6 Stunning Baby Walkers for Carpet Make a Confident First Step!

When it comes time for a baby to learn to walk, parents need to be there to make sure they are safe during this process. Adding the best baby walker can make it easier, giving the baby support while they learn this important skill. These walkers work well on floors, but if you have a carpet, you do need to choose carefully in order to make the most out of your purchase.

If your baby is at the stage where a walker is needed, there are a few features to consider. One is the maximum height and weight the walker will support. If your baby is too big or heavy, they wont be able to use it properly, plus the walker could bend or break in the process. The number of height positions is also important, so the walker can grow with your baby. If you have limited space, the folded dimensions will tell you where you can store it after you buy it. The weight of the walker is also something to look at, especially if youre going to be moving it around or taking it with you on outings.

Top 6 Baby Walkers for Carpet Review 2020

To find the best baby walker, we spent countless hours scouring manufacturers websites, checking out product info, and reading hundreds of customer reviews. Then we chose the top six walkers, created a comparison chart, and wrote up descriptions of each one. We also added an in-depth buying guide to show the best features to look for in a baby walker.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Joovy Spoon Walker
1. Joovy Spoon Walker
Editors Choice
Editors Choice

This stylish model fits any home dcor while being super sturdy and functional with its three height positions and a removable dishwasher-safe tray

KidsEmbrace Baby Walker, DC Comics Batman Batmobile
Best Boys Baby Walker

This baby walker will not only teach your little one to make their first confident steps, but will also become their favorite toy thanks to the adorable Batmobile design

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Best for High Carpet
Best for High Carpet

A push walker with an interactive front panel so that your baby could learn ABCs and numbers while practicing their walking skills

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker
Best Girls Baby Walker

A special model for your little princess: cute pink design, Disney Minnie Mouse toys and music will turn the learning process into a fun activity

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker
Budget Pick

Another push walker from a well-known manufacturer that can ease the walking learning process and also teaches ABCs, 123s and more

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker
Best Baby Push Walker

This model includes both, seated and push versions to be able to grow together with your little ones


Joovy Spoon Walker Editors Choice

  • Maximum weight capacity:30 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:33.5 inches
  • Number of height positions:3
  • Weight:12.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions (folded):9 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 L inches

More features: removable dishwasher-safe tray; machine washable seat


The Joovy Spoon Walker has a sleek design that is simple, yet effective for helping a baby learn to walk. It has a large seat that can accommodate growing babies. This seat is thickly padded with 600D nylon, which is durable and strong, but also soft against your babys sensitive skin. Additionally, this padding is machine washable for easy cleaning when spills happen.

There are three height positions, so you can raise it up as your baby grows. The wheels are oversized, so they turn easily on all types of flooring, including carpet. They also swivel, making it easy to go around corners when needed. Non-slip stair pads keep your baby safe on uneven areas.

The extra-large tray is perfect for meals and snacks, with a removable insert that can be taken out and put in the dishwasher when the food is gone. This tray is also a great size for playtime, holding a few toys or a sippy cup to keep baby hydrated on the go. It is also smaller than the base of the walker, so if the baby runs into a wall, their fingers wont get pinched if they are holding on.

For added convenience, this Joovy Spoon Walker folds down flat. This makes it easy to store under a bed or behind a couch. You can also take it with you wherever you go since not only is it portable, but also rather lightweight at 12 pounds.

  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Large dishwasher-safe tray
  • Three heights
  • Stylish design
  • Toys cannot be attached
  • Maximum weight capacity:26 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:32 inches
  • Number of height positions:3
  • Weight:13.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions (folded):not specified

More features: 4 wheels and 6 grip pads; foam seat with machine-washable polyester cover; features a steering wheel and a shifter that makes multiple sounds and vibrates


If you want the best walker for a baby that works well on carpets, this is a great model. It has sturdy wheels on the bottom with grip bumpers on the sides to keep them from going down the stairs if no gate is in place. These six grip pads can also be removed, making it easier for little ones to go from the floor to the carpet.

This stylish design will make any little boy feel like a superhero. The car isnt just for looks, either. The key starts the engine, the shifter makes sounds, and the horn even honks. This whole tray is also removable, so your little boy can enjoy it when hes out of the walker.

