“What Are The Most Positive Things You See About The Modern World?”: 56 Pandas Delivered

We see a LOT of articles about how everything is going bad these days but can people share any positives that are happening right now to balance this out and give everyone a little bit of an uplift? Turns out they can and they did. Here's how the thread played out!

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Advances in science/medicine...and if everyone had equal access to these advances--or even the basics--that would make it even better!


Just met up with a bunch of lads I’ve now know for 12 years online only. We all talk almost everyday, we know each other’s jobs, wives names, kids names, everything but never met. We met up and it was amazing almost like we never weren’t in person friends before. The modern world let’s you connect with people you may have never met before technology.


I know it's been around for a long time now, and it's always been a part of my life, but...
I'm still a Big fan of electricity!
And I love daylight light bulbs!!!


Living in a society that tolerates and respects differences from the traditional norms. There was an era in human history where simply being left-handed was a death sentence, let alone practicing any actual "social deviance". Now we live in a world where you can be openly gay, transgender, etc. and most people will at least not make a big deal of it (if not openly support your right to be yourself).


Oh I love this! Today in the modern world, I have been able to talk to my grandparents more, and my uncle. I can keep track of my friends and check in on them when I feel as if they someone to lean on. Overall, while I seem unsociable- and I am as an introvert- I actually have managed to have a full and sociable life thanks to our tech!


The up and coming generation values life experiences over materialism.


My cat rubbing against my legs every morning to say hello, my dog jumping up to say hi whenever we go outside, our pets being there for us always


Communication, talk with people across the world, instantly. Order online from anywhere, from whoever has it cheapest...and you can check first.
Not dying from infections....vaccinations.
Cleaning, cooking is so much easier now.
All kids are allowed to be educated. Few are working up chimneys or in mines at primary school age.
Light at night, inside or out.
No poo in the streets, clean safe water - in most places.
Far more rights for women, in most places.
Being able to make your own decision on religions ...or not, in most places.
Being able to do research and discover things at a touch of a button.
Most people don't pay to live in a drafty bare dirt floor hut made of sticks and pay for the privilege..in most places.


I'm going to say internet communication. I'm bipolar and an ambivert and for some reason my parents moved me just after high school to the middle of nowhere. Can you say no friends? If it weren't for my long term internet friends, I would have no one to talk to for the longest time. Being bipolar means I suffer from extreme depressive slumps, but I can just as easily be unhandibly hyperactive. It's very hard to make friends in person, but I have had online friends to talk me down for so long that my closest friends are online.


Acceptance. The modern world knows that everyone is different and unique, and everyone deserves respect.


Anti vaxxers screwed up US healthcare system aside, modern medicine.

Although there are a ton of conditions we cannot cure and/or treat all that well there are many more that we can. Medicine has come a tremendous way just in my life time. It's got farther to go yet, especially when pseudo science is thrown into the mix. But we can cure and treat more illnesses, injuries and diseases now than when I was born.


Genetic modification. The scientifically illiterate love to s**t on it, but it's the reason we can produce the amount of food we do, why we need less pesticides, and why it's far more nutritious than it once was (just look at golden rice literally preventing blindness). And for many sick people it's the reason they have medication - eg. insulin is produced through GM microbes. Like vaccines, the success of genetic research has allowed people to forget what life was like before it.


Certain projects, errands, tasks take mere minutes or at least only a couple of hours when they used to take several hours up to a few days. The lines between a lot of gender specific situations have been blurred. Answers can be found much faster (due largely to experience).
The world is getting better as it gets worse but there are just as many platforms to learn about each situation.


Accepting differences is starting to happen more often?! Still a ways to go, but some movement.




The concept of every living thing being connected in a complicated and wonderful net of coexistance instead of: „Hey us humans are the crown of the world and nature is our slave and nothing but a source for our uprising!“


Dogs.... those fluffy balls of limitless happiness.

In a world of complete and utter s**t everywhere - they are stupidly happy and make (almost) everyone around them happy.


How easy it is for people to do things these days. I remember having to go to a library to study for tests, but now everything is one Wikipedia. Or when I wanted to learn a song on guitar I had to go to the store and get a tabs book, but now they are online.


I don't have to sweep. Because of Roomba and a nice vacuum that can go on wood/tile, too.


It's almost impossible to grasp the huge impact the availability of information worldwide has on our lifes. If you have ever had any contact with science you know how much current advances are based on the work of hundrets and thousands of scientists before. And only since a couple of decades all this knowledge is but a mouse-click away. Before a fraction might have been published in journals of which a fraction is available at your library.. None of our current technology, starting from the very basics such as the steel we build things with, would be possible without this. To stick with this "tiny" example: I can't recall the exact number, but more than 50% of the steel types available at 2010 have been developed in the 10 years before. Steel is used in almost all machines than produce or build anything. Hence making the world around us (Even the saw blade for that wood furniture you bought). And this is only a tiny example.


