An At-Home Cinema in a Small Space (Without a TV)

We don’t have a television at the Cottage. I haven’t had one in nearly 11 years, and I genuinely have never missed it. However, I will wholeheartedly admit that since we’ve been following the Safer at Home protocol for the past 3 weeks, I have absolutely wished for a larger screen while watching the occasional random Netflix show or movie. (We used to use my old iMac — even while in the garden — but that machine has since passed on.) 

So instead of caving and getting a television, which I really, really don’t want, we got a tiny, wireless, portable CINEMOOD, which is basically a stay-at-home cinema. (Update: Cinemood saw this post and provided me with a promo code to share with readers for a free smart cover: tinycanalcottage.)

Suddenly we are able to watch movies and shows in the living room, bedroom, porch, and garden on a giant scale. (Where has this thing been for the past 9 years?!)

But my favorite thing of all is that there’s no bulky screen to attempt to hide (or roll up for storage) when we’re through. The projector itself can fit in the palm of my hand. (And we added a playful little case to keep it safe while West is holding it.)

Plus there are no cords. A quick charge is all that’s required, and then the device can go anywhere.

And, since our house and garden are so tiny, we can project from nearly any point on the property and the picture makes it clearly to the viewing wall. (The set-up was easy, but the app and functionality took me a bit to get used to. But I got there!)

West still watches shows sparingly. (His favorites remain Sarah & Duck and Puffin Rock.) Projecting the CINEMOOD on to the ceiling, walls, or even our closet and window curtains prevents our child from having to droop his lil’ neck to watch a show on a handheld screen. 

I also feel like the cinema-style projection adds a new dose of magic to our normal day-to-day activities. That extra spark is particularly welcome in this odd time of being tethered so completely to our homes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

(Above: West’s Casa Straw Clutch by Olli Ella, which we turned into a nightlight with battery-operated twinkle lights.)

Since we’re practicing strict social distancing, we can’t gather with friends or family for a movie night, of course. But I do hope that I can come up with clever ways to watch something on the porch with our neighbors during the warmer months to come. (I’ll definitely share photos if we do.)

I’m all for creative solutions for simplified small space living, and this lil’ gadget is a perfect example of a way to think beyond a traditional setup without sacrificing comfort or style.

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