The seat is comfortable foam padding with a machine-washable polyester cover, so cleaning it is a breeze. There are three height positions, allowing you to adjust it as your child grows. For storage or traveling, this walker is easy to collapse using the child-proof safety latch. A bar at the back also lets your child push this walker when they no longer need the support of the seat.

The blue Batmobile is designed for boys, but if you have a little girl who wants to fight crime as well, there is also apurple Batgirl modelwith identical features.

  • Interact elements with lights and sound
  • Cool design
  • Removable toy tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustment is a bit tricky

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Best for High Carpet

  • Maximum weight capacity:38 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:40 inches
  • Number of height positions:none
  • Weight:4 lbs.
  • Dimensions (reassembled):6.9 H x 13.8 W x 17.8 L inches

More features: spinning rollers, turning gears, shape sorters and light-up buttons; five musical keys


The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker comes in six different color options, so you can buy one to match your babys room, toys, or other accessories. It has large, thick wheels that can handle any type of surface, making it the best standup walker for all types of carpet. These wheels have two speed settings as well, so you can set it on low until your baby becomes a bit more stable on their feet, then turn it up so they can work on increasing their speed.

The front of this walker has a play panel, which is removable so your little one can play with it on the floor or at a table. This panel includes shape sorters, spinners, a small musical keyboard, and a handheld phone. There are also lights, sounds, and over 70 songs your baby can sing along with. Not only does this panel keep your baby entertained, it helps them learn at the same time.

Though this walker doesnt fold down, it is small enough to tuck into a corner or in a closet when your toddler isnt using it. It is also quite light, so you can take it with you anywhere you need to. The downside of this lightness is that it isnt stable enough to hold your babys weight if they try to use it to pull themselves up, but once they are on their feet, it will help them maintain their balance to take those first steps.

  • Works well on thick carpet
  • Six color options
  • Removable play panel
  • Two wheel settings
  • Difficult assembly
  • Too light for a child to use to pull themselves up
  • Maximum weight capacity:30 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:32 inches
  • Number of height positions:3
  • Weight:11.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions (folded):12 H x 25.5 W x 27.5 L inches

More features: four Minnie Mouse-themed toys; includes a music module that plays 12 different songs


If you are in the market for the best baby walker for thin carpet and floor to teach your baby girl make her first steps, this Minnie Mouse walker is a great option. It has a cute pink design that catches the eye, with a few extras to keep your little one comfy and entertained.

First are the front trays, which have a few Disney toys to play with, plus a spinning Minnie Mouse globe that plays music as it turns. These trays are removable, giving you some space for snacks when your baby is hungry. Then, wipe it down with a damp cloth and slide the trays back in place when the meal is done. The padded seat is also removable and machine washable for added convenience when spills or accidents occur.

There are three different height settings, so you can raise or lower the walker as needed for your baby to move around the house comfortably. The base of the walker is sturdy, as are the wheels that take your child over almost any surface. There are even grip strips to prevent movement on any uneven areas.

When it comes time to put the walker away, it folds down easily. This allows you to tuck it under a bed or behind a piece of furniture. It also fits into a trunk or back seat if youre taking it on the road with you.

  • Easy to clean
  • Plays music
  • Well-built
  • Removable trays
  • Paper decals come off easily
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Maximum weight capacity:38 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:40 inches
  • Number of height positions:none
  • Weight:2.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions (folded):3.5 H x 16 W x 26.9 L inches

More features: teaches ABCs, 123s and more; a book page to turn, light-up buttons to press for sing-along songs


If youre on a budget, this Fisher-Price walker may be the best cheap walker for your baby to use on thick carpet. This walker helps them learn to walk, plus keeps them entertained when they sit down for a rest. It has an adorable zebra design that is great for both boys and girls.

The starting age for this walker is six months. Though your baby will likely not be ready to walk at that early age, they can still sit up on their own and take advantage of the interactive front panel. There are buttons, spinners, and flip pieces for them to try out, which helps increase their motor skills. There are also lights, sounds, and music which entertain as well as teach your baby ABCs and numbers.

