Try Homer Learning Program FREE (Proven to Improve Kids Reading Scores!)

Have a child between the ages of 2 and 8+ who needs a little extra help with reading, math, or other skills? Try the HOMER Learning Program free for 30 days!


Homer Learning Program

If you have a child between the ages of 2 and 8+ who needs extra help with reading, math, or other skills, the HOMER Learning Program may be just what you're looking for!

HOMER is an essential early learning program that builds skills for school and life— taking kids on a personalized learning journey that boosts their confidence and grows with them. HOMER is even proven to improve your child's reading scores by up to 74% (in a personalized and fun way!).


What sets HOMER apart from other programs? This ad-free learn and grow app is grounded by the following five principles of the popular HOMER Method:

  1. Personalized – Supports each child’s unique learning needs.
  2. Whole Child Approach – Focuses on both academic and social-emotional skills.
  3. Expert Designed – Created for the optimal way kids learn specific skills.
  4. Playful Experiences – Captures kids’ innate motivation and curiosity with activities they love.
  5. Partners to Parents – They are there with you for every step of your child’s learning journey.


Kids will learn the following skills as part of HOMER's program:

Reading – Step-by-step pathway that builds from letters and sounds to sight words, to actual reading and spelling (proven to increase reading scores by up to 74%!).

Math – Building blocks for math confidence – number recognition, counting, shapes, number operations, and more.

Social & Emotional Learning – Communication, empathy, confidence, identifying/reacting to emotions in themselves and others.

Thinking Skills – Critical thinking, goal setting, problem solving, and information processing to form
 new ideas.

Creativity – Art, music, dance, storytelling, and more!


But does HOMER really work? Here's what their team says –

The Apple App Store is flooded with literacy apps aimed at parents that claim to teach your child how to read, but none—seriously, none—have been willing to put those promises to the test.

Blind studies are often too risky for the companies behind them. Remember, when the results roll in, companies have to live with those oh-so-public results, whether they like them or not. Next time you come across one of those empty claims that a program is “proven to work,” try to find the evidence! It's simply not there.

We took the risk.

When Dr. Susan Neuman, an NYU professor and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, approached our small team about using Homer Reading to conduct a formal study on whether iPad apps can really help children learn to read, we said yes. We believe in our product, and we want our wonderful users to rest easy knowing our reading program really works.

The results are in.

HOMER was used in preschool classrooms in Brooklyn for just 15 minutes a day for a period of 6 weeks. At the end of the blind study, the students who used HOMER showed significant improvements in print knowledge, phonological awareness, and letter sounds. While their peers lost ground over the course of the summer study, the children using HOMER nearly doubled their scores.”


Interested? Try HOMER Learning for FREE!

For a limited time, you can score a FREE 30-Day Trial of the HOMER Learning Program. To get started, just head on over here and click the blue banner at the top of the page.

Then just answer a few questions about your child's interests and abilities. Afterwards, you will get a personalized program with all sorts of fun games and educational activities geared just for your child.

If you prefer, you can score 45% OFF on their learning program and pay just $2.50 for 2 months then $9.99 monthly thereafter. Just scroll down to choose this offer instead of the free 30-day trial.

*Your membership will renew automatically at $9.99/month, but you can cancel any time before your 30-day trial period is over to avoid getting charged for the next billing cycle.

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