5 Tips For Keeping Workout Clothes Looking Like New (+ Athleta Friends & Family Sale!)

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I’ve really expanded the workout clothing section of my closet during quarantine and honestly have been living in some sort of yoga pants on a daily basis…  Anybody else? ‍♀️  Lululemon has been a long-time go to whenever it comes to workout wear that I love, but recently I decided to give Athleta a try as they had lots of super cute styles and even offered petite sizing!  So now that I’ve had a few months to try out Athleta, verdict is in — Athleta is hands-down a new favorite when it comes to workout wear!!

Athleta just kicked off their Friends and Family 20% off site-wide sale (sign up here for the code).  Heads-up that it’s a secret sale so the code is actually courtesy of a fellow Athleta FitPro, Kimberly Linquist.  My links below still work just the same (and I would highly appreciate the use of my links as that’s how I get credit) — you can just enter the code you receive to save 20% off!

As I’ve been sharing my recent Athleta finds on my Instagram, the most common comment that I actually get it how I keep my white workout clothes clean.  I actually have a whole process when it comes to washing my workout clothes as I’m very particular about preserving the sweat-wicking technology working as well as keeping them looking like new.  I’ve been able to keep wearing workout clothes from legit 10 years ago and they still look just as good as when I first bought them!  I definitely can tell a difference when I am wearing workout clothes that are designed to perform — I am able to sweat harder and feel secure / confident in my workouts.

Take advantage of this incredible Athleta sale to invest in a few high-quality pieces, and take note of my easy 5 tips on how to keep your workout clothes looking like new!


Top: Athleta Warrior Longline Bra D-DD (for cups A-C) – (longer crop top option)
Bottom: Athleta Elation Watercolor Stripe Leggings (XS Reg / TTS)
Phone: Sonix Watercolor Leopard Case

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How to Care for Your Workout Clothing
TIP 1: Turn Workout Clothes Inside Out Before Washing

I try to turn my clothes inside out when washing regardless of whether it’s workout wear or not, but it’s especially important when it comes to gym clothes!  Most of the sweat and odor-causing bacteria accumulates on the inside of your workout clothes.  Making sure to flip it inside out will ensure that all the dirt, sweat, and body oils are cleaned more effectively and you’ll notice your clothes coming out smelling fresher too!

Top: Athleta It’s A Wrap Top (XS / TTS)
Bottom: Athleta Elation Capri (XXS / size down)
Shoes: Nike Air Max 270 (6 / size up)
Necklace: Sequin Jewelry Lunar Glow Talisman – 20% off w/ KILEEN20
Sunglasses: Gucci Square Sunglasses GG0053S (designer-inspired option)

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TIP 2: Wash In Cold Water

Cold water is key when washing your workout clothes as hot water actually breaks down synthetic fabrics.  I always wash my workout clothes separately, set the load to delicate, and set the water to cold.  I can guarantee this will help your workout clothes maintain their shape, breath-ability, and longevity!

Active Detergent

TIP 3: Use Detergent Designed For Technical Fibers

I’ve been using Active Detergent for a few months now and it makes such a huge difference!  Workout clothes generally have special technology designed to help wick sweat as well as reduce odor.  As a result, they are made with synthetic fibers that just aren’t designed to be cleaned with traditional cleaners which can coat these fibers to leave a “fresh scent”.  For technical workout clothes, this usually results in a musty smell whenever they’re first taken out of the wash and I’ve even had them start stinking a few minutes into my workout when I haven’t even really started sweating!

When I switched over to using Active Detergent, I noticed my clothes coming out without any smells and even my whites that were a bit dingy/sweaty came out looking crystal clean!  I’ve been recommending Active Detergent to friends at the gym who have asked me about my workout clothes (specifically whenever I come in wearing lots of white ) and it’s been a game changer!

Top: Athleta It’s A Wrap Top (XS / TTS)
Bottom: Lululemon Align in emboss black (2) – (similar on sale at Athleta)
Phone: Sonix Watercolor Leopard Case

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TIP 4: Skip Fabric Softener

Omg, the worst thing that you can do to your workout clothes is to use fabric softener.  I actually haven’t been using any fabric softener since my kids were babies as it caused skin allergies and have since switched to wool dryer balls exclusively.  When it comes to the synthetic fabrics in workout clothes, fabric softeners damage the flexible fibers and leave behind a film that can trap more odors.  Even more so, fabric softener will degrade performance fabrics and even make them a struggle to get clean.  So moral of the story, just ditch the fabric softener.

Top: Athleta It’s A Wrap Top (XS / TTS)
Bottom: Athleta Elation Capri (XXS / size down)
Necklace: Amazon Star Choker
Phone: Sonix Watercolor Leopard Case

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TIP 5: Leave Out to Air Dry

Yearrrs ago when I bought my first Lululemon top, the sales associate gave me this tip as a way to increase the longevity of my workout clothes.  It’s something I’ve done ever since with my workout clothes and one of the big reasons I think my workout clothes continue to look good wash after wash.  The heat from the dryer can break down performance fabric and even alter the shape, flexibility, and fit.  Moreover, the friction caused by the dryer can weaken the elastic fibers and damage the technology built into workout clothes.

Instead, I just hang my workout clothes to air dry and it couldn’t be easier!

Top: Athleta Warrior Longline Bra D-DD (for cups A-C) – (longer crop top option)
Bottom: Athleta Elation Capri (XXS / size down)
Shoes: Nike ‘Renew’ – on sale! (also here)

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And finally, if I could only recommend one thing from Athleta, it would be their Elation tights!  These leggings simply amazing — incredibly supportive, has a great high-waisted rise that is forgiving yet holds you in, and even comes in petite sizing.  As someone who’s only 5′ tall, I’ve personally found that both the 7/8 length work for me as a full-length tights option while the capris work as more of an ankle length tights option.


Do you wash your workout clothes separately?
Have you checked out Athleta before?


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