When your little one is ready to walk, they can stand up and grab the back handle, using it to stabilize themselves as they move around the room. The wheels are large enough to handle any type of carpet, but they do lack some grip for smooth flooring. This may propel the walker a bit faster than your child is ready for, but can be remedied with a bit of glue or some other grippy substance.

Though it doesnt fold down, this attractive baby walker is small enough to tuck into a corner or closet, plus is lightweight and easy to move around as needed.

  • Baby learns while playing
  • Interactive front panel
  • Works on all types of carpet
  • Great low price
  • No grip on wheels (for floors)
  • Doesnt fold down

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker Best Baby Push Walker

  • Maximum weight capacity:26 lbs.
  • Maximum child height:32 inches
  • Number of height positions:none; features an adjustable strap
  • Weight:7.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions (folded):8 H x 24.3 W x 30 L inches

More features: machine-washable seat pad; independent front swivel wheels


The Kolcraft Tiny Steps walker has a great design that adapts to all the stages as your child learns to walk. First, it is a seated activity walker, with a padded chair to hold toddlers as they strengthen their legs. A high foam backrest gives them some support as well. This seat is adjustable, using a strap so you can set it exactly as your baby needs it.

This walker also offers some entertainment, thanks to the developmental toys on the front panel. One is a standing flower mirror your baby can see themselves in, with a textured stem and crinkly petals. A spinning ball and bead bar add to fun while helping your child develop their motor skills.

When your toddler has achieved the leg strength and balance to try walking on their own, you can remove the seat and move the baby to the back of the walker. Located here is a grab handle that they can hold on to, keeping them stable as they walk around the room.

The plastic material on this walker is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The seat pad is also machine washable for those extra-large messes. For easy storage or road trips, you can remove the toys and fold the walker down flat, making it easy to tuck it away or slip it in the trunk.

  • 2-in-1 design
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable
  • Doesnt turn
  • Rubber wheel stoppers make carpet play difficult
  • Strap may be a bit uncomfortable

Buying Guide

A baby walker is handy for giving a child some mobility, especially when mommy and daddy dont have time to walk with them. Many of them also have the safety features needed to keep pinched fingers and bumped heads to a minimum, plus have some interactive toys or buttons to keep them entertained. They also need to be able to roll over carpeted areas, especially for those with limited floor space. Thats why you need to check out the features each walker offers, so you know which one is right for your child and your home.

How to teach your child to walk?

Teaching your baby to walk can be a fun way to interact with them. You can hold their hands and support them as they take those steps, but after a while, your back will feel the strain of leaning down to their level. You can let them use the furniture for support as well, but this limits their range, especially if the pieces are far apart.


Using a baby walker is the great addition since it gives your child the support they need to move around, strengthening their legs as they move. Many baby walkers adapt to your babys size as well, with height adjustments and convertible seat/push features. Your baby learns mobility on their own, going where they want. Best of all, you can clean, make dinner, or do some work as they learn to walk, which helps you keep up with chores and your job while your baby develops.

Features to consider while choosing a baby walker for carpet

When youre shopping for a new baby walker, especially if buying one for carpet use, there are a few features to look for. This will ensure it will teach your baby to walk, without limiting where they can do so in their own home.

Maximum weight and height

When youre buying a new baby walker, you need to consider the maximum weight and height for each one. Some walkers are built of materials that are sturdy, but can only hold a certain weight. If your baby is too heavy for that particular walker, it could break while they are in it. However, the heavier a walker is, the more it will sink into the carpet as well, so keep this in mind.
When in a walker, a baby needs to have their toes on the floor to start moving, which means the height needs to be right for this positioning. Bent legs means they wont be able to move properly, which will prevent that forward motion.
For push walkers, like the Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker, the maximum height is important for a different reason. If your baby is too tall for it, they will be hunched over the walker as they try to walk, which will affect their posture and balance.