Being able to meet someone from overseas, and develop a relationship with him, without paying exorbitant phone bills, or having to write letters through snail mail (although that still can be an occasional option), and be able to share photos, videos and messages in real time, and being able to video chat. Long distance relationships have never had it easier.


Transportation makes the whole closer.


Being able to communicate with family and friends no matter where they are in the world.


The ability to solve engineering problems with advanced computer software.


Anyone else feel that people are waking up to the world. Fed up of big companies running the politicians, more and more aware of how we need to look after each other and our planet. Just need some politicians to make a stand and example then more will follow.


Disabled people are able to "see" more drs with video appts. Rather than struggle with getting up and ready to leave, fight traffic or public transit, risk illness sitting in a waiting room, we can just... dial our phone. Granted, not every appt can be this way, but we can keep way more this way. After YEARS of advocating for video appointments, it's suddenly very easy.


Medical progress, hygiene, womens rights, more freedom of choice (job, partner, clothes,...)


People plant trees that they and there children will never see to full maturity. Tree Planters are the best people in the world.


Calculators. Now, I can think about the math, not the process.


More people than ever before are living a higher quality of life in terms of their longevity, health, access to food, clothing and shelter. Even people who are considered poor in our world today have access to conveniences that poor people in previous times could not have imagined.


A hug from a friend, it’s free.


Running water. Did not have it when I was young. Simply turning a tap is so much easier than hauling 20L buckets.


When I think of "things" nowadays, most are bad or even terrible. It's easier to find frustrating, unfair, disgusting, stupid things and arrogant people. I feel we've lost all the good stuff: respect, community, sense of independence, friendliness...the worst? Nobody seems to care. I hate this time, and I'm scared for the future generation...


The generation of people 30 and under. They are overwhelmingly accepting of others no matter the differences.


The fact that the younger generation are beginning to NOT put up with the sh*t that is done in the name of 'growth' and 'progress' by the 'ruling' classes and governments. It makes me think that once they start voting the 'established' political parties around the world, and the corporations are going to rapidly loose support.


While globalization may be problematic in its own terms, I am just amazed to be in a world where there’s so much diversity and where I can learn about the history and practices of other cultures. Our ancestors were never able to learn about how the people on the other side of the globe lived and now in this era not only can I learn about a completely different culture, I can easily learn the language or even talk to someone from that culture within seconds!! There’s just so much to see and learn and I don’t think I’d have the same passions if I lived in only a couple decades ago.


I'm hoping that Jesus will surf down from heaven on a lightening bolt and rapture all the Christians away. But, then again, he'd probably only take the good ones and leave all the godawful mean-spirited, unloving conservative evangelicals behind, so maybe? IDK


Social mobility. My great-grandmother was an indentured servant during her childhood in Germany and suffered tremendous abuse and disregard for her life. She came to America and had kids of her own, who had an impoverished and abusive life, and on top of that, there was not only elitism, but also anti-immigrant sentiment and anti-German sentiment; but my grandfather's upbringing wasn't as tough as hers. My dad had an impoverished life, but not as difficult as his dad's. My sibling and I grew up "working poor," but now live comfortable, white collar, middle-class lives. And my kids have a access to college, access to healthcare, and, while we're certainly not rich, the kids live in comfort and have the opportunity to shape their futures, at least somewhat. In my great-grandmother's time, there was no opportunity for people of her class, and she would never have imagined her great-great grandchildren having such comfortable lives and bright futures. It's also good to see that the same promise of a brighter future is starting to come true for EVERYONE, and I'm glad that it's finally coming. Many people have waited for a brighter future longer than my family did, and I want them to have it!


I'm positive we are all doomed


Selective breeding and GMO animals to help with food hunger.


My daughters. And they're making me a better person.


I’m glad there’s more awareness against animal abuse of any kind, it’s been a very slow process but I definitely see some progress


Amber and Silver alerts. Imagine how many people would still be safe if alerts like this existed before? As much as I dislike technology I must admit that being able to receive or spread information via the internet or cell phone services can be a great thing (though it also makes misinformation and downright lies easier to spread as well).


Two words: Cat Videos.


Better tools, better materials, and all the theory behind them.


This generation of youngsters seems more accepting and open-minded! Overdue!


Cultural exchange - through the internet, especially social media, you are in contact with so many people from all over the world and can exchange ideas about anything. Since I love food more than anything, it's mega exciting to inform myself about dishes and get to know new recipes.


Electric cars! I can't wait until the majority of people have adopted them and the city centers finally get rid of all the car noise and air pollution again.


Domesticated cats.


this sounds stupid Olivia Rodrigo,lil Nas x, måneskin their music makes me so happy


That soon it will all come to an end


They are making these really cool (completely solar powered) machines that freeze water to ice and connect it up with what's left of the north pole! every freeze takes a few days but they cover almost a mile of snow and ice! and there ae hundreds of them. hopefully they will make more to increase the production speed but yeah, that's my share on a positive thing about the modern world that I saw.




I heard Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" a couple weeks ago and it gave me hope for the future. Like, they get it - they know the hurt, too, and that was oddly comforting.


Gummy bears.