19 Things We Bought This Month on Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny!

Our Hip team is sharing our picks for the best things to buy on Amazon this month!

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Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping – AND the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few favorite purchases from the past month.

*Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things to buy on Amazon this month according to our team members:

1. Melinda bought a sleeveless bodysuit and she has zero regrets. 


Melinda bought this form-fitting sleeveless bodysuit after our other Hip sidekick, Erica, was raving about it! So far she loves the fit, it’s comfortable on her arms, and it comes in so many different colors!


Plus, she loves that it’s a super versatile wardrobe piece. Check out how she styled it with her Good American jeans and some Nikes! 😍

2. Madison is loving the cute, new Bluetooth speaker that she was gifted.


Muzen OTR Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker$101.99 (regularly $129)

Madison is loving her new speaker and said the sound is clear and loud! It has AM/FM radio and can connect through an aux cord or with Bluetooth so it’s perfect for shower karaoke, picnics, or listening on the radio for free SXSW events. She said she leaves it in the living room so friends can play music easily, and it’s always a conversation piece!

3. Melissa bought these allergy supplements for her dog’s awful allergies and they’re working really well.


Melissa’s poor pup has horrible allergies where she scratches and scoots all around the floor for relief. She said her belly would get so red and irritated when she would have a flare-up, but since using these allergy supplements for 2 months Harley has had zero allergy flare-ups! Her belly isn’t red and she is so much happier. Yay!

4. Chelsey snagged another Free People dress lookalike on Amazon for a baby shower she went to. 


If there’s anyone who’s in the know about a great Free People lookalike find – it’s Chelsey! We can hardly tell the difference compared to the identical Free People dress except the Amazon find is over $80 cheaper! 🤩 We couldn’t be more obsessed!


Speaking of Free People lookalikes, this was another Free People lookalike Chelsey scored last summer and has been wearing constantly! It’s such a fun statement piece and has been perfect for her hot Arizona weather. At Free People, you can buy a nearly identical abstract swim cover-up for a whopping $88. 😱 That means you’ll save over $60 while looking just as cute and trendy as our Hip sidekick Chelsey. 😉

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5. Collin is obsessed with the fit of these old-school Levi’s jeans.

woman wearing Levi's jeans

Even though these jeans are on the pricier side, Collin said these jeans are worth every single penny! She’s 5’3″ tall and says the length falls perfectly for her height and she is so obsessed with the back pockets that give an old-school vibe. Plus, you can try them FREE before you commit to them with Amazon’s Try Before You Buy! 👏🏻 They’re easily the best thing to buy on Amazon if you’re looking for a great pair of jeans.

In fact, Collin raved about them so much, even our Hip sidekick, Emily, already bought them!


“I loved this pair of jeans so much that I already ordered another pair in black. 😆 This is also coming from someone who typically buys jeans for $25 or less, but I think these Levis are worth every penny just like Collin says! These are just those forever jeans that you’ll always have and love and they’ll always be in style!” – Emily, Hip sidekick

6. Collin also bought this adorable puffy crossbody and says it’s so fun to tote around. 


Collin loves this fun new bag and says she can’t stop touching it! 🤣 She recently took it traveling and said she got so many compliments on it too! What’s really wild is that it’s actually the perfect lookalike to a $2,500 designer bag a Hip reader shared with us and it’s now $2 cheaper than when Collin bought it! 😱

graphic showing high and low priced designer puffy bag

So if you’re really into getting a high-end look for less, grab this identical bag that will save you about $2,500+ after tax. 🤣

7. Cam shared a travel-friendly pour-over that she loves when she’s on the go.


This mini pour-over is perfect for road trips, camping/Glamping, on the plane, and anywhere else your travels take you! Cam said she even finds herself using it when she’s at home and doesn’t want to use her larger Nespresso machine. This would also be perfect if you’re staying at a rental this summer that doesn’t have the coffee maker you wish to use! We’re obsessed! 😍

8. Bryn bought a Ninja coffee maker which is programmable and keeps her coffee warm for 4 hours.


Speaking of coffee, if you’re looking for an affordable and larger coffee maker to have in your kitchen at home, Bryn is loving her new Ninja she scooped off on Amazon! She said it keeps her coffee warm for 4 hours, has a rich brew option, and a permanent filter! What’s not to love?!

9. Cam is also loving this new watch for tracking just about everything.


Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS$218.80 (regularly $349.99)

This is Cam’s favorite new run watch! She said it’s super user-friendly and she loves that she can listen to music, count calories, measure daily stress levels, count steps, daily activity, sleep quality, and more! Plus, it’s all through the FREE Garmin app. Even better, if you’re looking for something similar she said it’s definitely perfect for all levels!

