10 Pieces of Furniture and Accessories for Men

Apartment renovation or settlement is often associated with female enthusiasm and … male impatience. Women pay great attention to all details – they take care of the perfect combination of the color of walls and the shade of a sofa, search for furniture and accessories till they find the perfect option. And it does not mean, however, that men have no personal preferences, in fact, quite the opposite!

Here is the list of 10 things, which you should have at home if you live in a male company.

1. A comfortable armchair

It is a must-have thing on the list of male delights. Some people advise to locate it in front of your TV but it is not necessary – bibliophiles prefer to sit closer to their bookshelves. The best situation is when an armchair is big and looks solid in a living room. It should be soft but too soft because it will be deformed under body weight. It is good when an armchair is pretty adaptable. Wider armrests are also a good decision. It will allow you to put a book, a tablet, or a cup of coffee on it.

2. A big table

This table is extremely necessary, especially for workaholics who have a habit of bringing the things they have not finished at their work to their houses. A computer, books, and writing accessories should have enough space on a writing desk. A stand for a printer and accessories (cables, portable disks, a laptop, and other devices) should stand near it. You should not forget about a comfortable chair – a wheelchair with a height-adjustable seat and a regulated back.

3. A classic lamp

The correct lighting is the basis for a rest. Men know it and they appreciate a well-chosen lamp. The best thing is to invest in a quality classic model with a slight note of extravagance. It will be even more interesting to read detective stories with the right lighting.

4. A TV table

Female confessions prove that a man becomes way more active when it comes to choosing a TV table. It is a pretty lucky situation – if he decides what furniture stays under the screen, he will not complain, watching the entertaining match. In any case, a male choice is worth trusting.

5. A gaming console

Regardless of age, the majority of men are kids. Any, even the busiest hard worker will spend a couple of hours playing the favorite CS:GO and Mortal Kombat with great pleasure on his weekend. And believe me, it is way better than visiting bars with a glass of beer. So that’s why men love to choose TV tables because they will be able to put PlayStation or XBOX on them.

6. A shelf with a lot of drawers

Men can be true collectors. Especially when it comes to documents, newspapers (frequently the old ones), and various writing accessories. So it is worth investing in furniture with a lot of shelves and drawers where every man will be able to hide his treasures.

7. A unique coffee cup

Despite the series appearance, men can be very sentimental. They like to enjoy a morning coffee before going to work and frequently change their favorite cup. It is better to have two – one should be at home and one at work. The best thing is when they are big and original – let it remind him of his wife, fiancee, or a favorite sports club. Coffee will be even more delicious!

8. A newspaper box

Daily papers, promotional materials, a few editions of a car magazine, and a crossword puzzle – all of these are better to be kept in an accurate and functional newspaper box. This purchase will help to keep order at home – newspapers, which have their own spot, will never be all over the place.

9. A closet for shoes

An elegant man knows that there should be suitable shoes for every situation. He chooses different slippers for a party, work, or run. That’s the reason why a functional and aesthetic closet for shoes.

10. A watch

A watch helps you to schedule your day and to follow punctuality. Arrows or marks on a clock face remind you about the scheduled plans and … about the time to have a rest. An aesthetic wall clock is a thing that will be useful for every family member, not just a man.

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