2019 Holiday Gift Guide (27 BEST Gifts For Men)

Wow is it just us or did the last 12 months go by far too quickly?! Still missing gifts for men that are important to you?

Yes, it's that time of the year again! The festive season is just around the corner, and here at RMRS, we have our own annual tradition: our men's holiday gift guide.

2019 Gift Guide For Men

Why do we do this? We know men can be tough to shop for so whether you're buying for your father, your brother, your son, or the most important person in your life (you), we've taken the headache out of gift shopping this year.

So gentlemen, don't wait until the last minute it's time to get shopping!

These are the best gifts for men this holiday season.

1. Open-Laced Captain Boots From Thursday Boots

A pair of stylish boots ticks several boxes: style, versatility, and strength.

It's the perfect gift to set that important man on his style journey with all the tools in one incredible package. Who can get the job done? Why none other than Thursday Boots!

thursday boots captain

Click here to check out these beautiful boots over at Thursday Boots!

You see their brandy Captain Boots all over their website, and it's no secret why! They're made with premium full-grain leather (like all their shoes) and are perfect for any man's outfit. The Goodyear welt construction means you can have the soles changed out if they're worn down.

2. A Classic Men's Duffle Bag From MAHI

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Leather is always a perfect gift for men. We love MAHI with their classic duffle bag, which is made-to-order (just like everything else) and shipped straight to you. We're talking 100% English saddle leather along with a pure cotton interior.

You can EVEN have the bag personalized with a name or initials so there will never be any doubt as to who it belongs to!

MAHI duffle bag

Spectacular, isn't it? Click here to grab it at MAHI!

Need something smaller? Try the Raleigh bag, which even has a compartment for shoes all in a compact space! They even have men's bags for everyday use such as their premium messenger bag.

3. A Pair of AceMarks Captoe Oxford Dress Shoes

What, more shoes? This shoe is going to be a man's workhorse the shoe he wears to work, to dinner, and to the dance. I recommend the classic Oxford in black as the quintessential men's dress shoe and Ace Marks has you covered. Their take on this timeless classic can't be beaten.

With premium quality and amazing prices Ace Marks' Oxfords are perfect for those businessmen in your life.

ace marks

Need more options for the holidays? Click here to get these and other amazing shoes over at Ace Marks.

4. Gerber Tactical Pen For The Battlefield & The Office

Hunting down a gift for a man that's pragmatic and gets his hands dirty? Look no further than the tactical pen.

There are loads of these on the market, but the one I own is made by Gerber. I love this company because they actually sought the advice of police officers in order to forge a device that will not only write but get you out of a tough spot.

It's made right here in the USA with machined steel, a glass-breaker, and an ink cartridge that will write NO MATTER WHAT.

tactical pen

Click here to get the Gerber Impromptu pen.

5. Vincero's Bellwether Men's Watch In Black & Red

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It's no secret that I love timepieces I own tons of them. How do you start a man off with a watch that's beautiful, affordable, and practical? Look no further than the Vincero Bellwether.

Designed to impress even the toughest of critics, the bellwether epitomizes sophistication. Black is a classic color to match with a pair of black shoes and belt, but the red stitching and accenting on the dial gives it a bit of a badass edge.

vincero bellweather

Click here to get the Bellwether in this and many other styles at Vincero.

6. The Dark Knot's Classic Neckties

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Never bought gifts for men before? You can't go wrong with a classic tie. You should start with a solid tie before exploring further. It will fit the office and casual settings alike. I trust the Dark Knot for this.

Their ties are 100% silk, the gold standard as far as men's ties go. In addition, they use essential accouterments such as the slip stitch and a bar tack to ensure quality construction.

the dark knot necktie tie bar

Click here to check out The Dark Knot's range of men's accessories!

7. Micro-Adjustable Belt Gift Box From Anson Belt & Buckle

Gentlemen, you know where I'm going with this: Anson Belt & Buckle. Their belts come in countless styles and colors something worthy WILL appear.

Anson's trademark is the micro-adjustable system, granting over 30 sizing options per belt within a quarter of an inch apart! They're making belt holes obsolete, plain and simple. You can't go wrong with their gift set in particular. With the option of three belts and two buckles, you've got six options!

That means no more fraying! It's the perfect gift for that man to whom you want to give something thoughtful.

anson belt buckle gift box

Click here to check out Anson Belt and Buckle!

8. SHEATH's Dual-Pouch Underwear

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Underwear? Really? Yes, but hear me out. SHEATH is doing something revolutionary with their underwear. Gents, enter the dual-pouch system. It offers a slot for the family jewels and your soldier separately, making for unrivaled comfort.

Say good-bye to chafing and sweat make life just a bit easier on him by checking out SHEATH.

sheath underwear

Comfortable. Stylish. The SHEATH 4.0 is amazing click here to check it out!

