A person who is passionate about the craft of the brew he creates at his place is definitely keen to preserve its delectable flavor and keep it chilled

The essence of the brew is of great importance and if you’re one of those people who will go to any lengths to preserve the sanctity of your brew; then you are in dire need of a Keg Jacket. 

A keg jacket is an insulated covering that keeps your brew cold and preserves its essence. It is extremely handy equipment that you can couple with your Kegerator kit to keep your homemade brews ice cool and smelling fresh. 

The Top Keg Jackets for Homebrewing 
If you’re not a fan of beer cans or bottles and want to reduce such wastage; then you must be that gem of a person who is very possessive about his draughts. Keg Jackets or blankets keep your beer cold against the rising outside temperature and therefore can prove to be an excellent investment. 
Nutrichef Keg cooler : Sale 6 Reviews NutriChef Keg Cooler Neoprene Insulation Keg Jacket Keeps Your Beer or Beverage Cold for Up to 3 Hours Homebrew Mini Keg -... KEG JACKET: The NutriChef insulated keg cooler fits... KEEPS BEVERAGE COLD: This keg jacket will keep your... FLEXIBLE AND ELASTIC: The keg cooler easily slides on... NEOPRENE MATERIAL: The keg cooler is made from durable,... DIMENSIONS: Measures 5.3’’ L x 5.3’’ W x... Detail Page
Product specifications :

If you have a homebrew kegerator kit and you’re in two minds about which product to buy in order to keep your brews chill and fresh; then here’s the end to all your worries. Nutrichef brings the best in class Keg cooler which is a combination of style and technology. The Neoprene material provides tremendous insulation against the external temperatures and the flexible cum elastic design allows the jacket to sheath up your kegerator with the utmost ease. 

Now enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones while not getting stressed out with your brew’s temperatures, became easier with this offering from Nutrichef.

Principle of action:

The Nutrichef Keg cooler is a tremendous product which combines class with hi-tech standards. It is made from an extremely tough and resilient, performance-tested Neoprene material which will keep the kegerator and the brew inside it ice-cold against the blazing heat outside. It can easily keep your favorite beer chilled for 3 hours at room temperature. 

The excellently flexible and elastic design allows you to slide it easily over your keg without a hassle. The resistance to oil and heat is a great advantage that you can choose to have for your keg.


The numerous advantages that this product brings to you can be discussed below.
Compatibility: The Nutrichef Keg jacket is compatible with the Nutrichef mini homebrew keg model PKBRTP50. Insulation: The durable and performance-tested Neoprene material provides the best in class insulation against outside temperatures and keeps your beverages cold and fresh. Design: The sleek and elegant design, as well as the elastic nature of the Keg jacket, helps you to slide it easily over your kegerator kit and keep your brew to stay cold for at least 3 hours at room temperature and smelling fresh.  Dimensions: The standard dimensions of 5.3 inchesX5.3 inchesX4.5 inches makes the keg jacket compatible with standardized kegerator kits.  Hasslefree: The Keg cooler creates no mess and prevents you from enduring the hassle of spillage of liquids, the baggage of ice and the clumsiness of oversized tubs or full fermenation chambers. Life of the party: This Keg jacket will keep your beer cold throughout the duration of any party or event you are hosting and will make you the center of attraction. 
Disadvantages :
This Keg jacket is available in a single dimension type and cannot cover kegs of unusual sizes. Homebrewing Fermentation Cooler: 115 Reviews Home Brewing Fermentation Cooler - Beer Brewing Temperature Control, Keg Cooler, Fermentation Brewing Bag. The Original - Cool Brewing... CREATE IDEAL FERMENTATION TEMPERATURES: Controlling... EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN TEMPS: Normal Ale ferm. range... VERSATILE: Is compatible with buckets, fermenters and... SPACE SAVING: Limited space? No problem! Collapse when... HASSLE FREE guarantee! If you have any questions,... Detail Page
Product specifications : 

If all you want is to create is the perfect fermenting temperatures to synthesize the finest draughts, look no more! The Homebrewing fermentation cooler brought to you by Cool Brewing LLC gives fermenting beers a cool and suave touch. The fermentation cooler rids you of all the troubles that might lead you to lose your beer batches due to high temperatures outside. Easily compatible with buckets, fermenters, carboys, kegs up to a massive volume of 8 gallons; this fermentation cooler prevents messy blowouts and also saves on a lot of space. 

