What Superheros Teach Our Kids

Does your child have a favorite superhero? Read What Superheroes Teach Our Kids!

What Superheros Teach Our Kids

Perhaps you remember that special superhero you adored when you were little. Maybe your kids have a few superheroes that they look up to. Regardless, superheroes do exist and they do teach some valuable lessons.

My son is about to turn 4 and he’s really into several superheroes right now! It’s fun watching him interact with his superhero toys while he’s engaged during play time.

While superheroes are not human-like and have some extraordinary superpowers, they’re really amazing characters.

Superheroes can go on the big screen, take on amazing difficulties, and leave us mesmerized at their ability to solve a crime and fight the bad guys. Today I’m going to discuss more about what these magical super-beings teach our kids.

What Superheroes Teach Our Kids

Be Creative

Superheroes always find some creative way to solve a problem, a crime, or fight off a bad guy. It doesn’t matter what film you’re watching, that character who’s been deemed the superhero will find a creative way to solve anything.

This simple act being watched by your kids helps teach your kids to be creative. Superheroes are a fabulous example of thinking outside of the box to resolve conflict in a unique way.

Inspires Sense of Self

Perfect examples of what I mean by superheroes teach our kids to be inspired to be themselves, Batman or Iron Man.

You see, neither Batman nor Iron Man have any extraordinary superpowers. They’re simply equipped with their superhero suits and some special tricks that the suit may contain.

Overall, both Batman and Iron Man have to find new ways to solve a crime. They use their personality and individual strengths to ward of those bad guys, thus inspiring our kids to have a strong sense of self.

Introduces STEM Concepts

In a world where STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) lead the way, our kids’ superheroes start to introduce this concept.

With chemical reactions, and mutation or other technological advances featured during our superheroes adventures, our kids start to learn more about science, math, and technology.

This is quite useful in encouraging our kids to have a love of learning. Many kids will start to ask questions about these STEM concepts during the film, which opens the door to introducing STEM concepts at home.

There are so many things superheroes teach our kids. Most kids who grow up having at least one superhero that they adore tend to be more creative, open-minded, confident, and more engaged in academics.

Superheroes may be people that our kids look up to, but perhaps more parents should be looking up to superheroes for teaching our kids’ such valuable lessons.

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