9. Enemy's Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Every man needs a well-made, sleek and classic pair of sunglasses.

Enemy, started by my good friend Aaron Marino creates beautifully designed, and highly affordable sunglasses. For that man in your life who struggles with the glare of the sun, or even one who knows how sunglasses can be used to command attention, protecting his eyes has NEVER looked so stylish.

enemy aviators

Click here to check out Enemy sunglasses and find that PERFECT pair.

10. Their Next Signature Fragrance, Aventus By Creed

This legendary fragrance is masculinity in a bottle. It's highly sought-after, and I guarantee you that the man you buy this for will not regret it. Its scent is so potent that it's bound to turn heads. Its powerful scent packed with pepper, and musk will blow him away. The only caveat here is that he should use it sparingly when I say strong, I mean STRONG.

creed aventus cologne

Click here to get yourself manliness in a bottle get Aventus by Creed.

11. J. L. Rocha's Suede Jacket In Olive

In almost every video I wear it in, people ask me Antonio where did you get that jacket?!. Here's the answer J. L. Rocha. Not only does a jacket like this get a man noticed by other men, but it's a magnet for the ladies, who want to touch the texture. Each J.L. Rocha jacket is a handmade artisanal piece crafted from natural products making it a unique and classy addition to a man's wardrobe.

Check out this olive green suede jacket, doesn't it just exude masculinity?

A suede jacket is a gift that any and every man will appreciate, and I cannot recommend one more highly!

suede jacket

Click here to check out this beautiful suede jacket over at J. L. Rocha!

12. An Awesome Casual Weekend Fragrance, Dior Sauvage

I once made a poll for men that follow me and asked which fragrances they believe garnered the MOST compliments. The champion? Dior Sauvage. This men's cologne is among the most versatile, offering peppery top notes, earthy middle notes, and musky base notes. It's as good for the office as it is for a night out.

dior sauvage

The single most complimented men's cologne out there. Click here to get Dior Sauvage.

13. Makita 6 Piece Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Combo Kit

On the DIY side of things I can't recommend highly enough the Makita LKT601 18V 6-Piece Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit. I've used this set for over 5 years and it has been my go-to toolset for odd jobs around the house and even for renovating my old Victorian house. For the handyman in your life, you can't go wrong with this beautiful gift!

makita drill set

Click here to get the Makita combo set and give that man the tools of the trade that he needs to get stuff done!

14. Tailor Store's Custom Contrast-Collar Satin Business Dress Shirt

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If the man you're shopping for loves to feel powerful, then boy, do I have the shirt for you. Tailor Store's take on this classic business-formal dress shirt is superb, with light blue stripes to give it that extra oomph. The satin weave makes it an excellent and luxurious addition to any man's closet. With Tailor Store, you can even customize the shirt in every way imaginable; the fabric, the collar, even the placket!

This makes for one of the most unique gifts you can give a man!

ts shirts

Click here to find this and other shirts at Tailor Store.

15. Keep It Tucked With Shirttail Garters from KK and Jay

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I've been working with KK and Jay for years and I still recommend them. Gentlemen, if you know somebody who is frustrated with having to tuck their shirt in constantly, then it's a no-brainer. This is a problem for EVERY man who has to tuck his shirt in and that's why these guys are incredible. KK and Jay provides stylish men with both suspenders and shirttail garters. Their products are all manufactured in New York City with a philosophy centered around quality and constant innovation. The garters are available in over 50 colors, from Fieldston Green to Houndstooth Black!

If you're looking for a less flashy garter you can check out Sharp and Dapper, who make their shirttail garters by hand over in the UK!

kk and jay garters

Click here to keep your shirt tucked in with KK and Jay.

16. Stainless Steel Engravable Bracelet from The Steel Shop

While bracelets aren't as commonly seen on men's wrists, they still can make for a very manly, refined look, especially when they are stainless steel.

What is even LESS common is a bracelet that you canengrave and gift to a loved one! The Steel Shop knows this and has created a line of spectacular bracelets at amazing prices.

This is a fantastic gift for that man in your life who you cherish!

the steel shop bracelet

Check out these beautiful bracelets from The Steel Shop!

17. Zaharoff's Signature Pour Homme

When George Zaharoff came to me a number of years ago and told me he was releasing his new fragrance, I'll admit I was curious, but I wasblown out of the water by how good this smells!

So much so that it's now in mysignature scent collection! A gift like this is sure to make any man smile with joy this holiday season!

zaharoff pour homme

Click here to get this one-of-a-kind fragrance at Zaharoff!

18. Ledbury's Cedar Kerley Plaid Casual Shirt

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We got the business shirt down, but what about something a little more casual? Then how about a plaid shirt from Ledbury? Plaid has one major factor working in its favor: texture. The more texture a man can implement in his outfit, the more people the ladies in particular will feel compelled to touch it!