You can achieve up to 30 degrees of Fahrenheit drop below the ambient temperature and thus this fermentation cooler is one of a kind. You need to possess this sleek thing if you want to achieve the finest ale fermentation temperatures and minimize your loss due to high external temperatures. 

Principle of Action :

If your fermentation cooler is equipped with a couple of frozen 2-liter bottles or ice packs, it will cause the temperatures to drop by 10 degrees. A 20 degree Fahrenheit drop below the ambient can be the result of coupling the cooler with 3 frozen 2-liter bottles or ice packs. This can be done continuously to achieve a 30-degree Fahrenheit drop below the normal room temperature till normal ale fermentation temperatures of around 59-72 degrees Fahrenheit are reached. The fermentation cooler is tremendously compatible and can be used in conjunction with buckets, fermenters as well as carboys up to 8 gallons. 

The massive size is enough to fit half-barrel kegs and up to 4 numbers of 5-gallon corny kegs which can fulfill all your party serving requirements. The cooler is collapsible after usage and therefore proves to be extremely space-efficient. The waterproof and insulated nature of the cooler allows you to keep it inside a closet while the brew is under process. 

Advantages :
Inexpensive: This cooler is an inexpensive and much reasonable solution that lets you achieve the best fermentation temperatures for your homebrewed beer.  Ease of use: Fermentation of a batch of 5-gallon beer results in producing a temperature of around 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This fermentation cooler works just perfectly fine with 2 liter frozen bottles or ice packs and develops the requisite temp’s; which are a lot below the ambient room temperatures.  Compatibility: The fermentation cooler is suited for all kinds of fermenters, carboys and buckets- 5 gallon to 6.5 gallons and thus helps you to neatly maintain your fermentation temperatures.  Clearing the clutter: Not only can you get rid of your messy swamp beer cooler but also the spillage due to ice bags and the like, and is designed to keep away all that mess and give you a neat and clean solution to your cooling worries. Versatility: The efficiency that the fermentation cooler displays is evident in its sealed, insulated and 100% waterproof design which leads to checking the temperature from rising and works well inside a closet too. Space-efficient: The cooler is collapsible and therefore can save a lot of space after it has been used to the fullest until the brewing day arrives once more.
Disadvantages :
Leakage: Occasional cases of water leakage have been observed which drastically increase the temperature and degrade the cooling operation. Portability problems: The fermentation cooler poses immense portability problems with the whole assortment of fermentors, ice packs and etc. Cool Brewing LLC Homebrew Brew Keg Cooler : 39 Reviews Home brew Keg Cooler. Beer Cooler for 5 gallon Keg, Corny and Cornelius Kegs from Cool Brewing. CoolBrewCorny The ONLY home brew keg cooler for a 5 gallon and 1/6... Keep the quality of your home brew while transporting... Kegs USED to be more difficult to transport and share;... Kegging your home brew saves hours of time, space and... Keg and ice blanket NOT included. Save $ w/our BUNDLE... Detail Page
Product Specifications: 

Cool Brewing LLC has brought out another rabbit from its hat in the form of this multi-tasking Keg Cooler which is the one-stop solution for all your homebrew cooling woes. The highly durable keg cooler has a massive capacity of 5 gallons and can accommodate 1/6th keg too. The removable and padded, comfortable straps along with the hooks make the keg cooler practically portable to anywhere. This product will help you take your homebrew to picnics, parties and anywhere. 

You can flaunt your craft to people by serving your homebrew from this using a detachable tap. You can get rid of the mess that results from bottling and you can take back control of kegging your homebrew without worrying about maintaining the low temperature and freshness of your creation. 

Principle of action : 

The CoolBrew Keg cooler is an awesome product that is built for your maximum satisfaction. It has been perfectly modeled for accommodating the CoolBrewCorny 5G and sixth barrel Kegs and also the Cool Brew Keg Cooler Ice Wrap or ice. The polyester exterior makes it extremely durable for your usage and a removable patent-pending puncture-proof bottom plays on your comfort while providing extra durability. 

