Best Gadgets for Moms-to-be. Women Who Deserve a Little Pampering

Being pregnant, going on vacation is quite difficult, but if you plan everything right this time will be extremely relaxing. Every year there are more and more ingenious inventions that will appeal to all mums-to-be – you need to know them too! Clothes, comfortable pillows and even mattresses accommodating belly in a high position. All this will make your day a lot more pleasant!

#1 Kinesiology Belly Support Tape


Typically used by athletes, kinesiology tape is a safe alternative that can also help relieve many pregnancy symptoms including back pain, swollen feet, sciatica and other aches and pains.

#2 Belly Blanket to Protect Against Harmful Radiation

Worried that your laptop may emit radiation that will harm your baby? This belly blanket the developing baby,and YOU can check emails and Facebook as often as you want, Not to mention the blanket keeps you nice and warm during the winter.

#3 Handy Contraction Monitor

With this tracker, you don’t have to guess if those weird pregnancy feelings during your third trimester are contractions. This device measures the electrical activity of the uterine muscle and automatically detects, counts and contracts in real time.

With this monitor, you don’t have to guess whether those weird feelings during your third trimester are contractions or something pregnancy-threatening.

#4 Inflatable Pool Mattress for Moms-to-Be

#5 Body-size Pillow

This pillow is absolutely essential for moms-to-be! The internal curvature of the pillow enhances the body’s natural shape, supports the abdominal area, and targets hip and back pain.

#6 Baby Memory Shaping Belly Headphones

A baby’s hearing is fully developed at about 20 weeks and memories begin at 30 weeks. These speakers gently attach to the belly and safely play memory-forming sounds directly into the uterus.

#7 Portable Baby Heartbeat Player

This gadget allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the safe and natural environment of your home.

#8 Clothes Extension Belt During Pregnancy

You change your closet pieces a lot during pregnancy, but this little belt allows you to turn any buttoned or zipped pants or skirt into comfortable maternity wear.

#9 Pillow To Protect Against Swelling And Tension

This pillow provides adequate abdominal support and reduces swelling in the hands, legs and feet, reducing back tension. It is ideal for finding a comfortable sleeping position, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

#10 Gadgets For Moms-To-Be – Musical Necklace That Plays Melodies To The Rhythm Of Mom’s Movements

Which item do you like best?

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