Your Son’s Birthday is Coming Up? Here’s How to Celebrate

Birthdays are a special occasion that only happens once a year. For that, they need to be extra special. If you have a boy, then you are quite aware of the fact that their needs differ greatly from girls. Boys usually have different interests than girls, so it’s important to curate the event accordingly. 

If you have no idea where to start, then we’ve made a list to help you get on your way to having an unforgettable birthday for your son! 
Start the day out by surprising your son with an assortment of balloons placed outside of his room. It’s a fun surprise for your son to wake up on his birthday morning to find balloons waiting at his doorstep and a good warm-up for the party to come, just to ensure that you start it off right.
Birthday Breakfast
Serve your son with his favorite breakfast food or some chocolate chip pancakes with a birthday candle. An early present will do wonders for his mood, and there are a variety of toys that could appeal to your son. According to, kids of this generation are a lot smarter and they learn faster, but they still love toys. So, when picking the toy, it’s important to consider these factors. Toys now are both fun and informative. For instance, some toys use math games to be fun and at the same time teach the child something.
Theme Party
A theme party based on your son’s favorite character or show is the way to go. He can dress up as his favorite character and have his friends dress up along the same theme as well. This will go a long way into making his celebration special. Also, recreating some scenes or performances from the show could be very entertaining for everyone attending.
Bouncy House and Magic Show
Bouncy houses are extremely fun and are always a hit at birthday parties. Boys in particular tend to have a lot of energy, and this is a great way for them to exert it. Also, a fun and engaging activity could be a fun magic show for the kids at the party. Magic tricks engage kids because it keeps them on edge trying to grasp the secret behind the magic trick.
Treasure Hunt 
A treasure hunt is a fun birthday activity where your son and his friends can actively participate. Depending on your son’s age, you can opt for it to be inside the house or, if your son is a bit older, the activity could be done outside around the neighborhood. You can make a treasure hunt by writing the last clue that leads to the present, then you start going backward in clues until you reach the first clue that starts the treasure hunt.
Special Decorations
Special birthday decorations can turn a simple birthday into a very unique and personalized birthday for your son. Repurposing decorations from your son’s favorite holiday, whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, could further enhance his birthday experience. 
Create a Tradition That Is Special Between You Two
Creating something that you and your son can participate in and is unique to the two of you is a great way to make his celebration that much more memorable. For instance, you can see what interests you share and create a tradition out of it by doing it on every birthday. Or maybe just going to the park,having a little picnic just the two of you, and playing on the swings or badminton together.
Camping out
The celebration could be a family affair rather than involving friends in the celebration. Organizing a family camping trip is something that is original and he will have a blast surrounded by his loved ones. The joy of camping out is that it can involve a variety of activities such as barbecuing, fishing, and even hiking.
Movie Night
Some of any child's fondest memories involve their mother introducing them to her favorite movie and having a fun movie night just for the two of them. Eating cake and drinking tea, or eating popcorn while watching the movie, always wins as a heartfelt and unforgettable experience. What’s so special is the bonding shared, especially on a memorable day as any boy’s birthday. 

Birthdays are a chance for you as a parent to reconnect and be present to create unforgettable memories with your son. Using the tips provided here, you’re sure to create birthdays that your son always looks forward to because you always organize them and put so much thought into them. 

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