The shoulder straps rid you of carrying concerns and the zipper on the top gives you easy access to attach taps and hoses and make this entire contraption the ideal thing to carry for a beach time out or a picnic or even a fishing expedition. The cooler is totally waterproof and provides top-rated insulation to keep your beer cold for hours. 

Advantages : 

A number of advantages can be penned down for this product.
Compatibility: The CoolBrew Keg Cooler is an awesome product in terms of compatibility. It is built to the specifications of accommodating the CoolBrewCorny 5 Gallon and a sixth Barrel Keg and even has excess room for ice wrap of the same product or simply ice. Therefore it is the perfect buy for you if you’re a person who likes to travel and carry his fresh homebrew alongside. Its design is highly compatible to work perfectly with ball lock, pin lock and Sanke connections and is a multifaceted product built for your choice. Durability: The CoolBrew keg cooler is an extremely resilient product and its exterior is synthesized using high-quality polyester. The patent-pending puncture bottom provides additional toughness. Therefore you can count on its sturdiness.  Portability: Your portability worries vanish in a second because of the shoulder straps that the product sports. The smaller variant comes with extra straps.  Multi-utility: The Keg cooler sports a zipper which can provide easy access to attach taps or hose for serving your homebrew practically at any place.  High-end design: The high-end design of the CoolBrew keg cooler is 100% waterproof and the thick insulation keeps your kegs cold for hours. This design makes the keg cooler one of the most ideal outdoor traveling accessories. 
Disadvantages : 
Often products have shown signs of leakage instead of the product being exhibited as totally waterproof. The carrying strap is slippery and makes the strap adjustment according to your height a major hassle. A few upgrades like adding a couple of handles and a valve at the bottom would prove to be immensely handy for the product.  Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler 2.0 : 4 Reviews Fermentation Cooler 2.0 version for Home Brewing, Bundle with 4x Large Cooler Shock Ice Packs - Beer Brewing Temperature Control, Keg... CREATE IDEAL FERMENTATION TEMPERATURES: Simply use your... EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN TEMPS: Normal ale ferm. range... VERSATILE and SPACE SAVING : Is compatible with... 500,000 + COOLER SHOCKS SOLD ON AMAZON! Ice packs... HASSLE FREE guarantee! If you have any questions,... Detail Page
Product Specifications :

If you were looking for a strong offering from Cool Brewing, then its Fermentation Cooler 2.0 has been brought out to exceed all expectations. Get rid of all your home brewing temperature maintenance concerns by getting this product for yourself. The 4 times larger Cooler Shock Ice Packs will definitely keep your fermentation temperatures under control and create the best batch of your own draughts and mixes. The product is totally waterproof and extremely insulated to keep the brew you want to prepare at the perfect temperature which is a lot below the ambient or general room temperature. 

Now, you can also serve after you brew! This product is compatible with both carboys and fermenters with a total capacity of up to 8 gallons and can even accommodate ½ barrel kegs, 4 numbers of 5-gallon corny kegs. Thus it will definitely take care of all your party serving needs too. You can brew in the closet because a large amount of ice packs included will lower the temperature and it is even collapsible after usage. The zippered top takes care of all your party serving needs. 

Principle of action: 

The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler 2.0 is a revelation by Cool Brewing which is revolutionizing the area of homebrewing and serving the same. The Fermentation Cooler 2.0 is equipped with 4 times larger Cooler Shock Ice Pack which keeps the fermentation temperature in the ideal range of 59 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit which is a lot cooler than the normal ambient or room temperature. Therefore you don’t have to worry about creating the perfect batch of homebrew which you can use to treat the senses of the chosen. It has ample space and can house buckets, fermenters, and carboys up to 8 gallons. 

The cooler can also accommodate ½ barrel kegs and 4 number of 5-gallon corny kegs which will take care of your serving needs outdoors or at any party or event while keeping the ale fermentation temperature in the perfect range. The zippered top eases your pouring concerns and you can directly pour your crafted brilliance from this cooler. The cooler offers a lovely aspect of being collapsible when not in use and makes room for other things that you need. 

