What Do Kids Learn While Cooking?

Are you asking yourself, “What Do Kids Learn While Cooking?” Kids learn so much when they are in the kitchen helping with the cooking! Find out how much they can learn below.

What Do Kids Learn While Cooking?

Cooking with your kids is more than just bonding together. This magical time spent in the kitchen with your kids is an excellent way to educate your kids.

Recently, I’ve been calling my girls into the kitchen to help with meal prepping and cooking. I’m teaching my oldest daughter how to cut vegetables like bell peppers and potatoes. My youngest daughter pitches in with some of the easier cooking tasks like preparing the pans with the food.

You may be shocked to learn that a kitchen is an excellent place for science, math, and even a little life skill lesson. If you’re wondering what your kids will learn from being in the kitchen more often, then continue reading.

I’m going to share all of the good that happens when kids cook with you, and it’s not just about those delicious recipes you’re making!

What do Kids Learn While Cooking?

Math Skills

Pull out a recipe or two. Do you see something in common with them? Each recipe has a measurement for every ingredient on the list. This means your kids will have to learn some math skills to measure and sometimes double a recipe ingredients list to cook in the kitchen.

Chemistry and Science Skills

What happens when you mix cornstarch into a recipe? What happens when you forget to use baking soda in a cake? You may already know that cornstarch can thicken a soup or stew recipe, while baking soda helps the cake rise properly.

These are both science and chemistry skills that your kids will learn while cooking.

Geography or Social Studies Skills

There are so many recipes from different cultures that you can easily help your kids learn about geography or social studies while cooking. Grab a few recipes from around the world like South America, Mexico, and Spain.

Enjoy learning more about how these cultures make food versus your home region. This is an excellent way to get your kids hands-on while learning about geography.

Health Information

As you find recipes with your kids to make in the kitchen, you may discuss nutrition information and serving sizes. This will help your kids learn about health. Proper nutrition and serving sizes will matter for a healthier lifestyle.

Kids will learn a lot about portion control, recommended serving sizes, and what type of nutrients are in each of the recipes they’re making.

Fine Motor Skills

Lastly, cooking with kids helps boost those fine motor skills. Tasks like whisking, cutting, and measuring are all using fine motor skills. Some kids are delayed in the area of fine motor skills, so cooking can be an excellent way to help your kids build these necessary motor functions.

In conclusion, cooking with kids is an excellent way to strengthen your family bond while learning more about science, math, geography, and health. There’s nothing but positives that come from cooking with kids in the kitchen regularly.

I hope that you’ll use this information to start planning more time cooking with kids.

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