This makes for a great gift for those who need a bit of a confidence boost!

ledbury flannel

Click here to find this lovely shirt at Ledbury.

19. VITAMAN's Every Day Skincare Essentials Kit

Looking to help simplify a man's skincare routine? VITAMAN's Every Day Essentials makes it EASY to clean, exfoliate and hydrate men's skin. It's a great choice for all skin types and will leave his skin feeling fresh and looking great every day, boosting his confidence!

They use high-quality materials and provide you with a Face & Body Cleanser, Face Scrub, Face Moisturiserand some Organic Lip Moisturiser. It comes in a beautiful gift pack that's perfect for the holiday season.

vitaman essentials kit

Click here to check out this amazing skincare essentials kit from VITAMAN!

20. Blue Claw Duck Island Dopp Kit in Charcoal

This bag is great for traveling. A man can fit all his essentials into it while maintaining that sleek look with the waxed cotton-canvas and genuine leather handle.

With the sturdiness of low-lead solid brass and a YKK zipper, you're looking at a finely made kit fit for any man!

dopp kit

Click here to go to Blue Claw and get this awesome dopp kit!

21. J.L Rocha Brown Suede Chelsea Boot

These 506 brown suede boots are great. Dress it up or down, these are perfect for a whole day of errands and running around with the kids.

The small details like the half brogue hand-cut detailing make it so special plus the calfskin soles make a man feel like he's wearing comfortable luxury exactly what these are! They're a great gift for men.

j l rocha suide boot

Isn't the suede magnificent? Check them out over at J. L. Rocha!

22. Fort Belvedere Red Silk Pocket Square

Much more than just a pocket square, this red silk pocket square with dotted motifs and paisley number will spruce up any outfit.

Great for days when a man wants to add just a playful touch or stand out in the office. The red color goes well with a number of items in any wardrobe.

red pocket square

Check out this magnificent pocket square over at Gentleman's Gazette!

23. Fragrance One's Office For Men Fragrance

Strong. Daring. Created by the legendary Alberto Morillas, Office For Men is thenumber one fragrance for the office man.

A new fragrance, only recently released by Jeremy Fragrance, Office For Men is poised to top the charts of fragrances, with its unique mix that starts of fresh, moves to a spicy mid, and ends with long-lasting woods.

With very few people around the world wearing this, you can be certain that any man who receives this gift will get compliments and get noticed around the office.

office for men fragrance

Click here to get this wonderful fragrance over at Fragrance One!

24. Jay Butler's Millbank Bit Loafer

While many see loafers as a summer shoe, they can still be worn in all the other seasons, bringing a higher level of class and style to a more semi-formal outfit.

Equally at home in the board room or the tap room, the Millbank loafer is just spectacular, and that golden bit on the front is sure to get eyes turning for any man who wears it!

jay butler millbank bit

Click here to go and get this over at Jay Butler Loafers!

25. Urban Beardsman's Temple Smoke Beard Oil

I've known the founder of Beardbrand for a long time. Eric Bandholz established the signature Urban Beardsman lifestyle, and his company's worked to support that lifestyle ever since. Though I'm not a bearded man myself, I know that many of you guys are and you probably know others who sport a mane as well. Why not provide them with the tools to keep it looking fresh and healthy?

bearbrand oil

Click here to check out this awesome-smelling beard oil at Beardbrand.

26. Black and Decker WM425 Workmate 425 450 Pound Portable Work Bench

Not your average workbench. The adjustable top can be a solid plane, sawhorse, or vice on demand.

A gift like this is perfect for the man who has limited space but wants to fix or create some masterpieces for his home!

work bench

With it's portability, stability and price, this work bench is fantastic for any man who likes to tinker! Click here to check it out!

27. Last-Minute Shopping? Go With Audible Audiobooks

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So it's the 23rd of December and you're still missing a gift?

Fear not, you can get this one easily. Audible offers hundreds upon hundreds of audiobooks the single largest collection on the web! I'm a huge fan of them myself, and whenever I'm at the gym or even kicking back, I'm listening to Audible books. You get your first month free, AND it's just $14.95 to keep going!

Avid readers will love this gift especially and will be poring over the books for hours on end believe me!

Audiobook audible

Sometimes all a man needs is a book and some time to relax. Audible combines those two well! Check them out here!

Gifts For Men Plenty To Go Around

See? As far a Christmas gifts go, there is no shortage of quality style-enhancing tools you can get for another important man in your life whether it be your father, brother, or best friend. Best of all? I got you covered with the best discount codes you'll find on the web. You'll be sure to make that man happy he knows you, no matter what.

Don't put it off too long!

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