Weekend homeschool links: October 14th

Mark Your Calendar: Join me, Colleen Kessler, and Pam Barnhill live next Monday, Oct 17 at 4:30pm ET as we share about “Our Biggest Homeschool Regrets!”

Learn from our mistakes and our combined 35 years of homeschooling experience so you can avoid making the same ones! Watch live via my Facebook page on Monday or join via this Zoom link (note that there’s a limit to the number of participants who can join on Zoom, so make sure you’re there early to save your seat)

Weekend homeschool links:

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Semper Smart Games has a new game to help your child master mental math and improve algebraic thinking, Full of Bull! It’s a wildly fun dice bluffing game where players win points by claiming bids based on math or by bluffing.

This interactive math game can be taken on the go or enjoyed at your kitchen table. Get ready for laughter AND learning as your family plays Full of Bull!

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