6 Coziest Bean Bag Chairs Take Comfort to a Whole New Level!

Bean bags arent just for college students anymore. Popularized in the 1970s, bean bag chairs have thankfully come a long way and are now a great addition to any living room. The best bean bag chair is able to form to your body for maximum support, and also, they come in a wide variety of colors and textures which allows them to match any dcor you already have.

Among the six models weve included in this buying guide, one, in our opinion, stands out. The Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, as the name implies, is super comfortable and has the ideal size for any member of your family. Moreover, its available in multiple color options to suit any home dcor.

Top 6 Bean Bag Chairs Review 2019

To find the best bean bag chair the market has to offer, we firstly looked at the size to determine who it will suit best. Colors and fabric options are also an important feature as you want your chair to fit in with your current dcor. As well, you might be surprised to know that bean bag chairs can be filled with other substances than beans. The chosen top products are listed below followed by in-depth reviews that highlight all they have to offer. There is also a buying guide to answer any remaining questions you might have about the world of bean bag chairs.

Editors Choice

A large, cozy bean bag chair that every member of your family will love; features luxurious, soft to the touch suede cover

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Premium Pick

This bean bag chair is a good choice for cuddling or taking a nap in as its the largest model on this list

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Best for Kids

A compact solution for kids and toddlers; multiple cover design options are available

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Best for Teenager

A bean bag chair with a super soft micro suede cover filled with a combination of Eco-friendly recycled foam and poly beans

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Best Value

A classical model which features easy-to-clean Lenox cover and is available in multiple colors to suit your dcor

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Best Back Support

This model features an incredibly supportive backrest which makes it ideal for anyone with back issues

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  • Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 30 inches
  • Cover: suede
  • Filling: CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Colors available: black, buckskin, chocolate, cinnabar, and 11 more

Extra features: made in the USA


Our Editors Choice for the best bean bag chair is the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair. Thats right you get six feet of premium comfort. What makes this bean bag chair unique is that it can be used to sit on by multiple people or you can simply lie down on it and be enveloped by comfort.

The inside of this bean back chair uses CertiPUR-US certified foam. Unlike other materials which can be noisy and even start to break down over time, this foam will last for a long time. It is soft yet durable and wont break down no matter how often you lay on your new chair.

As for the outside, each cover is made of super soft suede. This fabric is able to repel spills so you have time to clean them. If, however you dont get to a spill in time, there is still no need to panic. Simple unzip the cover and place it in the washing machine. Its really that easy.

When it comes to the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, its all about choice. Thats because you have your pick of 15 colors. Whether its a cozy chocolate or a hot pink, you can pick whichever color will suit your dcor.

While the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair is something you will love it doesnt offer all the support of other similar products. While you can sit on it comfortably, there is no real back rest. Those that have back issues or just need more support for long sitting may need to look elsewhere.

  • 15 colors to choose from
  • Cover is removable and machine washable
  • Long in size
  • Safe materials used
  • No real back rest
  • Dimensions: 84 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Cover: micro suede
  • Filling: foam
  • Colors available: black, brown, dark grey, light blue, and 4 more

Extra features: machine-washable cover


Bean bag chairs are meant for cuddling. At least those that are seven feet in length are. The Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair is everything its title explains. Seven feet of luxury meant for cuddles and family time and a lot of relaxation.

If youre planning on a family movie night, pop some popcorn and settle into this massive bean bag chair. It can easily hold two adults and two children at a time. Alternatively, if you are craving your alone time, you can lay down by yourself and have all your worries taken away.

The Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair has a foam filling that is plush and comfortable. The foam actually reflects your body heat so you can feel cozy all day long. There are no plastic parts and you dont need to refill anything.

The outside cover of the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair is made from micro suede. It is soft yet durable. This bean bag chair comes in many colors, including black, dark grey, purple and red. The bold colors mean you can place it in any room you like and know it will fit in with your dcor.

Users have all raved about the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair which is why it is rated so highly on our list. The foam can be a bit hard for some, but the fact that it offers more support than traditional beans is usually a welcome contrast.

