Why Braina Is My Preferred Virtual Assistant on Windows

AI is becoming a central part of our lives. It's with us every day, whether it's making our online search easier or enhancing the cameras in our smartphones.

Even Windows, the operating system that billions of us use worldwide, uses AI-based apps to help its huge userbase. And now, you can take your Windows experience to an amazing new level with the powerful and intelligent Braina app. Let's see how.

Braina: Your Simple, Safe, and Smart Assistant

Braina (Brain Artificial) is an AI-based personal assistant for your Windows PC. It is the result of dedicated research work done in artificial intelligence and focuses on enhancing your productivity.

Braina allows you to interact with your computer and perform several tasks by typing or using voice commands in most of the world's languages. Dictations, web searches, playing music and movies, opening or searching files on your computer, mathematical calculations, remembering important dates, automating computer tasks, and even wireless control—Braina can do all that and more.

Using Braina is easy and empowering. It has a simple UI with drop-down menus on the top and an input bar at the bottom. Tapping the microphone icon opens the Speech Recognition window for you to talk to Braina.

But underneath its not-so-fancy design is a smart artificial brain that understands your words and the way you speak in your native language. It even learns facts from the conversation you have with it. For example, it can set reminders for you, automatically fill in your email while signing in to apps, or recall details of an event or a person. It even comes with a "Learn from File" feature and can learn from your plain text files containing simple statements.

Braina is also safe to use and respects your privacy. It processes and stores your data locally on your own system, thus maintaining your privacy and data security.

And in case you are wondering, Braina is not a Siri or Cortana clone for your PC. It's more like an intelligent assistant that helps you be more productive in your personal and working life.

Braina Understands You in Over 100 Languages

Braina requires no voice training and can accurately convert speech to text in any website or software like Microsoft Word or Notepad. Furthermore, it can do this in over 100 different languages, including English, German, Hindi, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

To get started, just say Dictation mode on and start speaking. You can then use dictation mode to fill out online forms, write a letter in Word, send an email, or put down random thoughts on a project so that you can work on it later.

Fortunately, you can speak in your own natural accent to Braina and it'll understand you easily. Multiple users can also use it in real-time without you needing to create or switch between voice profiles. And don't worry about noisy fans or AC sounds, as its voice recognition works even in a noisy environment.

Moreover, you can teach uncommon names of people, technical jargon, and addresses to Braina. It has the ability to recognize unusual vocabulary and can already understand most of the medical, legal, and scientific terms.

This Speech Recognition feature is available in the Braina Pro version and offers:

  • Up to 99% accurate speech recognition.
  • A dictation mode that's three times faster speed than typing.
  • Easy setup, with need for voice training.
  • A simple user interface design that is easier to use.
  • Support for built-in laptop microphones.

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Enjoy Listening to Ebooks, Emails, News, and More

Braina can read text aloud naturally for you in multiple languages. The free Braina Lite version reads out your text to you in English, and you can also choose a male or female voice as Braina's System Voice. However, if you want support for multiple languages, you will have to upgrade to Braina's Pro version.

Want to hear the review of a new smartphone from your favorite tech site? Just copy (Ctrl + C) the entire article, including the images, and Braina will read it with the alternate text for the images. You can enjoy listening to ebooks, emails, news, and other websites in the same way.

When you're offline, you can have Brania read out the text in any file format on your Windows PC. For instance, you can use it to read out the contents of TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice documents, and EPUB files, to name a few.

Braina also comes with an accessibility mode for the visually impaired and supports third-party screen readers. If it's going a little too fast for your liking, you can adjust the reading speech and pitch to your preferred settings.

Control Your PC Wirelessly From Your Smartphone

Braina also gives you the freedom to command it from anywhere in your home. Braina's free Android and iOS apps transform your smartphone or tablet into a wireless microphone to command it over a Wi-Fi network. Just download the app and use your PC's IP address to connect.

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If you're in the mood to listen to music, you can command Braina from your phone, and it will play your favorite songs. Or you tell Braina to remotely shut down your PC when you're done for the day.

Download: Braina for Android | iOS

Search and Play Songs and Videos in a Snap

Forget going through folders on your PC to find a song or video. Just tell Braina, and it will search and play the song or movie you want in a jiffy. It can search the local drives on your PC and online platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.

You can also command Braina to control the playback and volume on your music player. It works with third-party music players like VLC media player, GOM player, Windows Media player, Winamp, and KM player.

A Cool Math Buddy for Your Kids

Your kids will love interacting and solving math problems with Braina. It can define mathematical concepts and solve Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Powers & Roots, Prime Numbers, Percentage, Divisors, Set Theory, and much more.

Braina is under constant development, and its developers claim that Braina can soon solve complex calculus and algebra problems in a future update.

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Customize Braina to Your Needs and Preferences

If you want to really simplify how you use Braina, you can do that, too. For example, you can create your own custom commands (aliases) and macros for long natural language commands.

Braina lets you create commands comprised of just one or two letters. You can then assign these commands to perform everyday things like opening YouTube, checking your email, or playing a song. For instance, to open YouTube, you could create a command where you type or say the letter y, and Braina will do it for you.

And if you find using the keyboard faster and more comfortable, you can define keyboard shortcuts to automatically trigger a custom command action like launching a website or opening an app.

You can customize Braina and access its artificial brain to make it smarter by upgrading to the Pro version.

Make Windows Wow With Braina

Braina is used by professionals, small businesses, home users, students, enterprises, visually impaired individuals, and people with disabilities in more than 180 countries.

Developed to enhance productivity, Braina keeps becoming easier to use and more accurate as it listens and learns from you.

Moreover, with Microsoft having removed Cortana from Windows 11, Braina would certainly qualify as an essential AI assistant—one that will make using Windows a lot better and exciting.