Advantages : 

The numerous facilities that the fermentation cooler offers can be displayed below. 
Flaunt your Lager: This fermentation cooler is an extremely successful kit to brew your own lager and savor the richness of your own recipe.  Space efficient: The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is ideal for being stored practically anywhere in your room or brewing space. If you have a crunch, you don’t need to own kegerators or keezers but merely use buckets or carboys or medium-sized fermenters within this cooler and the perfect brew will be produced. The cooler is collapsible and hence saves you a lot of space when not in use. Cooling efficiency: The fermentation cooler is a big one when used to maximum capacity. It can house 4 times larger Cooler Shock Ice Packs which have tremendous cooling abilities. Removal of an ice pack daily and replacing that with a new one will maintain the brewing temperature in the desired range of 59 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite lower than your average room temperature. This creates the perfect brew because the fermentation is happening at the most conducive temperature.  Serving from your cooler: Now you can directly serve your draught from your cooler as it comes equipped with a zippered top. The cooler has enough space to hold ½ barrel kegs and a maximum of 4 numbers of 5-gallon corny kegs. Thus you can serve the ice-cold and fresh homebrew you prepared, practically anywhere and at any time using this cooler.  Hassle-free: The Fermentation Cooler 2.0 is totally insulated using high-quality material and is waterproof too. Thus you can practically blow away your concern of messy blowouts. 
Disadvantages : 
The Fermentation Cooler 2.0 along with its entire assortment is quite heavy and might be extremely difficult to transport. Waterproofing might be questionable as few units report leakage. CBBrewBeer Mini Keg cooler jacket (3.6-liter keg jacket) : 4 Reviews Mini Keg cooler jacket,Insulator Sleeve Grower Neoprene Parka (3.6L Keg Jacket) Thickness:5mm, effective heat preservation and cold... Keg Jacket: Keg cooler will be a great addition to your... Neoprene Material: The keg cooler is made from durable,... Flexible & Eslatic Design : Keg cooler due to its... Only the jacket,not included the keg. Detail Page
Product Specifications : 

If you’re someone who gets a lot stressed out when he doesn’t find his homebrew at the ice-cold temperature and sporting the same freshness every time he serves from his keg, then we have the perfect remedy for your worries. This ultra-flexible and elastic keg jacket has a unique design which makes it an effortless thing to cover your mini keg and carry it anywhere to cater to your serving needs. Neoprene is totally durable and offers immense insulation and keeps your homebrew at the ideal chilled state. 

Principle of Action: The performance tested Neoprene offers immense insulation against the external temperature and keeps your homebrew at the icy temperature at which it is the best to be served. You can be the life of the party by using this truly flexible and easy to use the jacket for your keg to keep your craft at the perfect temperature. This will prove the best to preserve its essence and freshness with the utmost ease. 

Advantages : 

The number of advantages exhibited by the keg cooler jacket can be demonstrated below.
Unique design: The unique design flaunted by the sleek and flexible finish to your Mini Keg cooler jacket will allow you to fit your mini 3.6-liter keg with the utmost finesse.  Insulation: The 5 mm thickness and the high-performance Neoprene build renders immense insulation against external ambient temperature and prevents your draught from losing its freshness. Durability: The Neoprene build also makes your keg jacket tremendously durable and protects your keg against external shocks.  Flaunt your style: This tremendously handy and stylish keg cooler jacket makes you the life of the party and events where you can exhibit your brilliant craft with supreme pride.
Disadvantages : 
This jacket has limitations in dimensions and can only cover up mini-kegs of 3.6 liters volume at the most. Temperature fluctuations are caused due to faults in insulation and waterproofing. 
Conclusions : 

Thus it can be safely assumed that Keg cooler jackets and Fermentation Coolers can be an asset to your home brewing kit and apparatus. 

When brewing your mix at the most favorable temperature is the need of the hour, then you can easily achieve that with the Fermentation Coolers. Some even come equipped with the additional aspects of keeping your brew chilled and ready to serve at any moment and at any pretext!

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