  • Large enough for whole family
  • Creates a warm, cozy feeling
  • Dont need to replace or refill bean contents
  • Foam filling can feel a bit dense

FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair Best for Kids

  • Size: 24 inches long
  • Cover: micro suede
  • Filling: pillow foam
  • Colors available: black, buckskin, chocolate, earth, and 7 more

Extra features: double-stitched seams


Its rather cute seeing a kid enveloped in a large bean bag chair. While larger, adult models wont necessarily work, you can find kid-sized versions. The FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair is our pick for best bean bag chair for toddlers and children.

Made from pillow foam filling, this bean bag chair offers premium comfort but at a much smaller size. The foam makes it feel like your are sitting on a pillow. And if it makes your child or toddler feel all the readier for sleep, well thats the perfect bonus!

The cover is a lush micro suede, perfect for cleaning up those inevitable spills. The seams are also double-stitched, meaning no mater how much rough housing goes on, this bean bag chair will last for a long time.

Whether your child is curling up to read, sitting and playing a video game, or even having a little nap, there is plenty of support to be had from the FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair.

While this is a kids size bean bag chair, there are a lot of sophisticated colors to choose from. In addition to standard colors like black and grey, you can also find hunter green, orange, purple, and many more interesting colors. There is something for every kid.

The biggest downside to the FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair is the maintenance required. Even though it is made of foam and not beans, the filling requires daily attention. You will need to flip it over once per day. As your child will likely not be able to perform this task, you will need to step in for them.

  • Plenty of vibrant colors to choose from
  • Foam is pillow-like
  • Small size is perfect for kids and toddlers
  • Needs to be flipped daily

Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag Best for Teenager

  • Dimensions: 44 x 65 x 65 inches
  • Cover: micro suede
  • Filling: combination of Eco-friendly recycled foam and poly beans
  • Colors available: black, blue, brown, charcoal, and 2 more

Extra features: puncture-proof cover


While bean bag chairs were the epitome of dorm room dcor, theyve now become a way to relax at home for people of all ages. If, however, you want to restore the dorm room look, youll want to consider the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag. This is just a nice, simple bean bag chair.

Inside you will find both foam and poly beans. They take the place of organic beans and as a result dont break down as much, eliminating the need to constantly refill and replace them.

The cover is a rich micro suede which is durable, comfortable, and cozy. There arent too many choices to consider, but you can find the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag in black, brown, blue, and even red.

A really nice feature of the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag is that its cover is puncture-proof. Whether youre sharing the space with a dog or a careless crafter, you wont have to worry about any punctures or rips.

The Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag doesnt rate as high as other bean bag chairs on our list because of the shipping process. There are numerous accounts of covers not being included. However, these were all rectified with a simple phone call. It might take a bit more effort, but you will get things sorted out eventually.

  • Poly beans and foam mean you dont have to replace the fill
  • Cozy cover
  • Durable for multiple activities
  • Shipping issues

Big Joe Black Large Fuf Best Value

  • Dimensions: 34 x 48 x 48 inches
  • Cover: Lenox fabric
  • Filling: foam
  • Colors available: black, brown, dark grey, light blue, and 4 more

Extra features: handle for carrying


It might surprise you, but bean bag chairs can be expensive, often costing a couple of hundred dollars. That can seem a bit pricey for what is essentially a large piece of fabric filled with beans or foam. Thankfully for just over $100, you can purchase the Big Joe Black Large Fuf. Despite its value price tag, this is still a bean bag chair that you will enjoy having.

Shaped like a very large ball, it has a class bean bag chair look. The details, however, are very modern. The inside has foam filling which makes it more durable and springier. You can expect a long lifetime with this item.

For added convenience, the Big Joe Black Large Fuf has a handle, which makes it perfect for maneuvering around the house, especially if you are on your own.

Theres plenty of choice with this model. It comes in classic black as well as more modern colors such as light blue, dark grey, and cocoa.

Whats more, if you really like the design of the Big Joe Black Large Fuf but need a different size, the manufacturer also has an extra-large size for those wanting a bit more bulk.

The biggest disappointment with the Big Joe Black Large Fuf is that it isnt as puffy as some would like. This is an unfortunately common complaint with most bean bag chairs. If you need more foam for this item, you will have to purchase it which can add to the overall expense.