Number of height positions/adjustable straps

Height adjustments are a necessary feature of any good baby walker. These allow you to raise or lower the walker as needed to keep your babys feet on the floor without forcing them to strain to reach it or bend their legs at awkward angles to propel themselves forward. The more adjustments there are, the longer you can use the walker, as it will grow with your child. Some of them, like the Joovy Spoon Walker, have specific settings you can choose from. The Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker uses a strap instead, so you can place it at the right height and then adjust it as needed as your child grows, even if only an inch at a time.


There are a few reasons to check out the weight of the baby walker you intend to purchase. First, it has to be heavy enough to support your baby, but also light enough for them to push it around. Heavier models are great on floor and thin carpeting, but need higher wheels and no bumpers to work properly on thicker carpets. This is because your baby may not have the strength to push them hard enough to get through those thicker fibers.


Lighter walkers, like the Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker, are easy for them to push, however such models are more suitable for those little ones who can stand up on their own and only need a walker for balance. These models are great for thicker carpet, though, as they will roll right over the plush fibers.

Another thing to consider when looking at the weight is where your baby will be using the new walker. If it will be staying in your home, the weight wont matter too much. But if you plan to carry it up and down stairs or take it with you when traveling, you may get tired of carrying around a heavy model.

Folded dimensions

Its awesome to have a foldable baby walker. Not everyone has the room to leave a walker out and open in their home when the baby is busy elsewhere. For this reason, a folding option is a great way to save space. The way it folds, and how small it is when it is folded, also help you decide where you can store it. If you have space under a bed, it will need to be compact enough to slide under there. If not, tucked in a corner, behind a piece of furniture, or in a closet are other storage options, provided your new baby walker can fit there.

Extra features

The main purpose of a baby walker is to teach your baby to walk, but many of these products come with a few extra features that make them a little more worthwhile. One extra to look for is the warranty. Most of the products weve reviewed have a one-year warranty, offering repair or replacement for any manufacturer error or damage. The Joovy Spoon Walker doubles this time, giving you a two-year warranty, just in case you need it.

Learning tools are also a great addition to any walker. Songs have great melodies to entertain, plus can teach your child the alphabet, numbers, colors, and animal names. Buttons with sounds have the same effect, plus help your child develop their motor skills. Lights also draw the eye, keeping your little one entertained.

Toys are also a great addition to any walker. Your baby wont want to walk all the time, so having some toys attached will keep them entertained during the times they are resting. Some toys are included, while other walkers have attachment points for your babys own toys.

Snack trays allow you to feed your baby, plus are usually easy to clean. Padded seats are a must, especially if the cover can be removed and machine washed.


There is no set starting age for using a walker because babies develop differently, but there are a few things your baby should be able to do before putting them in a walker. First, they need to be able to hold their head up steadily. They should also be able to reach the floor when in the walker on the lowest setting as well. If your baby can already stand independently, consider using a push walker instead of the ones with a seat.

Seated baby walkers may slow a babys development if they are used too much, because a baby needs to practice important movements on the floor. They also use their toes in these walkers, which can tighten their leg muscles, but also make them think this is the proper way to walk. Babies learn balance on the floor, which a walker doesnt teach. To prevent this, you should limit the walkers use and give them plenty of floor time. You should also help them practice walking to be sure they are learning the proper way to do so.

Its best to limit a babys time in a walker to about 20 minutes each day. This gives them the mobility to explore their world, without cutting into their much-needed floor time. Babies also develop their muscles, walking ability, and improve their posture on the floor, which a walker can actually prevent if used for too long.

Our Verdict

Using a baby walker can give your little one some mobility before they can walk on their own, letting them explore their surroundings as much as they like. With so many options out there, though, its hard to choose the best baby walker on the market. To make this decision a bit easier, weve chosen a few of our favorites to help you decide.

The Joovy Spoon Walker has a sleek, simple design, with a large tray and a huge padded seat, both of which are easy to clean. The wheels swivel as well, plus there are three heights to choose from.

The KidsEmbrace Baby Walker, DC Comics Batman Batmobile is cool, with corresponding noises for all parts of the removable panel. It comes not only in boys model, by the way, but also in a girls design. It is also a combination seated and push walker.

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker comes in six colors, all of which are lightweight, have a removable interactive play panel, and work well on all types of carpet using the two-speed wheels.

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