10. Cam says this is the perfect affordable unisex scent if you’re a fan of the expensive Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.


Al Haramain Amber Oud Eau De Parfum Spray$52.92 (regularly $70)

Cam says if you love the expensive smell of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (that will cost you a mere $325-$625 😳) then you’re definitely going to LOOOOOVE this scent! She said it’s hands down one of the best “smell alike” fragrances and overall it’s a nice unisex aroma!

11. Collin bought these storage bins and is really impressed with the quality.


Collin recently organized her giveaway closet and was really impressed with the quality of these bins! In fact, she said they’re super sturdy and way higher quality than she even expected! These are the best things to buy on Amazon right now if you’re looking to get some cube shelving organized!

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12. Collin is obsessed with these low-carb keto crackers and says they’re better than Cheez-Its. 


Quest Nutrition Cheese Crackers, Cheddar Blast$22.44 (regularly $25.49)

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Collin joked that you shouldn’t buy these crackers unless you plan to be seriously addicted to them! In fact, she swears they put a special seasoning on them to make you think about them all day long. 😆 In all seriousness, if you are trying to eat fewer carbs, these are such a yummy and crunchy snack that will remind you of Cheez-Its, but in Collin’s opinion, they actually taste even better! 🤯

13. Bryn’s bought her son a shower clock to keep him on track while getting ready for school.


Bryn’s son wanted to be able to squeeze in every last minute of his shower time on school days so Bryn bought him a shower clock that could help keep him on track. It’s small, waterproof, and does just what he needed! Mornings are also much more peaceful that he can watch the clock himself. Win, win!

14. Bryn ordered this travel backpack that comes with its own packing cubes.


Asenlin 40L Travel Backpack$42.09 (regularly $60.99)

With an international trip to Greece coming up, Bryn grabbed this affordable travel backpack and really loves it! It can fit up to a 19″ laptop, comes with 3 packing cubes to maximize your space, and has so many awesome reviews that persuaded her to buy it in the first place. Safe travels, Bryn!

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15. Many of our team members have bought the trending Simple Modern tumbler and said it’s better than Stanley.


Lina was one of our Hip sidekicks who hopped on the new Simple Modern tumbler train. She said it’s her favorite cup ever, never leaks, and it fits in her car drink holder. 🙌🏼 She loves the sleek, matte look and the ergonomic handle. It easily tops Stanley with the better price tag too!

Here’s what our other Hip sidekicks said about their tumblers:

woman holding blue simple modern tumbler

“I caved and got the Simple Modern 40oz tumbler and I’m obsessed! I tried other dupes from Amazon and this Simple Modern is all I use now! The almond birch is EVERYTHING and I love it so much that I bought another darker color direct from their site.” – Monica, Hip sidekick

“I had the Simple Modern tumbler in my Amazon cart forever and I pulled the trigger as soon as the almond birch came back in stock. Although the shipping takes a while it was absolutely worth holding out for! 😍 I was eyeing the forest green too soooo I wouldn’t be surprised if I cave for that one soon. LOL” – Emily, Hip sidekick

16. Lina bought this vintage-style drinkware set and already convinced our Hip CEO, Collin to buy a set too.


Kingrol 9 oz Vintage Drinking Glasses, 6-Pack – $29.99 ($5 each) (regularly $33.99)

Lina has been loving all things vintage lately and loves this new set of drinkware she scooped up on Amazon! 🤩 She said she loves how these look and they’re such nice quality too. Great for water or a cocktail. Collin loved them so much after she saw Lina share this photo that she immediately bought a set for herself! 😍

17. Lina got rid of all her junkie plastic containers and bought these cute glass food storage containers instead. 


Our recipe blogger, Lina, recently purged all her junkie food storage containers with this affordable and super cute glass set! She said the smaller ones fit inside the larger ones so they take up minimal space and so far she’s really impressed with the quality.

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18. Emily bought some Vitamin D since her doctor keeps recommending it and this bottle has a one-year supply.


Although it’s not the most exciting purchase, everyone needs adequate vitamin D. After hearing her doctor tell her more than once, Emily finally committed to incorporating some vitamin D in her daily regimen and chose this affordable bottle since it has well over 100,000 5-star reviews. 😱 Even better, the one-year supply is incredibly affordable too!

19. Lina bought this reversible cutting board and has been loving it for months. 


Lina happened to get lucky and score this cutting board at her local Amazon liquidation store but said it’s worth every penny at full price too. She said she’s been using it for months and it’s very durable and easy to wash. Plus, it’s pretty enough to also keep out on the counter.


What makes this cutting board so unique is the fact it’s reversible! You get stainless steel on one side and durable rice husk fiber on the other! 👏🏻 Talk about a great gift idea if you know someone buying a home soon! 🤩

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