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Handle makes it easy to move
  • Size and color options
  • Not as fluffy as expected

Big Joe Stack Chair Best Back Support

  • Dimensions: 24 x 26 x 28 inches
  • Cover: plush microfiber fabric
  • Filling: Megahh Beans
  • Colors available: black, desert rose, stone, turquoise

Extra features: double stitched with dual zippers


Lets face it. As we get older our backs tend to need a bit of extra support. Or sometimes even a lot of support. As much as bean bag chairs are comfortable, they do tend to lack enough back support. Thats why the Big Joe Stack Chair is such a unique product. Instead of being simply a ball of beans, this chair has a separate compartment made for back support. You can sit in this chair and have the comfort of a traditional bean bag chair with the added support you need. Its the best of both worlds.

Because of its back support, this is also one of the best bean bag chairs for gaming. You can have hours of gaming time all while being completely supported.

The inside of the Big Joe Stack Chair is filled with unique Megahh beans. While more and more bean bag chairs are using foam fill, this product is a traditionalist. The beans are lightweight and form completely to your body. No matter your size, you will fell like you are sitting on a cloud.

This cloud-like feeling is further enhanced by the plush microfiber fabric. The cover doesnt have a lot of color options, and the most popular color is turquoise.

While most bean bag chairs need to have their filling replaced every six months to a year, most users recommend refilling every two months. This can quickly become expensive and tedious, so it is something to really consider.

  • Excellent back support
  • Cloud-like fabric
  • Traditional feel of real beans
  • Might need to refill beans every two months

Buying Guide

If youre looking for a bit of a statement in your home and are considering a bean bag chair, there are a lot of options to choose from. Learn about all the exciting features you can choose from so you can find the perfect bean bag chair.

Advantages of getting a bean bag chair

6 Coziest Bean Bag Chairs  Take Comfort to a Whole New Level!

Need somewhere comfortable to sit on but also want a flexible option that can easily be moved? A bean bag offers the best of both worlds. Not only is it comfortable and supportive, but it is also portable. You can move it from the rec room to the bedroom. Or, if you want to free up space you can easily store it in a closet. Furthermore, you can bring it in to a room for extra seating when guests come over.

Whether youre watching your favorite movie and settling in for a video game session, you want to be comfortable. Chairs and couches might not be the right fit. Because bean bags mold to yourself, you can be guaranteed of the perfect support, always.

Features to consider while choosing a bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs come in all styles and sizes. While they will all mold to your body, there are not necessarily a one size fits all kind of accessory. The more you know about their specific features, the easier it is to find one that is perfect for your needs.


Where do you envision your bean bag chair to sit? Is it in a corner? In the middle of the room? Take stock and take a few measurements before you purchase anything. Some bean bag chairs, such as the Big Joe Stack Chair, are meant for only one person. Others, like the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair are wide enough for a small family. You dont want to make the mistake of buying a bean bag chair for your dorm room only to discover it takes up more space than your own bed.


Thankfully, many bean bag chairs come with removable and washable covers. Lets face it; chairs can start to smell after a while. All the sitting, eating, and spilling can start to take a toll on a bean bag chair.

6 Coziest Bean Bag Chairs  Take Comfort to a Whole New Level!

A common type of fabric that is used for bean bag chairs is micro suede. The FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair and the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag both use this fabric because it is easily cleaned. If you spill on micro suede, the liquid will pool for a while on top of the fabric instead of instantly being absorbed. This allows you time to grab a cloth and blot the liquid before it makes too much of a mess.


There are two main types of filling for bean bag chairs: traditional beans and more modern foam. Traditional beans will give you a crunchier feel and are a bit noisier as you settle into the chair. They offer a lot of support but over time they can break down. You will have to either add more beans or replace the beans every six months to a year, depending on how often you use your bean bag chair. The cost of refill beans should be factored into your price when purchasing. On our list, the Big Joe Stack Chair uses beans.

The other common fill material is foam. Foam is a nice alternative to beans because it is much springier, holds its shape for longer, and is a lot quieter. The foam fill is cut into small pieces so it will still mold to your individual body.

The foam should be fluffed regularly so it holds it shape better. You dont have to replace or replenish the foam inside your bean bag chair as often, but if your chair starts to sag, this might be a sign of it needing to be tended to. Foam is becoming much more common, as evidenced by the fact four of the items on our list use it, including the Big Joe Black Large Fuf, the FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair, the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair, and the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair.

