Why You’ll Love Imaginology Kids

Looking for a place to play, learn, explore and so much more? LA families love heading to Imaginology Kids to tap into their kiddos’ creativity and critical thinking skills. Located in the heart of Silverlake, this joyful, nurturing 3,600 square foot space is where children of all ages can try new things, safely test limits and take on new challenges. 

Imaginology Kids hosts STEAM-based classes, birthday parties, toddler classes, family discovery time, camps, a tween club and professional development courses. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Enroll now and save $20 per child: Use code MEMBER$20OFF.
New families only. $20 is a yearly registration fee. Expires August 30th, 2021.

It’s the Complete Steam Experience

Everything at Imaginology Kids is set up to help children question their world and discover first-hand how things work. STEAM elements are seamlessly blended into play—supporting multisensory learning, integrating the senses and fueling brain development. Educators at this loft-style space are always re-working the arrangements of furniture, materials,and equipment to best accommodate changing needs, interests and ages throughout the day. Toddlers will be busy filling, stacking, emptying and carrying… while elementary kids collaborate to craft elaborate worlds out of messy materials you totally avoid having at home. (A win-win!)

Explore their schedule to book classes and family play time.

Kids Are Encouraged to Create and Investigate

Little ones will love having all-access to tons of natural and up-cycled materials and tools that spur investigation and open-ended play. Building a tower? Your child may be offered measuring tape to find out how tall it is. And if they name their creation, they can make a sign, too. (See what they did there? Math + writing, all woven into play!) 

Enroll now and save $20 per child: Use code MEMBER$20OFF.
New families only. $20 is a yearly registration fee. Expires August 30th, 2021.

It’s a Sensory Experience, Without Sensory Overload

This sleek, neutral space is inviting for the younger set, while not being “babyish” for older kids. The interactive discovery space is designed to stimulate the senses through three “Labs” for exploring everything Earth/Air, Water and Light.   

In the Earth/Air Lab, kids may use ramps set up for gravity exploration or build with items from nature. They might test cause and effect with pulleys, pendulums, magnets, electric circuits, air tunnels, process art, fans and so much more. And at the right time of day, you’ll spot rainbows reflected on the walls. The Water Lab has an anti-slip tile floor with drains and self-serve water faucets (perfect for tiny hands!). The serene Light Lab includes light tables, flashlights, lanterns and mirrors that showcase beautiful discoveries of light and shadow. FYI: Families with children affected by autism find that Imaginology Kids is a great place for them to come with their occupational therapists.

Summer Is Full of Fun

Kids ages 4-11 will love the variety of Imaginology Summer Camps, including The Science of Bubbles, Under the Deep Blue Sea, Doctors on Call, Let’s Go Camping, Story Theatre and Animal Rescue. Camps can be booked by the half-day, full-day or week, which is helpful for schedules of all types. Whether your camper is pitching a tent and building “campfires,” learning about how waves work, experimenting with soapy potions or constructing a maternity ward for babies, there’s tons of fun and learning all wrapped into one great camp experience. 

It’s a Perfect Spot for a Birthday Party

Celebrating a birthday? Get exclusive use of Imaginology Kids for two hours. Their awesome staff will spark kids’ imagination in the Labs. Then everyone can fuel up on food, drinks and cake before heading home from the most memorable party ever. 

And a true sign that this place is awesome? You’ll find yourself wishing Imaginology existed when you were little. And we bet you’ll get in on the action quite easily when exploring this neighborhood gem with your children!

Enroll now and save $20 per child: Use code MEMBER$20OFF.
New families only. $20 is a yearly registration fee. Expires August 30th, 2021.