8 Smart Ways You Can Save BIG on adidas Shoes

adidas fans, this is for YOU.

Here’s how you can score great deals on adidas shoes so you never pay full price again. We’re sharing how to get adidas coupons, the best adidas sales, and much more!

1. Buy your shoes directly from adidas, so you always get free shipping.

If you didn’t already know, adidas.com always offers free shipping and free returns on all orders – no matter how much you spend! That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re scoring something that’s already on sale!

Hip Tip: Here’s a list of other huge retailers that offer free shipping with no minimum purchases.

2. Sign up with a new email to score 15% off your next order.

When you sign up with a new email, you’ll grab an extra 15% off you’re next order! You’ll also be the first to know about the latest adidas deals, coupons, and promotions, plus birthday freebies.

Hip Tip: Already subscribed? Start a chat on their website, and they’ll offer you a current discount code! I was able to get in touch with someone instantly, and they were generous enough to offer me a 15% coupon code which they sent to my email right away!

This promotion may vary –and at times can be as high as 20% off when available.

3. Buy an adidas gift card and save up to 9% off.

Download the Raise app and purchase a discounted adidas gift card. Right now we’re seeing as much as 9% off your purchase! How does this work? Just buy a gift card at a discounted price, and then use it toward your purchase!

Hip Tip: Cards out of stock? Make sure to set an alert and get notified by email when they get more!

4. Shop the adidas sale section online and score shoes starting at just $10!

There are thousands of items online at adidas.com where you can score deals with shoes at more than 50% off – and even some starting at just $10! With free shipping and such low prices, you don’t want to miss checking out all the different style choices!

Hip Tip: Don’t want to shop online? If you’re lucky enough to have an adidas Factory store near you, head over to the store to check out their selection of discounted shoes.

5. Shop in the kid’s section to save up to $110.

If you’re shopping for an adult who wears an 8.5 or smaller, you may be surprised to learn that you can shop in the adidas youth section! Kid’s shoes not only tend to be less expensive than adult sizes, but you can also find similar (and even identical styles) – often with additional colors options available!

As an example, I was looking at this popular pair of women’s Ultraboost 19 sneakers and their current price is $180. The exact shoe in the Youth section is $20 less! I also found this youth Ultraboost sneaker in two different colors on sale for just $70! That’s a $110 savings!

6. Know who sells adidas locally and watch for sales.

Huge retailers online and in-store such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Zappos.com, Foot Locker, and Finish Line are all great resources to find adidas shoes. My favorite time to shop for shoes in-store is, of course, when they go on sale and even better, when there’s also a coupon to stack with the sale. So if you’re hoping to score deals on a new pair of sneakers, keep your eyes peeled!

Hip Tip: Bookmark this link to keep up on all of the latest adidas sales!

7. Score new and used adidas shoes by consignment shopping.

You can find new or used adidas shoes by online shopping consignment retailers such as Swap, Thred Up, or even browsing deals from Facebook Marketplace! You may even come across rare or discontinued styles for a great deal.

Even better, with Poshmark you can potentially bargain to trade clothes with sellers, making your “purchase” virtually free! How sweet is that?!

8. Subscribe to Hip2Save so we can send you the best deals on adidas!

Don’t have the time to hunt down deals? Subscribe to Hip2Save so we can send you the best deals we’re finding on Adidas! It’s free and easy: just enter your email and first name, and we’ll start helping you save money!

Make sure to also bookmark this page for all our latest adidas deals, and we’ll keep you posted on many other popular savings you’re not going to want to miss!

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Dear Athletic Support: My grandson is the quarterback for his high school and has a shot at playing college ball. He’s also convinced that social media is his ticket to the next level. If you ask me, though, he spends too much time worrying about Facebook and not enough time focusing on his game. He’s convinced a college coach is going to find him through this medium, but I just don’t believe Facebook is the ticket. What impact does social media have on today’s high school athletes? — GRUMBLING GRANDPA


Dear Grumbling: My momma calls social media, “The Ruination.” At least that’s what she used to say before she finally broke down, bought a smartphone, and created a Facebook account. Now, she’s on Facebook more than I am, constantly uploading pictures of her dogs, her trips, her granddaughter — everything.

The difference between my momma and your grandson is that one of them has a team to worry about, a potential college career, and there is nothing more dangerous than an 18-year-old with an iPhone.

Let me get this out of the way first: Yes, social media could (emphasis on “could”) help your grandson earn a college scholarship. Let’s say he did a backflip, or threw a pass to himself, or completed an 80-yard bomb, and somebody filmed it with a smartphone. There’s a chance that clip could go “viral.” There’s a chance a college coach could watch the “viral” clip and offer your grandson a scholarship. A slim chance…

And that’s it. That’s the positive side of social media for athletes.

The negative aspects of social media aren’t quite so simple. You’ve already mentioned the distraction involved with kids and smartphones. A quarterback whose main focus is attracting Facebook likes is not going to be a very good teammate, much less a leader.

I have a great friend and mentor, a legendary coach in Arkansas, who’s completely banned cellphones from his locker room. He did this about five years ago, and at the time, I thought it seemed a bit harsh. Then stories started breaking about kids posting messages on social media at halftime, or texting their parents, complaining about their coach’s first-half calls.

Maybe banning cellphones wasn’t such a crazy idea.

Maybe your grandson could benefit from such a rule, too. Because here’s the honest truth: kids LOSE scholarships over social media.

Once a player is on a college coach’s radar, that coach is watching his every move, scouring his tweets and Instagram posts, looking for any reason why this player may not be worth the investment. Coaches are putting their own jobs on the line when they offer kids scholarships. They’re saying, “This kid’s a winner.”

And if a coach finds videos of your grandson on social media in compromising situations — doing the sort of stuff that many kids do as teenagers, the stuff you and I probably did before there were cameras around to record it — your grandson will not get that scholarship. Period.

If I were you, I’d urge my grandson to turn away from “The Ruination” and focus on hitting a fade route in a Cover 2 window. It’s a hard throw to make, one that will attract the eyes of college scouts, even if they don’t watch the clip on Facebook.

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