Finally, there is one alternative in the bean bag chair world, and that is a synthetic bean fill. The only item on our list that has such as filling is the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag. Along with recycled foam, this bag chair uses poly beans which are eco-friendly. They are made to imitate the shape of natural beans, but are man-made. This is a nice compromise if youre looking for the feel of a traditional bean bag chair but dont want the hassle of constantly replacing the fill.

Colors available

If you find the perfect bean bag chair with all the features you are looking for, you dont want to be denied by your purchase just because it doesnt come in the color you want. All of the bean bag chairs on our list come in black and almost all of them also come in brown. In addition to these basic colors, you can find desert rose or turquoise for the Big Joe Stack Chair and earth or buckskin for the FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair. Out of all the products on our list, the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair has the most color options with an impressive 15 hues to choose from.

Extra features

6 Coziest Bean Bag Chairs  Take Comfort to a Whole New Level!

Bean bag chairs are relatively simple so when you come across extra features, its a really nice bonus. The biggest maintenance aspect of these chairs is the fill. Sometimes, the inside foam or even beans can take a few days to really fluff up after delivery. And while the manufacturer includes as much fill as they think is idea, this can vary greatly between individuals. Its best to test out your new bean bag for at least one week before deciding if it needs more or less fill. Its always a nice feature if the manufacturer has easy to purchase filling to match the product that is already being used.

Another extra feature that is handy is a handle. Chances are youll be moving your bean bag chair at some point. While they arent very heavy, they can be bulky. Finding a bean bag chair with a handle means so much more convenience, especially if its just you moving it around. The Big Joe Black Large Fuf has a handle and it screams ease of use.

Most bean bag chairs have removable covers. This is so you can easily clean spills or switch to a new color with any dcor changes. Having easy to use zippers is so convenient and durables are all the better to prevent any breakages.

While the cover of a bean bag chair might have decent spill coverage, accidents to happen. A wonderful bonus feature is a second, inner cover that is waterproof. Being puncture proof, like the Waldo Faux Suede Feet Bean Bag is also a really great feature, especially if you have pets that plan on taking their daily nap on your new bag. Sharp claws can snag fabric and if any holes develop, that filing can start spilling.

When it comes to extra features of bean bag chairs, take stock of your environment. If you have kids, pick a product that is easy to wash and clean up. If you have pets, find something that wont get easily damaged.


Bean bag chairs have many different types of fill and this will determine how often the insides need to be replaced. Traditional bean fill can break down over time and you might want to top up the bean components every year. You dont have to remover the old beans; however, over time this will add to the overall weight of your chair. After a few years you might want to get rid of the entire inside components and start with fresh bean fill.

Foam, on the other hand, will last for a lot longer. You might need to add more in one or two years, but foam is meant to fluff back to its original size. A few fluffs each day should keep the foam nice and bouncy.

Thankfully, bean bag chairs are not very heavy. This is one of the advantages of purchasing a bean bag chair. Unlike traditional chairs that are hard to move, bean bag chairs are much lighter and can be moved from room to room or even into the closet. Of course, if you purchase a larger sized bean bag chair, expect more weight. Those chairs that are extra long or meant for multiple people will be a bit heavier although still maneuverable.

While traditional bean bag chairs dont offer a lot of support for the spine, there are models that have improved this quality. Regular bean bag chairs are fine if you dont have any back issues and plan on sitting on one for short intervals. If, however, you need more spinal support, look for a bean bag chair that has a built-in back rest. This will keep your spine aligned properly so you can sit and enjoy your bean bag chair for hours at a time.

Our Verdict

If youre looking for premium comfort, a bean bag chair is the way to go. Out Editors Choice in this category is the Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair. It is large enough for multiple people to enjoy, or to lounge on your own.

If you want an extra large bean bag chair, you should definitely consider the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair. At an impressive seven feet long, the whole family can enjoy movie night while snuggling up close.

Finally, if you need a birthday gift for a youngster, you cant go wrong with the FUGU Kids Beanbag Chair. This smaller sized chair is perfect for kids and toddlers alike, and even pets. Just curl up and enjoy a movie, read a book, or play a game. The best bean bag chair is waiting for you to find it and relish in its comfort.

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