are working in a culturally diverse setting, they could learn about other cultures and appreciate learning from people with different backgrounds.

​Helps Develop Discipline and Physical Skills

The first thing most kids learn when they take music lessons is coordination and motor skills. Imagine having little hands to play across a keyboard or to strum guitar strings. The more hours they put into learning, the better they become at these physical attributes.

Not only will they become better athletes physically, but music lessons will also develop their discipline since learning a musical instrument takes long hours of practice to perfect. A combination of these types of activities-sports and music-also helps build up your child's self-confidence. Music benefits their physical endeavors by teaching them timing and coordination, and also puts them in a setting where they have to learn to accept constructive criticism. Both these activities affect their emotional intelligence, a trait they can carry in all aspects of their lives and grow with them as they mature.

Most parents might be reluctant to send their kids to a music school or to pay for music lessons because it could admittedly be expensive, and some kids eventually lost interest in it. However, the advantages listed above far outweigh these apprehensions. And who knows? Before long, your kid could be the next Beethoven.
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