Weekend homeschool links: January 13th

My Introverted Moms’ Community is now open to new members for our Winter/Spring 2023 Semester! If you’re struggling with motivation in your homeschool, perhaps it’s because you need to invest in your own mind, heart, and spirit to be able to pour into your kids from a full cup.

Here’s what one of our members recently said:

I believe this group is essential for a homeschooling introverted mama! I told someone today that I think I would have thrown in the homeschooling towel if it had not been for this group’s help and encouragement! ~ Amanda

Click here for my 2023 overview video and to check out our full calendar –enrollment ends Wed, Jan 18!

Weekend homeschool links:

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Is what you’re doing for homeschool math just not working anymore? Brighterly Math combines fun lessonscore math lessons, and feedback & evaluation lessons

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The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection is a fun introductory geology curriculum, currently on sale for $20 off with free shipping! This rock and mineral collection includes 12 specimens, fact cards, project flyers, activity papers and more.

It was originally created by a homeschooling mom inspired by her son’s interest. Now Kelli’s husband carries it on in her memory. Learn more about their story and The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection here!

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